Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 1 : 40km northwest of Yogyakarta

The engine wouldn't start! The flight was 35 minutes behind schedule but we still got on the plane. Something to do with the batteries we were all told. Landed at the Surakarta (Solo) airport 10 minutes early despite the delay. The plane was going at 800km per hour.

First think we thought of was lunch! We have arranged for a driver from our hotel to pick us up from the airport, so it was easy to ask him to make a detour for lunch. WE were brought to a Japanese Shabu-shabu restorant at first ...*heh* But I asked him to bring us to some where that served Javanese dishes.

So, we ended up at Pari-pari along Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, kilometer 8, Jogjakarta (+0274-788 7788) It was actually an hour and a half drive from the Solo airport to Jogja.

We could have eaten the table as we were all hungry adults! The restaurant was really nice cozy and clean.

Iced lime (IDR5,000) and iced lemon tea (IDR4,000) both good but the sugar didn't melt completely. There were still specks of sugar at the bottom of my lemon tea when I finished it.

The sambals came first.
Top left: Sambal paste made from green chili padi.
Top center: Not sure what this is called but this has fermented tau chu beans taste to it.
Top right: The sambal tomat that is made from fresh tomato. A sweet sambal.
Bottom left: Terasi, is the darker color like blended chili that have a similar taste to the belacan.
Bottom right: Mata, not the eye, but from the work 'mentah' that means raw. This sambal originated from Bali consist of all raw stuff mixed together. Sirih, lemon grass, grated coconut, onion, and garlic.

Rice (IDR3,500 per serving) is served on a piece of banana leaf. You can opt for the plate you prefer something more solid as base.

There were frozen fishes and seafood (we expected live fished actually) out front for customer to pick. We didn't really see any really fresh fish except for a red snapper. We choose to steam the fish (IDR90,000, 15,500 per ounce). The fish fresh and sweet and I love the steam style. Tasted like the Hakka style steam fish as it was a little sourish with its sauce, but even nicer. Much nicer. There were plenty of ginger, spring onion, fermented beans, lemon grass, kafir lime leafs and sweet soya sauce. I think they might have squeeze some kafir lime on the fish to bring out the sour taste.

Tumis jajung muda (IDR12,000) Just a simple stir fry dish with baby corns. Bland.

Tauhu (IDR6,000), a little sour and salty. Tasted like chow tofu (smell tofu) minus the smell. Really like this tofu!

Genjer tumis (IDR12,000) Genjer is a type of water plant similar to the water lily. The leaf needs to be boiled first and the top layer removed before it can me made into any dish. If prepared wrongly, your mouth will itch when you have it. Tasted something like the potato leave, smooth and a little slimy

Kang kung piecing (IDR12,000) Very similar to the Kang Kung belacan but the belacan is replaced with fermented beans. I like this more that I like Kang Kung belacan. Quite good stuff.

There was a 10% tax on top of the bill. We paid IDR203,000 for six of us which I thought was pretty cheap for a nice place like this.

Another one and a half hours drive from Yogyakarta to the Borobudur temple compound. We checked into Hotel Manohara at Kompound Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. (+293-788 131)

We wasted no time. Walked to the temple, looking up at a headless Buddha statue at about 3pm.

The temple walls from out front.

Blaring hot sun.

The view of Mount Merapi from the foot of the temple.

We came down at about 5pm and explored the stalls outside the entrance to the temple park. Nothing much. Food stalls were here and there but nothing impressive. More stalls selling handicrafts, cheap batik and souvenirs. Bought bottles of bottled water for IDR2,000 each then and spotted a sate stall with a queue.

Sate ayam (IDR5,000), chicken satay. The peanut sauce with thick sweet sauce and chili padi on the side. Yuck. The peanut sauce was so bland. No peanut fragrance. The sweet sauce added even more sweetness to the sauce. Don't like their style of sate sauce. The rice that came with it was ok.

Rested a while then head for dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Bakmi goreng (IDR19,000) Fried egg noodles with chicken and vegetables. The noodles was really good, very fragrant and the texture very bouncy to the bite. But a little on the oily side.

Nasi goreng special (IDR21,500) Fried rice served with chicken, egg and shrimp crackers. The fried chicken rocks! Boiled then marinated with yellow ginger juice. The chicken is then fried when customers orders them.

Went to bed with a really full stomach.

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Crunchasarus Rex

Very nice pictures..!


I'm more interested on the temple than the food. :P


wow!!...the food presentation is really good...sambal in pestal and I see all the pix make me drooling especially kangkong belacan..


wah man... all those spicy food makes my tummy rumble.

Better to arrive late than not arrive at all! =)

looking forward to the other highlights!!!


i tot those were peanuts on the red snapper's head... :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wah where in the world is dis? does look very calming..indeed..what is the exchange rate ar??

wenching & esiong

Most of the food looks new to me. Lots of good food you had! :) The view looks so beautiful.


Rex: Tq!

Jason: hehehe both also ok la

beachlover: ahh those pestal bowls are sold every where! i didnt but them tho.. heavy to carry them back

daphne: actually... when the plane didnt start...i was a little worried that something might happen to us while we were in the air.

ling239: me too! but when i tasted it , it was salty not now chruncy.

Joe: Indonesia my friend. IDR2700 = RM1

wenching&esiong: hehe gained 2kg ;p ...oh and one huge ulcer!

Big Boys Oven

Veli interesting place.... food looks great!

Imbi & Itchy

i just read that MAS is also flying to Borobudur now .. on top of Air Asia. Aiyoo .. soo many places wanna go but but ...


BBO: looks great only leh.. taste wise not really

imbi&itchy: yeahhh i saw too! RM99 only. MAS lands at the Jogya airport. AirAsia at the Solo airport.

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