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Day 3 : Enjoying Hanoi's beauty on foot

We walked pass one of the many Hanoi markets on Day 1 and saw not only market stuff, but also many food stalls. One of them, this porridge stall.

We decided to have porridge but first, some BBQed pork (100g for 10,000 Dong) to add umph to it.

Pork meat ball porridge with yau char queh (5,000 Dong). Simple but delicious breakfast. But not that filling? hehehe

So when I saw this old lady selling rice steam glutinous rice, I wanted to have some. Everyone was crowing over her and cutting queue. It made things harder because I don't know Vietnamese and unable to shout out my order.

When I finally got to taste the steamed glutinous rice (5,000 Dong), I pause and smell. The fried shallots was so fragrant. Fried shallots, sugar and a type of potato... I think. Taste a little like beans too. I have no idea what I ate. All of them went well together.

Only thing missing from the breakfast set was a drink. Walked out and sat at the corner coffee shop at Ngo Trung Yen.

Nothing better than a nice warm cup of Vietnamese coffee. 10,000 Dong for a small cup of coffee that satisfy the soul. I am not a coffee person, but I totally love this.

After breakfast was all site seeing from the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum to every else in Hanoi. A little disappointed with winter though. I was really hoping to see the beautiful scenes like what WMW captured on her trip.

The One Pillar Pagoda.

Temple Of Literature.

*sign* Winter = no Summer and Spring beauty.

Anyway, we took a walk around the area and found a street selling motor spare parts. I got a little confused when I saw piles of bean paste. But when I looked closer.. oily grease! HAHAHA! That can only mean one thing. I hungry ;p

Lunch was steamboat or as Vitenamese calls it 'Lau' (50,000 Dong per pax) at Cao Ba Quat road some where hear the Temple of Literature towards the Army Museum.

What made up eat there was once again the pack of local crowd at the stall. It was really fun to eat along the road side in the cold weather.

The brown noodles looked like seaweed initially but when soaked in the soup, it tasted like stir fried 'kueh teow' with light soya sauce. The texture was bouncier. Much tastier compared to our 'kueh teow'.

Crackers and deep fried soya 'foo chok' pieces.

Cucumber and yam bean (Sengkuang). I noticed that their cucumber and yam bean are much tastier and juicier compared to the Malaysian ones. Good stuff but I felt that it was too cold to eat cooling food.

There was only little meat that came with the steamboat.

Much of it was vegetables. Loads of vegetables.

What I liked most about the steamboat was the fact that the prawns is as fresh as it can get. It was alive in the steamboat soup! I learn it the hard way. I opened the cover to look at the soup but the prawns surprised me by jumping out of the soup.

This video shows the prawns... alive and blue in colour, turning orange when it cooks. Way cool!

Since the local teens at the neighboring tables were having this, we had it too. Vodka Hanoi (30,000 per bottle). KAMPAI! Tasted quite good!

We continued the tour of Hanoi on foot... and guess what, we walked all the way from the New Quarter back to the Old Quarter!

My stomach didn't feel too well then because of the heavy lunch. My friend spotted the 'Banh Bao' (5,000 Dong) Sang yoke pau along Cha Ca road. Tempting. I just took a bite.

Pork, mushroom, quail's egg,... overall just so so. I didn't like the artificial flavoring in it. The bun smelt like weird vanilla.

For dinner, we went back to the same #87 shop along Hang Dieu (Was here on Day 2) to try their eel soup. (10,000 Dong) We should have this as a replacement of the shark fins soup. The soup is so sweet with chicken stock. The shitake and monkey ear mushrooms used brought out the fragrance. And the eel added the crunchy texture to the whole feel. A little sesame oil with fried shallots to give the finishing touches. Perfect!

While walking back to the guest house, I spotted a Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun style stall along the side walk. (25,000 for 6 pieces) No sauce came on the noodles but we were given a separate bowl of dipping soup which tasted like watered down soya sauce with sesame oil. I was disappointed because this didn't taste as good as the 'Peng Guan' we had in Day 2.

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11 pieces of worms:


Enjoying looking at all your pics as usual. The first few dishes could be found at any chinese restaurants anywhere in the world, but you continue to amaze me with the unusual dishes later in this blog.


gosh! u and street food. Kudos! the seaweed noodle thing that taste like kueh teow sounds so interesting!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wow..vietnamese food..makes me ponder on the pho bo i had on saturday..oohh lalala...

Precious Pea

I wanna go Hanoi soon la.....sounds like a food heaven there.


Roast pork in Hanoi ?
how's the taste? similar to what we get over here ?


Pigi Jogjakarta tak panggil, pigi Hanoi tak panggil...

*sigh* I pnggil keluar untuk minum, tak jawab...

*lari dan sorok bawah meja =P


Hahaha...thanks for the link. But I guess going there in April is better, not too cold.

ai wei

weird vanila taste?! erk... i dislike vanilla. was wondering how much is actually 5000 Dong? expansive for that bao?!?! it did look tempting


Hazza: hmm unusual ah.. I think you need to wait till Day 4. Not sure if you are going to like me anymore after that.

daphne: Can try to soya sauce the kueh teow then dry it.. dont know will get the something or not.

joe: Actually, I didn't manage to eat a nice bowl of pho bo you know. ...all the ones I ate all so so only.

precious pea: Go in April.. can see nice nice stuff like WMW's pic.

ling239: The two fellar that came with me said it was better.. but i thought it tasted the same.

unkaleong: I was too into the majong la.. by the time i look at the clock dah pukul dua...check my phone dah miss call. Sorry yah boss. I salah. I belanja u makan home made cookies la to ganti salah ;p

WMW: yeah... but I think I'll want to go to HCM next time.

ai wei: RM1 is about 4200 Dong. U do the rest of the calculation lah ;p


the last time i was here you're at Indonesia and already Hanoi,aiyoooooo,i'm so envy you la


beachlover: You know what... it was bad planning. Its terrible at work now. Everyone is chasing me for my backlog...*sign* Where are you at KL now?

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