Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Red Velvet launch @ Just Heavenly Pleasures

When I got called back to the office, I knew that I would have to pass on this. So sad =( because I have already set aside stomach space for all the goodies.

Lucky me, I actually manage to complete some work, and put aside those then can wait. I was late to Just Heavenly Pleasures, saw WMW, Jason and N.Joe at the corner with the good lighitings, shapping pictures already. But better late than never! I didn't miss much of the action *grin*

The star of the day was the Red Velvet Cake, a new recipe by JHP. I first tasted the cake when Allan and Nigel brought it to dinner at Rick's Cafe. Big delicious piece of cake.

I really think one should have more then one of these. One is just not enough.

WMW have bitten into this. The red cake and cream cheese was light, making it a very enjoyable cake to have. Sometime that won't make you feel sick even after eating the third piece.

Panettone, pronounce as pa-na-tto-ne (Did I get that right?) was delicious! I loveeee the smell of it.

Soft and cake like crumbly. I also love the panettone when I bite into the raisins. Reminds me of rum and raisins. I only wish there was more icing coating on top ;p

Since I did not bake any Christmas cake this year, I bought home a Stöllen. My first time seeing and tasting a German Stöllen. It's nice to have something Christmassy and new (to me and my family) for tea. My mom thinks that it is too sweet, only because she didn't have tea with it. I believe some desserts and cakes can do without the sugar, and some must have the sugar to make it taste nice. I don't think I would have enjoyed the Stöllen if it wasn't this fruity sweet.

Allan and Nigel mentioned that if I don't finish it within 2 weeks, I could keep it in the fridge. ...2 weeks? I think I only need 2 days to finish them myself.

When I first saw the Shortbread Showman, I wasn't too interested in it. I mean, I have not tasted something like this that is yummy. All the decorative sugar... icing... I don't like at all. I am not being bias to JHP, but I really love their stuff because they know my "sugar level" that I like on my taste buds. This icing coating was just sweet enough to taste, and not over kill the taste and the fragrance of the short bread.

I went to the gym after all the desserts ;p hahaha felt guilty.

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15 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

which reminds me, hav to upload the photos d..n yes their sweetness level i must say is spot on for many..


man...... those desserts... worth the trip to the gym!

Nic (KHKL)

Panettone! so christmas"ish"!...love the crumbly texture as some can be quite chewy...nice...

Xiu Long Bao

heh heh....have to work out for 2 hours to burn all the sinful cakes lar

Kenny Mah


Can't believe I missed this! :(

But I did manage to try the Red Velvet (albeit as a huge birthday cake) and the Panettone (albeit without the icy coating) beforehand, so hehe, I know exactly what you're talking about. So nice... :d

Big Boys Oven

Happy Birthday Teckiee!!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

u know in this season to be jolly, i am definitely gonna hv to get rid of my excess weight right after new years, here too, shops, bakeries r tantalizing you with their Xmas specials from cakes, to pastries to candies, argh!! its hard NOT to grab 'em all!

and its your birthday?? well then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teckiee! Hugs! From your friends in Belgium.

Mush Brecht Nora


The velvet is delicious, trust me i try at Rick's Cafe. Must visit JHP one weekend. Any takers?
Happy B'day!!

ai wei

happy birthday to u!

ohhhh... those are so heavenly good!


N.Joe: Ahh then we share similar taste buds.

daphne: worth many trips to the gym ;p

nic: ohh the stollen is good too

XLB: hahaha yah man.. tell me about it.

Kenny: hehe you can always head over and load up on the sweet stuff =)

BBO: Thanks so much for the surprise and cake!!

Mush Brecht Nora: *Hugs* Thanks!!!

Kusahi-san: No need to wait already. Just go after work or Sat to ta pau a few back.

Ai Wei: Thanks babe! And yeahhh get those stollen.. they rock!


da red velvet cake is simply reddish... i wonder if they use natural fruit color hmmm

Big Boys Oven

meiyen, I read the red velvet recipe from bakery books, the reddish comes from red food colouring but I was thinking of baking one using local red dragonfruit. What do you think?


I do hope that they make the 6" or 9" Red Velvet :)

wenching & esiong

Seems like they serve good desserts. Can I know where this place is? Thanks.


Mei Yen, BBO: hmm not too sure. got to ask allan and nigel that.

jason: ohhhh if they do.. i think i can buy the 6'... i can finish the whole cake myself!

wenching & esiong: You can go here, the address is there http://eatfirstthinklater.blogspot.com/2007/07/just-heavenly-pleasures.html

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