Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Lawn

At first I thought we could eat at the Japanese place in Wisma Cosway. But then I remembered Boo's post on The Lawn. Since Kusahi-san and myself have not tried the food there, we meet up for lunch there. The Lawn is located on the second floor over at the wing nearer to Mandarin Oriental.

We sat down, and the menu were given to us. About a few minutes later, we were told to head to the counter to make our orders. Self service for a nice place like this?

We placed our orders and given the cute little number in a pot. The order came fast as there weren't other customers around.

I ordered the Salmon sandwich with Lebanese bread. Tasted ok. Salad was ok. ... overall just ok.

Kusahi-san ordered BTL. Looked delicious. He mentioned that his sandwich was not bad.

Overall I guess The Lawn is ok. Will eat there occasionally, but I think I'll just avoid the pasta.

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17 pieces of worms:

Kenny Mah

Waa... first The Garden, then The Lawn, what's next? The Park? The Rainforest? Lol.

*thinks of zainal abidin's hijau song and hums it*

Precious Pea

Hehe..Kenny...notti notti! Shhh....don't kacau people ok?

So..what is the BTL that Kusahi-san had?

Big Boys Oven

Hmmmm I heard this place is so-so only... maybe try them later! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

ok la..looks ok but lifes too short for an ok meal and an ok life keke..

correct? amazingly the california pizza place is not too bad as well..

wenching & esiong

Quite a number of ppl think that this restaurant is ok only. I thought it would be as good as Marmalade. Anyway, I still feel like trying it out!


Bummer.. it's self service.. eh..?? I read from only flogger. .that she was disappointed leh..??


the portion looks quite small no?


Kenny: HAHAHAHAHA eh Rainforest is taken. One Utama has a "Rainforest"

P.Pea: BTL is bacon tomato and lettuces

BBO: nice to chill out i guess.. but maybe not for heavy meals

joe: hahahaha but sometimes ok la is ..ok la. hahahaha. My new resolution is managing expectations. So .. ok lo LOL

wenching & esiong: Yeah you should. Everyone is different, u might like it.

mamabok: for the price... i really think they should be serving us better.

daphne: Yeah kind of. But for a light lunch is just right. A bit on the pricy side tho.


Sandwich for lunch? Enough ar?

team bsg

nice name the lawn, must be flat and green issit? the lebanese foldover does look green and flat tho. can jog here ah ?

ai wei

got it, avoid pasta. i might drop by if i wan a 'ok' meal. kekeke


Uh huh, stick to sandwiches, stick to sandwiches!


did you try their cupcakes? hmmm... should had order da sandwiches instead of that pasta :(

Nic (KHKL)

seems like eateries in klcc are just "ok". cant really find a "wow!" one just yet. the portions looked small too...hehe...


wow!!look you guys keep hopping to new restaurant to cari makan.!!hmmm...look like TAKO-BELL FOOD!!hehehe!!


jason: very light lunch ;p

BSGs: hahaha i think i need to eat 3 of their sandwishes ..then only got energy to jog

meiyen: no la.. might go ta pau only. not planning to eat there anything soon.

nic: hehe portion are good for girls who wanted to eat but on a diet.

beachlover: hahaha actually boo_licious does a better job at that


no cupcakes ? :p

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