Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 3 : Still eating at Jogja (Yogyakarta)

Papaya juice and tea. The papaya juice was not bad. They didn't really use fully ripe papaya for the juice so the fragrant was just nice.

The chocolate banana pancake was... as bad as it looks. The flour portion was just flat and bland. I didn't finish this. The banana wasn't fully ripe too but at least the banana was better tasting compared to the pancake (it's not even a pancake actually)

First task of the day for to hunt for sea cucumber. We headed to Pasar Beringharjo, a really huge and a complete traditional market in Jogja. We were there quite early and didn't manage to see much as all the shops were not open yet. We ran around and asked for the sea cucumber which later I found out from a local Chinese lady manning a sundry shop outside the market that sea cucumber was called hoi sem or tripang. It was much easier asking for tripang and timun laut. LOL! The chinese lady directed us to Jalan Gandekan which I noticed is a road filled with Indonesian Chinese.

While walking, I saw a man pushing this Leker cart. This is basically like our apong except there's no soft texture in the middle.

The leker (3 for IDR1,000) was crunchy and tasted ok with the banana and chocolate chips. Just a so so tidbits for me.

We also came across a Bolang-baling stall which sells deep fried flour stuff.

I manage to try one of these cakwe (similiar to the 'yau char kuai') with salty garlic (IDR600) in the middle. One of the nicer stuff I have tried in Jogja. There is also a plain version which sugar is added on top.

For lunch, we stop by Bedhot Resto on the way back our guest house. Jalan Sosrowijaya Wetan GT I/127, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (+274-512452)

I really need the carrot tomato juice (IDR6,000) because I didn't get much sleep and was really heaty.

I needed a change in food so I ordered Bedhot's specialty fusion tempe and taufu burger (IDR15,000) which I absolutely loved! The patty was not as soft as I have expected it to me. It actually tasted a little bit like a mixture of salted shredded chicken and egg!

I really recommend this place. The price is the same compared to eating out at the road side hawkers. Clean, comfortable and cozy... with jazz music playing in the back ground. I really like this place.

Continued with more shopping until dinner time. We stop by at all the road side hawkers along Jalan Sosrowijaya to have dinner.

We came across this Bakso (IDR5,000) stall which looked quite good. Bakso means meatballs by the way. We had fried sapi (buffalo) meatballs, fishballs, fried tofu and fried wan tan thing. There's no table and chairs to eat on when eating along this road side but that didn't change the fact that we like the fried sapi meatballs in the soup! We couldn't get enough of it so we took away a bowl to go (in a plastic of of course).

Oh yes, we added some of the chili in the soup as well to give it the extra spice!

We knew we will not be sleeping that early again tonight so be bought some banana chip coated in coconut sugar (IDR2,500 for 1 ounce) as well to snack on later at night. I still prefer the Malaysian style banana chips as the the type of sugar we use is much more fragrant.

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11 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

The pancake so white....uncooked??? BUFFALO meatballs?? Gulp...

Crunchasarus Rex

Good stuff..!!

Imbi & Itchy

how does fried sapi taste like? wah .. your tastebud very adventurous lol, i dare not if i know it hehehe. Anyway, did you manage to find the hoi sum? me looking for it now to cook chinese new year stuff hehe


WAH! how can they serve the pancake like that. It looks sooo wrong!

Looks like this is a great eating holiday!


lots to eat! and.. u reminded me to have banana chips! ;P
u really had a great time there :)

wenching & esiong

The specialty fusion tempe and taufu burger sounds interesting. Looks delicious to me too!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

excuse me..what happened to the sea cucumber!

Nic (KHKL)

thought sapi is lembu? at first glance, i thought it was a bowl of ytf! lol! the sambal looks like a good dip for the bakso.

team bsg

our fellow glutton Ms divine eating all over the Globe
...yeah but you got many time so
" Go for it !"

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Although visiting borobudur sounds so inviting, am afraid the choices of food there is really lousy, i wouldnt stomach half of what is available there...u r so brave and adventurous with your choices of food hehehehe


precious pea: you know ah.. its like flour and water mixed then placed on the hot pan only. really flat and tasteless.... very very bad.

rex: errr some good stuff, some not so good actually

imby & itchy: Yup, found the hoi sum but not that cheap.

daphne: yeah lo. its not even a pancake in the first place.

christine: hey i heard u are going off overseas in jun isit?

wenching & esiong: ohh yessss that burger was nice

joe: hahah see my next post

nic: the locals told he it was buffalo. Didn't taste like beef to me also.

bsg: hahah u all also got time ma... eating all over lumut

mush: Actually, my stomach couldn't stomach much. I having mild stomach problems for days already after Indonesia.

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