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Sit A Spell Cafe

Sit A Spell Cafe located at 19-1 Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara is a fairly new establishment. When Sid told me dinner was at Sit A Spell, I didn't quite get him. I thought he read my question wrongly. Later at Sit A Spell, I was told that the word 'spell' meant "A short, indefinite period of time" (Soli la, my England veli powderful. Hehe. I had to the word spell and find out what the other meanings of spell.

Anyway, we didn't sit a spell, but sat for some time to enjoy and taste what was served.

I didn't manage to have a sip of their Cappuccino (RM6.90), but looks nice.

The 3 layer latte (RM6.90), another coffer drink that looked good, but I didn't manage to taste this either.

The strawberry smoothie (RM4.90) was topped with fresh strawberries. Sweet, sour and cool. Makes a very refreshing drink for a hot day.

The ice blended chocolate (RM5.90) was just ok for my taste. Nothing to shout about, but nothing to complain either. I think the kids would like this.

The first dish that was served was the Chicken Roulade with mash potatoes and mushroom ragout. The mushroom ragout by itself was very salty, but when eaten with the chicken, just perfect.

Ham and cheese is wrapped with de-boned chicken drumb stick meat that was still juicy after cooking. I didn't quite taste the cheese though.

The grilled lamb shoulder was nice too. The slab of lamb was thick but I would prefer if the chef had cooked it a little bit more. The in-house made mint sauce that covered half of the lamb was very good. The other half is covered with black pepper sauce.

Both the above dish are part of main meals that you choose from the Set Of The Day. The set menu which changes every alternate day comprises of soup, main course, dessert with coffee or Tea (RM18.90). Very reasonable price for a full meal.

The Balinese grilled fish came wrapped in banana leaves served with rice. I think the Dory fish used was marinated with some spices including the yellow ginger. The fish was still very juicy and sweet, but I felt the herbs and spices used were not enough to give the fragrance aroma and cover the lingering smell of chlorine. The rice was cooked nicely but the lack of sauce made the whole dish a little dry.

Dory fish and chips served with tartar sauce (RM14.90). The tartar sauce is in-house blended. Tasted just a tad different because of the extra vegetable ingredients in it. I like it as the vegetables gave the tartar sauce a hit of sweetness. As for the fish, I still smelt a hint of chlorine in it although it was already fried. I was the only person that tasted it, maybe it was just me?

The seafood pasta with mussels and tiger prawns cooked with white wine was my favorite (RM18.90). Smelt so good with the butter, olive oil and herbs used. Absolutely delicious.

Soup for the dinner was the tomato puree. Tasted good but lack the after taste in the mouth.

After soup, the desserts!

The green tea tiramisu (RM7.50) is Sit A Spell Cafe's specialty, but it tasted just alright for my taste. I didn't quite taste the green tea.

The Royal Chocolate (RM5.90) is quite a rich cake. Sweet and chocolaty. Not really suitable for a after dinner dessert but I think will go well with tea in the afternoon.

The pandan layer cake (RM7.50) is my favorite among the three caked. A light cake with nice strong pandan fragrance.

Overall dinner was enjoyable with the cozy family environment. Will definitely be having the seafood pasta for my next visit.

Thank you folks at Sit A Spell for the food tasting session and this discount. Just present this coupon before 31 January 2008 and enjoy a 10% on all ala carte menu.

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18 pieces of worms:


what a good deal. Looks like a good place to be with friends.

Big Boys Oven

I too did not get a chance to drink those coffee but I know who stole all the two coffee drinks.....sunny did...kekekekeke...and end up not able to sleep that!


hmmm... what a cute name! :D is this place near to 888 cafe? i thought da green tea tiramisu looks kinda familiar to me... i mean physically, just like da one i had before somewhere... but i couldn't remember where! :|


When did you go har? Was there last Saturday night, parked in front of the shop...but was headed to the cafe a little further down, called Pirates.

wenching & esiong

Haha! This cafe really has a special name! The green tea tiramisu sounds quite special. But the pandan layer cake looks more attractive to me.


Cute name and cute logo as well.


hmm... been to this area so often but din notice this... @_@

Nic (KHKL)

the chicken reminds me of cordon tea tiramisu with mascarpone, aiyoh, so killing lar! salivating...


The seafood pasta looked soooo delish! The green tea tiramisu also looked pretty lovely. Wanna go there and have a try!

Lyrical Lemongrass

The chicken roulade looks so good. Shall try to visit one of these days to try it out.


daphne: quite a new and quite place. got wifi too!!


meiyen: drive further in, passing a indoor carpark, then turn right. The cafe will be on your right.

unkaleong: was there on a weekday.. but pirates damn syok. the live band very good.

wenching & esiong: the pandan layer cake is nice too.

jason: hehe reminds me of beauty n the beast .. the little cup

ling239: the shop is located after the carpark. at the back one.

nic: yeah.. kind of like cordon bleu, but this one much more moist compared to the one cordon bleu that Secret Recipe serves.

cookies_cream: you tried the 888 seafood pasta? this one just as nice.

ll: hehe ask for more cheese!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

teckiee, yet another mouth watering entry and picture lah = ) very interesting name for a restaurant, for some it must be easy to remember and others they will forget it as soon as they leave the place = )

ai wei

the presentation of the drinks look good. and those desserts look good too.

i know where is this place. will get my kaki(s) to have a try.


Let's go to Kota Kota hei again... :o) Live band! Yay!


wah...I love the green tea tiramisu!!..hmmmm flogger makan again...wait for me la..


wmw: yes yes! i like that place la. we have to 'lepak' there more often

beachlover: heheh come back soon =)

Big Boys Oven

teckiee and wmw let's go to pirates again for their lovely music and songs!!!!


Cool place to hang out and dine..

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