Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Of all places at Pavilion KL, we all ate at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. When my colleagues suggested the place I went "Harrrr why there? Nothing better to eat already meh?" in my head. Sorry folks I'm not a fan of Wong Kok.. at all.

But, better not complain so much lah hehe because if it's your birthday, and you have at least six person with you, (I am sure the bill will come way over RM30) the birthday person is entitled a huge bucket of iced milk tea.

I tell you, that's a really huge bucket because it was enough tea to for nine of us! The tea was thick, so we had to let the ice melt a little to dilute the tea.

I let my colleagues order for me since I'm such a "Aiyah Wong Kok not nice one" person. LOL! The King Boxer Luncheon Meat Man Tao (RM5.70) came first. The buns looked like of of those Chinese off the shelf buns and was a little hard. The luncheon meat slice was a little thin.

The Ham Sausage Spiral Pasta in Black Pepper Cream Sauce (RM10.90) was quite alright. It tasted a little bland at first, but the taste started to built after the third spoon.

The Fried HK Stired Noodle With Beef (RM8.80) is one of the better dishes I have tried in Wong Kok. The beef was tender and juicy, mixed with salty fried noodles.

Didn't manage to take pictures of all the dishes served because we were rush for time. The next time I'm at Wong Kok, I shall stick to the noodles. Some how the rice dishes don't suite my taste buds.

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Kenny Mah

I've only been to the Wong Kok in SS2 but methinks they're pretty consistent with what they serve for their range... I like their new extra seating area... comfy and cosy. :)

Bring a date, dear... for one-on-one, hehe.


i been to Wong Kok CCT at Pavilion..i love their interior design..but if u ask me where to eat at Pavilion..i will go to Kampachi..haha :)

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Omg... that's such a huge bucket... Are you sure that's actual size ar? Nv seen it in the menu...

How to distribute wor...?

You're right about one thing. Wong kok is really nothing special. The portion's small, doesn't justify paying that amount. But somehow I found the Black pepper pork chop udon quite ok, the one we had on our first night gymin.


Precious Pea

I find Wong Kok is one of the best char chan teng. I like their milk tea and their Shanghainese Pork Ribs Rice. Not bad.


oh..this is the hong kong style cafe that ppl hv been talking about? That's ONE HUGE tea!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i wonder how long will u spend in the toilet after downing the whole glass..kekekek..all bucket for that matter..

Nic (KHKL)

Wah, the glass so big, can feed one village! haha! Yupe, not a wong kok fan here fact, all the char chan tengs... :)


yeah im so not a fans of wong kok too hahaha..for the price that we pay, i would rather to dine at a better n decent place


kenny: yeah the seats are nice... only wish the food could taste the same ...nice of cos... not comfy and cosy hehe

ekeng: i'll eat anything else.. thats y i say la.. why wong kok?

nat: we were given a soup scoop and empty glasses. thats the bucket we got.

precious pea: dunno la.. i still like Kim Gary. but they are all starting to taste the same.

daphne: there's a lot of HK style cafe here. the other famous one is called Kim Gary. many many more in KL.

joe: HHAHAHAHAHAHA i dont think anyone would want milk tea if they downed the whole bucket.

nic: LOL! how big your kampung? ;p

kampungboycitygal: I think Wong Kok quite decent la.. just that I dont like the food.


huge bucket of milk tea... o_O
on the house ? :p


ling239: yup on the house. but only if you have a birthday baby in the house =)


Not a big fan either.. too ex.. for mediocre food.


I feel that Wong Kok is a bit better than Kim Gary.


mamabok: its like those 'kopitiam' food.

jason: is it? i still like kim gary.


Wong Kok's Rice in Superior Soup with Minced Meat & Dried Oyster 蚝干肉碎汤饭 is delicious.

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