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Day 4 : Missing the Jogja street food

After having the horrible breakfast, I really didn't have the mood to have the egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast though I was told it tasted good.

I walked out to the alley and found this lady selling gudeg. Without a second thought I bought a pack from her for only IDR10,000.

I chatted with one of the local chef in Jogja the day before and was told that there are many different types of Guged. I am not sure which this one is but the daging sapi (the buffalo meat) is cooked with thick black sweet sauce instead of the coconut milk version I have tasted the first night I was at Jogja. I didn't really like this version as the chicken is also cooked differently. No fried chicken but it was curry chicken which wasn't even spicy.

After breakfast, we went off to Pasar Patuk right at the end of Jalan Gandekan to continue the hunt for sea cucumber. You see, we found 2 Chinese sundry shops selling the tripang (that's sea cucumber), both along Jalan Gandekan. The first shop didn't have much to choose from but the second had many packs but the price wasn't right.

But long story short, after walking in circles looking for tripang, I end up buying some tripang at the second shop; Too Semangat Baru, Jalan Gandekan. I didn't buy them for cheap actually. I bought 10 normal small sized sea cucumber for about IDR540,000. Expensive when I think about it now. *dang* Should have just ordered the 'chu poh sam' back here.

Anyway, when I was at Pasar Patuk, I noticed a lot of Indonesian Chinese there. Many of them speak Mandarin, and they will suddenly turn super friendly if you talk Mandarin.

I saw this lamb head and internals at the market. I was laughed at when the folks there saw me taking pictures ;p

On the way out of the market, I saw a man selling Gandos (IDR2,000). This is a salty type of kuih which is made from grated coconut, coconut milk, and I think rice flour. I was tempted to buy but I didn't as I was still full. Temptation got to me in the end ... I bought them from a man pushing a Gandos cart on the way back to the guesthouse.

We checked out from Setia Kawan at 10.30am. Said my goodbyes (I really miss the people at Setia Kawan!) and left for Surakarta (aka Solo). Took us 2 hours to reach the city and check into Istana Griya (which was not any istana at all). The place was really run down. I miss Setia Kawan!

Anyway, I was really disappointed that we didn't manage to visit Candi Ceto. It is only about 40 minutes away from Solo!

But never mind la. Ended up at the Grand Solo Mall (..or something like that) for lunch. I saw a line at Steak Moen-Moen at the top floor food court. I was told I had to wait for 30 minutes before my chicken chop will be ready. I decided to wait as I noticed everyone seated near to my table were on the waiting list too. Must be some good stuff.

While waiting, I enjoyed Indonesian taufu (IDR6,000 for 6 pieces) which I love love love!

After 40 minutes, my hotplate chicken chop (IDR8,000) with a Teh Botol came. The chicken chop was deep fried in tempura flour and the sauce tasted like the tempura dipping sauce, but only thick and starchy. I'm really confused, there's nothing nice about his chicken chop. I can't understand why everyone was ordering this.

Had to kill time in Solo. Was bored to death stuck in a shopping mall with no good food. I wished I were home at that moment.

My last meal was at KFC. I had a Golden Crispy (IDR5,000) which is just two tiny piece of Hot & Spicy style chicken with cornflakes. The chicken was dry. Eeek! Also had a chicken fillet burger (IDR6,818) which was really depressing because the chicken fillet in the burger was even smaller than the Golden Crispy. The most annoying thing about eating in KFC was the fries. Regular fried for IDR7,727 which is more expensive than my drink, chicken or burger. Absolute ridiculous.

For that, I appreciated the quality of Fast Food in Malaysia.

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19 pieces of worms:


huh...Chicken with cornflakes..Can we have it in KFC Malaysia? haha :)

Big Boys Oven

I will be bored........& hungry!


I will also appreciate the quality of KFC in M'sia... Aussie's KFC sux as the chicken isn't crispy and spicy =.=

Crunchasarus Rex

Bummer ..!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

oh dear..looks like this place isnt a good eating out place lar..continue with the sight seeing ler!

Nic (KHKL)

oh yes, malaysia's kfc is really good...and huge too! hot and spicy, finger licking good, man! haha! i tried guged before, which was the curry version. the chicken was fried too.


ekeng: hahahah actually didnt taste very different then our hot and spicy

bbo: the desserts there yucky also man

742: wahhh fried chicken no crispy is not fried chicken!

rex: ...yeah.. *sign*

joe: hais.. i wanted lo... but I said... a bit dissapointed i didnt manage to visit candi ceto


hahaha u succumbed and had fast food in the end. LOL. What's indonesian tofu though? It looks like 4 pieces of deep fried tofu to me.. did they marinate it with something?

Imbi & Itchy

hmmm ... yeah, sometimes very "kek sam" ah, after travelling so far and the food is not good. the chicken chop looks good though, guess the locals were in a japanese food phase?


Wah, all these time we complain about KFC but it seems like their quality is worse than us!

Precious Pea

hehe..i was hungry when I came to your blog...your first photo oledi puts me off..somemore with the goat's head, starchy chic chop and and cornflakes chicken....*faint*


I am really fascinated by the weird (imo!) and wonderful food pics you managed to take on your trip. I have never been to Indonesia and while your photos might not have encouraged me to go on a gastronomic tour there, they have nevertheless been an eye opener. Pigeons, goats head, etc... you seemed to have gone well off the tourist track to capture an authentic slice of Indonesian food culture.

The Cooking Ninja

Interesting food you posted. I was surprised the KFC serves their chicken with cornflakes. That's so different from their normal ones.

xiu long bao

Lol at ur last sentence...I tot they r quite innovative wat, cornflakes chicken wor. So is this the street food that made u go sick for a week?


Daphne: Its like our normal square tofu.. but i think the beans there area a little different. More of the salty and a little fermented beans taste.

Imbi&Itchy: Not really Kek Sam la actually. Make me miss Malaysia food only. Different countries diff lo.. Indonesian food dont have much variety.

Jason: yeah.. when i complain about KFC in Malaysia, I will always remember I have had worst KFC.

Precious Pea: hahahha on diet then can come here la

Hazza: Hehehe guess thats the diff between the tourist and the foodie tourist.

Cooking Ninja: The chicken was new and on promotion. Didn't taste much different from the Hot N Spicy flavor actually.

XLB: So so only lo. Yeah.. something there caused my stomach problem. Went to see the doc already.. i was told i caught a virus. On antibiotics now.


so scary to see the lamb head..I kesian that lamb,no wonder I didn't wanna to eat lamb.The food look almost like pasar malam food.Thank for sharing:)


beachlover: hm.. dont eat the head ma... just try the meat? =)


This would be good for your site


Oohh come on, there's a lot of indonesian food that u've never try.. It's just from jogja n solo, n u didn't even try all kind of food there.

Did u eat serabi solo? Soto thengkleng? Bakpia? Sego pecel? Wedang rondhe? N so much more!! N those are only in jogja n solo.

Have u tried sate padang? Nasi campur bali, from the other provinces??

U have to try all that stuffs!! It's more delicious.. Especially our sambal, different food has different sambal.

There's no country like us :)

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