Monday, January 07, 2008

California Express BBQ and Grille Station, revisit

Want to have good Italian pasta but don't have that kind of money? Think no more because California Express BBQ and Grille Station is definitely the place for you.

HAHAHA sounds like a cheezy advertistment, but really, I really like the food here.

Many thumbs up for the pasta! Many of the restaurant I have eaten uses the same tomato base as their sauce. Everything will taste like Bolognaise even if you have ordered Seafood. But here it's different. I love the heavy fragrance and the different flavors of the herbs and spices that are used for the sauces. Oh, and when the menu says al dente, you really get your pasta al dente and not all overcooked or hard.

Penne Pomodoro Chicken, served with Pomodoro sauce, chicken sprinkled and Parmesan cheese (RM6.50)

Spaghetti Bolognaise, al dente noodles topped with minced beef and Parmesan cheese (RM6.50)

I also like their English Fish N Chips, Dory fish coated in batter and deep fried served with tatar sauce (RM7.50). The first thing that came to my mind when I tried this was the fish. No chlorine smell and taste unlike other Fish N Chips I have tasted. I enjoyed every bite of the sweet dory.

There are two things that needs improvement though. One, they don't really have much choices when it comes to drinks. But their iced lemon tea (RM2) always works for me.

Two, their tables and seating arrangements! I have reviewed about this before. Since this place is located in One Utama's Jaya Jusco food court, there isn't must seating place. The bar table in front of the grill station is not the most comfortable place to dine. You really got to pick the other more comfortable available tables around the food court. Not the perfect place to bring a date or your family, but it works for anything casual.

I manage to speak to the boss this time and I was told that the seatings and tables were only temporary. He mentioned that they were always looking for opportunities to move some where else. Well, I hope they do because this place have been hiding in the corner for way too long!

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18 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

OH! this should be the place to be... the price sounds right too... very affordable... half the price from most of the cafe I know of! A must place to be... I will definitely try the fish & chips, as I know you got a very good sense of taste for good piece of fish!


huh ? u eat there too ?
me too... ^_^
we might have sat next to each other before... but then again maybe not, because most of the time the counter is pretty empty and i wonder why since the food is quite good and prices reasonable ~


Ohh...Cheap and look so delicious..i gonna try it soon...kinda broke now :)


Ooooo!!! Dory Fish....nice nice....and it's in 1U, will try the next time I am back in KL!!:D


Hey... Is that in Jaya Jusco Arena food court (LG) or a restaurant in 1 utama old wing (G floor)? I always go to 1u but I didn't see this restaurant... Gotta try it next time.


The paste color look good..hmmm....I can see all the menu have photo!!hahaha!! asian menu must have photo for kwailo but Msia western Menu have pix is for Msian!!..The price is pretty good.


BBO: HAHAHAHAHA too much Pangkor fish already. I can really tell the differents with it comes to fish.

ling239: hehe ehh no woor, everytime i eat there the bar in front of the grill area only empty. The rest of the place are filled.

ekeng: yeah, reasonable price but then location wise you got to give a bit. not the best location for makan.

Christy: yeah you should =)

742: It's opposite the Jaya Jusco supermarket in old wing. Ground floor.

beachkover: hahahaha imagine ordering 'budha jump over the wall' ...hahah anyone will need picture for that!


Yeah, I've tried this place before and it is decent, especially given the prices. And it's a must for me to have my pasta al dente and not end up tough/mush.

A great bargain! :)


that lemon drink is what i need right now-looks refreshing. The batter of the dory fish looks crispy and crunchy too. Looks like a great deal!


The design doesn't look like it's located in a food court :) But then, I think they should change the glasses too!

Crunchasarus Rex

Prices is to die for.. and food looks good too.. ;) not a big fan of fish and chips though.. ;)


What a hidden gem! Must give it a try when I am in 1U. Thxs for the tip.


beachlover: sorry...just noticed that I typed beachkover

kenny: You know what, I went to Black Canyon the other day. The pasta was all soft, and some already broken a part. Really bad.

daphne: The first time I saw the fish I wasn't too keen of ordering it, looks a little oily. But supprisingly, it was ok when I ate.

jason: Heheh yeah, actually the service is not like normal food courts too. Its not self service, and very friendly staff.

rex: They have lamb and beef too. You can give that a try. Not sure if its good though.

boo: Np, remember to pick a seat away from the grill station.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

dirt cheap..even if i buy the ingredients alr add up to 6.50 a plate..

Nic (KHKL)

very cheap, given the location and type of'd go for this rather than "i'm lovin' it"...haha...

team bsg

just the other day took a fish slice and some chips( F&C) for about RM14 , but felt like only tasted some chips
hahaha so you were soooooooo lucky ( before he disappears coz surely got some problem hanging one chip and fish with you)


eh..dun give such good review la..readers will flood the place lar..


joe: hmm true also... some more have to cook... plus we might not end up cooking it well

nic: Definitely! McD's getting freaking expensive these days!

kampungboycitygal: hahahahhaha good stuff must share ma. I hope when/if they move to a place with better seats and table, the price will remain reasonable.

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