Saturday, December 22, 2007

Umai-Ya II

WMW: So what you want to eat?
Teckiee: Hmm, feel like eating Japanese.

We ended up in front of Umai-Ya II in Damansara Utama. This Japanese restaurant is just located beside Izzi.
49G, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama (03-77264410)

Nice cozy non smoking section with imitations tatami tables. There was a mosquito repellent plugged and turned on under the tables to keep mosquitoes away. Definitely a plus because I was bitten a few times at other Japanese restaurant that have the imitation tatami tables.

Kani Unatama Maki (RM20). This maki consist of softshell crab and unagi.
Absolutely UMAI! The soft shell crab gave the crispy texture while the teriyaki sauce used to season the unagi gave it a really good flavor. No too sweet, not to salty. Just perfect. I could have more of these.

WMW ordered the Beef Teriyaki Set (RM28) which came with the fermented bean tofu as appetizer and Shawamushi as dessert. Salad and fruits included.

I tried a piece of WMW's beef teriyaki, tasty meat but the texture can be improved. Still good stuff though.

The salad, aka salada.

This is the fermented beans tofu from our sets. WMW liked this a lot. Tasted very Chinese to me. But I guess some Asian dishes are very similar.

The shawamushi I like. One of the nicer steam egg I have tasted.

I on the other hand wanted something raw. I didn't really want to fill up my stomach with Japanese rice so I ordered the Sashimi Udon Set (RM30).

The soup with the udon was really good. The dried fish flake fragrance was really strong. I was expecting a saltier soup with the strong fragrance but to my surprise, the shop was salty sweet and just right. I like it so much I finished the whole bowl of soup. I give a ++ for the soup but not the same for the udon. The noodles came too soft, and the bowl lack ingredients.

Now for the good part, the sashimi. I have been eating this white meat fish, very sweet, and texture wise is rougher than any other sashimi. I have no idea what fish is that... I though it was the white tuna. But no lah, white tuna was in the sashimi platter and that's not the white fish that I love. The fishes were fresh, but I still like what white meat fish.

Overall a good meal. Will definetely be back.

*If you are a HSBC card holder, you get a 15% discount off ala carte items.

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10 pieces of worms:


No doubt the sashimi is good... But dunno why the main dish (like rice) not really nice. Ordered a garlic fried rice and we didn't finish it.

Kenny Mah

And the bento sets are 15% off on certain weekdays if I remember correctly... so couple that with a HSBC card and you can have practically everything on the menu 15% off!

(Which, as a certain lady companion of mine pointed out, basically covers the govt tax and service charge, hehe.)

Big Boys Oven

Looks delicious and very yummy!


the white meat fish is butter fish.. heheh i love that meat too.. yumm...

beachlover!!I love sashimi and sushi especially unagi and softshell crab..So much good and yum yum food:))


742: maybe some nice some not nice. hard to find a Japanese restaurant that is good at both.

kenny: eh really? i have got to ask the next time i'm there. want to eat that maki again.

BBO: yups.. good stuff

OJJ: ohhhhhh u know the Jap name ah? sometimes they dont write butter fish.. but some other weird name

beachlover: hehehe yup yup! are you picky with sashimi.. i don't really like certain fish.


Love the sashimi. :) and the chawanmushi. :)


I feel like eating Japanese too. Wanna go Kura? Kura Kura! :P


mamabok: we have the same taste =)

Jason: HAHAHHAHAHHA OMG... my couns are down from Singapore.. they brought their whole Kura kura family! all 8 of them dolls!


i think the white fish u said it name COD FISH it is nice also steam wit soy sause

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