Monday, December 24, 2007

Sai Gong, revisit

At last! After the many weeks of postponing my birthday dinner with my dearest family, "wait for your brother lah"... "oh your aunt's family will be here coming too, wait for them too lag" I finally got to sit down properly with my family for dinner just now. Kind of like Christmas eve dinner… *sign*

Where did I bring them? Sai Gong!

First thing I did was order the Sam Pui Frog (RM29). Absolutely delicious stuff which my DoReMi cousins enjoyed =) See Nat, DoReMi also no problem... you got to practice!

(I call my 3 cute little cousins DoReMi because these girls are aged only one year apart)

I didn't order the pork ribs because I was sure there was something better. I was recommended the Mongu Lean Pork Ribs Meat (RM18). This deep fried boneless meat with the sweet, sour black pepper sauce is delicious! When I took the first bite, FOOYOH! crispy and dry on the outside yet still moist and sweet on the inside. I requested the chef to add less black pepper so my DoReMi cousins can also taste it. I bet would have liked it more with the extra black pepper!

Steamed Red Snapper (RM60). Very fresh. The fish was huge with a lot of meat. And the best thing about this fish... no mud taste!

San Wu Tofu aka Coral Tofu (RM15). The thickness of the starch sauce was just right and there were plenty of huge chunks of crab meat that made the sauce seafood sweet. Good stuff.

One thing I didn't quite understand about the heating though... They had this for the San Wu Tofu to keep the mini wok of tofu warm, but none for the Steamed Red Snapper. Usually restaurants have warmers for steam fish, ...maybe they were running out of them?

Choy Tam (RM8). Some people say vegetables taste like vegetables, they all taste the same. I don't quite agree. ...This choy tam was just so so.

Wong Tai Miu aka King Vegetable Shoots (RM10). I know they look green in the picture, but they over cooked the Wong Tai Miu. They were a little brown. Taste wise was just so so too.

Coconut Butter Crab (RM48). The crab was nice, but not as nice compared to the previous times I have eater here. I asked the chef to cut down on the chili oil so my DoReMi cousins could try this out too. The dish ended up not as fragrant. But still ok la.

The kids loved eating the fried bun with the coconut butter crab sauce. I wanted to order another plate of the buns but I was told not too. The kids will end up eating buns more than crabs ;p

Baked Marmite Crab (RM48). Baked and BBQed crab should be cleaned and just baked or BBQed. Adding the marmite killed the natural sweet flavor of the crabs. Looks nice, but not to my linking. A wee bit salty too.

This is Re. It was jam all the way from Kepong back to my home. We had nothing else to do ... so we camwhore ;p! The big kura-kura is called 4D, the smaller one is called 3D. Toto is missing from the picture. (Singaporeans and loto numbers! Gosh!) The little one on the head is Snowye.

Restaurant Sai Gong is located at 63 Jalan 1/62D, Medan Putra Business Center in Bandar Menjelara, Kepong.(Bookings can be made by calling 016-6000655)

I'm off to watch AVP II.... HAHAHA yes on Christmas day! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and seasons greetings to all!

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Nic (KHKL)

there's also another sai kong between kepong and manjalara...wonder if it's under the same management...nice ribs! merry christmas and happy new year!

Rasa Malaysia

The frog looks so very delicious and tender, and the coconut butter crab looks very interesting too, I wonder how it tastes. ;)


Are you sure do re mi know is frog boh? wahahhahaha.


Big Boys Oven

I agree wth rasa malaysia... the frog looks cool compare the one you posted! coconut crab, I will defintely go nuts! olo!

Kenny Mah

Hehe, you got your Do Re Mi, I got my Fa So La (one nephew, two nieces) ... but as they get older, not so cute di... LOL

I can't wait for CNY Reunion with them and my family next year... plenty of makan to catch up on! :D


Think I was there a couple weeks ago. If only I had bumped into you then I would had pinched a couple of those delicious looking Mongu Lean Rib Meat.


Vegetable taste like Chicken,

wenching & esiong

The Sam Pui Frog does look delicious. Btw, the tortoise toy looks so cute!!


nic: Yup same management. Family business.

RM: Let me see if i can find the '3 cup' sauce recipe.. will send it to u if i do.

Nat: hahaha yeah la they knew ;p

BBO: The sauce is actually butter and milk only... no santan is used. They nane is coconut cos customers gave it that name.

kenny: HAHAHA ... not cute and getting more and more rebellious!

tummythoz: aiyahhh ..what other stuff u ate?

shadowlight: ah yah u la.. what also taste and smell like chicken one la

wenching & esiong: hehehe yeahh I should have taken picture of all of their collection... from big to small.


Food looks absolutely good. I do miss steam fish though.


i wanna go Sai Gong!!!


mamabok: hmm is it hard to get fresh first over there?

jackson: hehehe when when? ...but now not crab season... the crabs wont be so nice

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