Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sweets from Turkey

My cousin recently came back from Turkey from a month of work. I didn't have time to 'interview' her yet on the food she ate, but I definitely had time to munch on the delicious Turkish sweets she brought back. Haci Niyazi Efendi.

The colorful sweets reminded me of the cheapo sugar sweets I ate when I was younger. This, is absolutely different. Soft chewy and sweet. Each color tasted different. Yellow, a little sourish. Red, sweet like cheery, Green, a little minty. Black, my fav, chocolate!

Can we get these in KL?

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13 pieces of worms:


I got some turkish delight from bulk barn last week..and they were awful. :(


is that the turkish delight that i heard about so much...?


Turkish delights ? as in Narnia ?


wow....this is something special!! can i hv one?

Imbi & Itchy

i was in the process of searching for a good turkish delight recipe. from what i'd gathered, not too difficult to make!


mamabok: hmm i can learn from you... must buy a bit first. if nice then can buy more

sengkor: yup yup all the way from turkey =)

ling239: ???im blur

jackson: i kept the sweets in my freezer. will bring the next time we met up.

imbi&itchy: hmm can email the recipe to me? hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving

yummmm...soft and chewy 1 rite?


i'm such a big fan of turkish delight but so not familer with these sweets. They look so cute and colourful. Are they chewy?

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

i cant stand these too sweet sweets from turkey, there r sold everywhere here in Europe (cos there's tons of turks here) their desserts r very sweet too...


Sweets from Turkey ah... never tried before.


This looks like the version I seen from the Narnia movie. Looks chewy.

But I had some from a Turkish colleague. His version seem more powdery. When I popped one into mah mouth, the whole thing just melted inside.

Would love to try out these chewy ones. Edmund made it look so delish!



joe: yup, thats the one

daphne: yup its a bit sticky and chewy

mush: ahh really? the one i had wasnt that sweet. i find them quite addictive

jason: heheh move to PJ then nearer to my house. easier to try ;p

Nat: ah see ... I haven't watch Narnia la. I dont remember the sweets.


I am from Turkey. American's just love our delights! Let me tell you somethink. If you want to eat delicious delights, you must buy them from Turkey ;)

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