Sunday, January 06, 2008


Re: Che Che, are you free tomorrow? (Che Che means big sister in Cantonese)
Teckiee: Yes, it's a Sunday, I don't have to work. Why?
Re: Can we bake a cake?

We didn't bake a cake, but we did Double Chocolate Chip Cupcakes instead. Very simple, basic and delicious recipe. Even my 7, 8 and 9 year old DoReMi cousins could make it.

- 175g of self raising flour
- 150g of butter
- 150g of fine granulated sugar
- 2 tbps of cocoa powder
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract
- a pinch of fine salt
- chocolate chips ... lots of em'
- 3 eggs

1. Beat the eggs in a cup with a fork.
2. Place all the other ingredients in a large bowl. Add the egg last.
3. Beat for about 2 minutes.
4. Preheat oven and bake for 18 to 20 minutes at 180C.

My DoReMi cousins loved the cupcakes! The top was crisp but the inside still moist. Yun Jie, my 'Re' cousin had two even when she was full.

One comment from DoReMi though, too much chocolate chips. Hehehe I always though the more the merrier, and I always thought kids loves the chocolate. Guess not, only I love the chocolate chips ;p

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Crunchasarus Rex

How wonderful to spend time with your cousins.. :)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Lucky cousins! Thx for sharing the recipe, looks idiot proof, definitely something for me to try heheheh ; )


che che, can i hav ur choc chip overloaded cupcakes? *blink blink*


Please save at least one for me!!!!!! I come by tomorrow after work k!??! I hav cravinz for some chocolate moist cakes. Muffins will do just fine.


Big Boys Oven

Where is mine? walio so fast forgotten about us!


rex: cleaning the mess was horrible!

mush: I wouldnt want to underestimate an idiot hehe

Jun: hehehe i'll let you know when I bake next time ;)

Nat: hahaha that was when they were here la. But I did saved the carrot cheese muffins for you on the eve...but in my stomach now liua ;p

BBO: heyyy you owe me cupcakes too! hehehe

wenching & esiong

Yeah, love it with lots of chocolate chips. This sounds quite simple, but I doubt I can do it. :) Anyway, it looks really delicious!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i want some too!..but i dont want to bake..i want to eat only kekeke..

Lyrical Lemongrass

What lovely chocolatey cupcakes! I feel like baking some now!

Imbi & Itchy

you want a "fa", i can be a "fa"! hehe


Really so easy ar?


hehe.. i think along the same lines as u! more chocolate the better!


che che,can i have one Double Chocolate Cupcakes? hehe :)


che che, next time can ajak me to play along?


wenching esiong: no really.. its very simple, im sure you can do it =)

joe: apa la... hahah

ll: I want some!!

jason: very easy one la

daphne: yeah! kids now a days ah.. dont know how to enjoy chocolate...hahaha

imbi&itchy,ekeng,kampungboycitygal:Lets see, FaSoLaTi! ....the next will be Do!


Aiyak. >.< I wanted to come over on eve. But it was way past 1am. So not sure whether you still awake. =P

Hey can I hire teacher teckiee to teach me baking cake/cup cakes? Wanna add to my non-existent culinary skills. =P Haha.

Seriously. The famous phrase: "When is you free then?" =P



simple! I can manage it right.. I think ;P
thx for this ;)

ai wei

it's look simple and delicious! will try this recipe. hehehe. thanks ya...


what a sweet jie jie (literarily and non-literarily) :)~


nat: hmmm after CNY only can leh

christine: hehehe you can bake for chris ;p

ai wei: hey post it up or email me sone pics yeh =) ... let me know if you have an improved recipe too

rokh: HAHAHAHAH *ahem* shy la


I have no idea who you are but your blog is amazing.

I run my own breafast blog -

but since the bgeinning of this year I have started another blog which was inspired by eatfirstthinklater -

would it be possible to have a link on your blog

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