Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pirates Ice Cream and Coffee House

*Thank you all for the birthday wishes, SMSes, emails, cakes, dinners and pressies! Had a totally awesome birthday day and I believe things are just going to get better until end of the month. Hua hua hua.. I'm not done celebrating yet ;p*

After dinner at Sit A Spell the other night, we heard music in the middle of the quiet street. We had no idea where it was coming. We continued walking until we noticed this cafe.

Pirates Ice Cream and Coffee House.

The lovely voices were from live singers!

I totally fell in love with the place. Good music in English, Chinese and Malay. ...Oh wait, Japanese and I think Korean too!

While you wait for your orders to come, you can write your song requests on small paper provided at each table and hand it to the staff.

They have decks of playing cards too if you want to show a magic trick or two. Or even invent a new card game!

I actually played Chor Dai Ti, doubles. It all started when UnKaLeong's friend, Fiona, swapped cards with WMW to win the game. LOL! All you have to do is give out the cards as per normal 4 players. Pair yourselves, then do a 1 to 1 exchange of cards with your partner when you want to. Both partners must finish their cards in order to win. HAHAHA!

You can order yummy finger food like the fried salty squid (RM7.50) while you play cards. Or just munch on some cheese frankfurter with Pirate sauce (RM7.80) while chatting.

There is free WiFi so for you Internet addicts, it's really a nice place to sit and relax.... and have a Wireless LAN party logging into Facebook and play Texas Hold 'Em with your opponent sipping coffee and eating ice cream in front of you.

But I face the PC every single day la... would be nice to have my rum raisin chocolate cup (RM7) while playing old school Monopoly or something.

Traffic Lights Mix (RM7). Overall a very cozy down to earth place to hand out, chit chat, sit and relax.

... and to practice to knot the cheery stem with your tongue! I can't do it la.. WMW did this ;p

Nat, since you know the place, it's time to drag the rest here too!

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16 pieces of worms:


sounds like a nice place...i want to go too...sob sob


happy belated birthday!!
hope you've a great one!
dreams come true ya! ;P


Happy belated birthday! What great food fun u r having!! YAY!

Nic (KHKL)

happy belated birthday, ya! good music and good food...ahhh...good life!

Kenny Mah

"...have a Wireless LAN party logging into Facebook and play Texas Hold 'Em with your opponent sipping coffee and eating ice cream in front of you."

We're so the Facebook Generation! Lol.

And I gotta get wmw to teach me how to do that thing with the cherry stem!

And also, most of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear! :D

Big Boys Oven

A great place that we stumble upon....pirates....happy birthday babe!

Lyrical Lemongrass

wow looks like a great place to lepak. happy birthday once again, girl!


whoa..... wmw did that? like so miracle!! *applause*

"Joe" who is constantly craving

another birthday wish wont hurt..happy birthday!!

ok lar..maybe next time u go pirates we go lar..haha does anyone have monopoly to bring over?


happy blated bday girl..this place looks good eh..i hope tat the price is not as expensive as halo cafe


vince: hehehe put yourself in a suitcase and come back

christine: Tq!

nic: Tq!

Kenny: I dont get it...why facebook... we are face(ing)PC ;p

BBO: thanksss for the cake and the chocolate fong lut!

LL: thanks again =)

Mei Yen: ppl say those who can do that are good kissers

N.joe: hahaha Saidina got la

kampungboycitygal: price is ok. reasonable


Belayed Happy Birthday ~

what is that blue color drink ? @_@


Hahaha... ;o)


ling239: hmmm I think Xiu Long Bao had that. kind of forgot but its called blue something. ice blended.

wmw: need to record the video again.. i want to post up your magic trick!


Nice place..! i would appreciate the wifi.. ;)


mamabok: yeahhhh actually a very nice place to sit back and surf also.

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