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Day 2 : Street food at Jogja (Yogyakarta)

Sunrises really early in Borobudur. We had to wake up at 4.45am for the 5.30am sunrise. But... hahahahaha we didn't manage to wake on time. We did climb Borobudur again at 7am. Then came back down for breakfast.

Breakfast was provided by Manohara Hotel. A simple American breakfast. The croissant was horrible.

Anyway, we left Borobudur at 10.30am and only arrived at Losmen Setia Kawan at 12noon. I totally dig the guest house! Love the walls and paintings by Bedhots. The place and rooms were well maintained and very clean. A backpackers heaven. (Ok la, maybe no hot water but... it's so HOT already!)

First thing we did after checking in, "Where to eat ah?"

Es dawet (IDR3,000). Es = Ice. LOL! The drink concoction was similar with the cendol that we get in Malaysia. The only difference I noticed was the sugar they use. I just don't think coconut sugar is fragrant enough for this drink.

Es campur durian (IDR6,000) Rock melon and durian together with dawet. The rock melon wasn't ripe so there was no smell from it. Same thing for the durian. Not worth the order.

Bakso daging sapi. Bakso means meatballs in Indonesia. I like the buffalo meatballs but the rest was not nice. The noodles was not cooked enough, the soup just was bland and the shredded meat tasted very though.

The Soto ayam I really like. The soto we get in Malaysia used nasi impit but over in Indonesia is just soup with rice. The soup itself was really good. On top some tofoo, cabbage, chicken and others.

Lime and chili can be added into the rice soup to intensify the flavor. Good stuff.

This pot of yellow bird meat (Chicken, duck and even the pigeon) can be found all over the place. Boiled, then marinated with yellow ginger, then deep fried before serving.... totally awesome stuff. chicken for ayam goreng.

After walking under the hot sun, I decided I needed either a cold drink, or ice cream. Large Mc Donald's cone ice cream (IDR2100) for less than RM1! But I still like Burger King's cone.

Oleh-oleh. Colorful sweeten coconut desert balls. Too sweet, too colorful. Just not for me.

Salak aka Snake skin fruit 'sheh pei kor'. These are all over the place. On the road side and side walk, in the markets, even old ladies coming up to you asking you to try some.

Lumpia. Normal (with vegetables) (IDR1,000) Chicken (IDR1,500) dan with pigeon egg (IDR1,700) This is like our Chinese popia deep fried. Really delicious stuff. This stall is located beside Hotel Mutiara and is also recommended by locals. I noticed the stall because of the crowd eating these around the stall.

After walking all over Malioboro street, we ended up still at Malioboro for dinner. The day time stalls, table and chairs, are all kept a side. Tents are set up and the floor carpeted with thick plastic and long tables with short legs.

Yup, we sat on the floor. Something like tatami style, but this is tatami mamak. Indonesian have a term for this style of eating... kind of forgot. I read this some where on the Lonely Planet book.

I bought the Teh Kotak (IDR2,000), tea in a box earlier at a local supermarket, but decided to order the Teh Botol (IDR4,000), tea in a bottle. LOL! Both tasted the same to me. Sweeten jasmin tea.

Es Jeruk (IDR3,000) which is actually just iced kafir lime juice. Very refreshing.

Gudeg Komplit (IDR16,000) Chicken, egg, tofu, tempeh, fried buffalo skin and completed with rice. They usually sell gudeg with chicken, but if you order the 'komplit' set, you'll get everything. Gudeg is actually boiled and marinated young nangka fruit. (That's the brown stuff you see at the botom of the dish) It didn't taste like fruit to me, tasted more like a type of fish. No bad stuff. The fried buffalo skin is really good too! Tasted a lot like deep fried pork skin actually.

Burung Gara Goreng. (IDR14,000) This small pigeon is also cooked like all the rest of the birds. Boiled, then marinated with yellow ginger juice then deep fried. Small bird with little flesh. I'll stick with the chicken.

After all that heaty food, and all that HOT HOT HOT sun. We chilled out up at the balcony at our guest house and enjoyed Indonesia's local beer, the Bintang beer (IDR7,700) before we hit the bed.

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15 pieces of worms:

wmw wonder you miss Malaysian food :o)


I would pass on some of those bird dishes .... especially the pigeon ones, as they look like those in the city eating litter! The durian drink was also a bit weird. However, it was a really fascinating set of photos and I definitely enjoyed looking at them!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

errr very rich la the food..u ngam meh?

Big Boys Oven

hahahahahaha with lovely food and beer are a great cmbination!


*Big eyes on the kerbau skin and birds.

Yalor, no wonder you miss Malaysia food :)
I thought SC mentioned that the Teh Botol tastes awful?

Nic (KHKL)

so much interesting food! soto ayam with rice? sounds like porridge to me...haha! too bad the bakso was not good..cos i remembered having really good bakso sometimes bali :)


They call it Lesehan, the eating ala tatami style

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

I hv always wanted to visit the borobudur, perhaps when Nora is a little bigger. Thank God there are edible foods there, hope there aren't any serious mosquitoes problem TC?? To climb up easy or not esp with a child?? Glad u had the chance to visit it, very envious of u babe ; )

ai wei

wow, their McD ice cream so cheap?! yes, i prefer BK cone too and it is only 69 sen. hehe

Imbi & Itchy

The Es campur durian looked interesting! Too bad the sugar used is not as fragrant as gula melaka hor .. if its me, i will still whack a lot because of hot weather lol


That teh botol was sold in Perth too! hahaha!

Eh, what's the taste of the BINTANG BEER? :P


wmw: tell me about it man.

hazza: I think you can give it a pass. I'll FedEx some Malaysian durians to Manchester for you. ;p Indo durians are like Thailand. Taste bland.

joe: ok ok la. They sell what I eat what lo. ...tho now when I'm back here... my stomach starting to tell me something.

BBO: I should have drank more beer. My only way to cool myself off hehehe

jason: for me teh botol was ok. A bit sweet tho.. and kind of no standard. One of the teh botol I drank like burnt liua. Its like having burnt tea leaf drink.

nic: I think the stall i tried wasn't that good. I ate a better bakso on day 3. Posting it soon.

Snarlbite: ahh yes yes thats the word. Thanks!

mush: I did see a few 6 to 7 year olds there. It's really not hard to climb. No mosquitoes at the temple, but some in the city.

ai wei: no more 69cents already =( It's RM1.05 now with tax. They have this new dessert thing tho

imbi&itchy: hahahah i tot durian is heaty?

kok: wahhh really? how come malaysia dont have one ah? The beer is a light beer. 5% alcohol. I still like Angkor Beer to this.

mama bok

Buffalo meatballs..?? interesting..!!


teh kotak..teh botol...what a special name..mana teh botak and teh bodoh?? hahaha :)

One Bintang Beer please..
So cheap oh..Rm 2 ++


mama bok: yup yup, very interesting. the meat is quite nice actually. different from beef

ekeng: hahahhaha i wouldnt want the teh bodoh!! Yeahh.. the big bottle RM5+ only. Can buy to brush teeth hahaha

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