Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 5 : Kuih muih at Solo (Surakarta)

While breakfast was being prepared by the guesthouse, I walked out again in searching of some other breakfast. The last day, and the last attempt to find local food.

I walked about 200 meters away from the hotel but it was still did not find any stalls open. I guess 6am was still early for stalls to be open.

While walking back, I saw this old lady wanting to cross the street. She carried two tiers of large circular tin containers around her back with a sarung. I signaled the universal sign for eating *hands towards the mouth pretending to eat* She nodded and walked over.

I bought a bag of quih muih from her. All for IDR15,000.

The nasi kuning (yellow rice) was quite nice. It's normal white fragrant rice cooked with yellow ginger juice eaten with some fried tapioca, fried tempeh (fermented beans), some sliced egg omelet and fried shallots.

I didn't like this coconut with banana queh she sold. Tasted bland with no coconut milk or banana fragrance at all.

Same goes for the glutinous rice with cooked coconut sugar. Again I have to say that the coconut sugar is just not fragrant enough. The rice squares were too dry and though.

The other quihs weren't nice too. The only quih I found nice was the yellow piece which was was not the normal tapioca quih we find in Malaysia. Nice quih, but I have no idea what it was.

I finished off my nasi pataya (spicy rice wrapped with egg omelet) with grated cheddar cheese on top. Nice.

It was 7am sharp. And off we go. To the airport and back home!

Overall the trip was just so so. Will I revisit Borobudur, Jogya and Solo? No thanks. Borubudor was nice, but for those who are really not that interested in historical stuff but want to see rock, go to Angkor Wat instead. And if I ever find myself back at Jogya, I will be at Setia Kawan and Bedhots Resto. I won't want to risk another travelers diarrhea.

*Note on my first travelers diarrhea. My stomach started to cramps up a lot. The on the sixth day onwards it started to get worst. The cramps follows with a nasty 'business' in the you know where. My fault for going to the doctor soon ... only went there yesterday because the cramps was really bad. I'm on a liquid diet for today and hope the antibiotics help neutralized the virus I imported back ;p I need my stomach to be well because I'll be MIA'ing again.

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20 pieces of worms:

The Cooking Ninja

Those kueh looks delicious though. Too bad they didn't taste as good as they looks.

Big Boys Oven

oh gos you must be on sugar high! Did you dance like a ******? lol!


Aiyoyo. Just went thru your postings on d trip. Interesting food but not so good huh. Guess this place will be at d bottom of my to go place.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

The kuih-muih looks delicious and esp the nasi pataya, yummy! Hope u'll recover soon Teckiee, take care!


yummy yummy, a lot of variety...

the happy meal i refer in my blog is the one at Jalan Tun HS Lee. Thanks for visiting my blog even you dun read Mandarin...

crys Violette

Sorry to hear about the diarrhea..but apparently dirtier food tastes better or so they say! ;)

I miss me some nasi pattaya.. but I still prefer the usual ketchup topping rather than cheese.

Crunchasarus Rex

Food is that bad eh..??

Nic (KHKL)

aiyoh, you poor thing. do whatever it takes to get well before your next MIA, ya! i know it's too late but i always trust my poh chai pills ;>


omg.. i hope you are feeling much better now! poor gal.... *hugz*

Imbi & Itchy

Get well soon, hope your next trip will be more fun and filled with yummier food adventure.


oooh... no lemongrass cake ?


Poor thing... hope you've recover by now.



Btw, I know what you mean about the diarrhoea... I had mine in Bandung... got to be very careful with the street fare there la...

wenching & esiong

Wow, the nasi pataya seems so special, topped with cheese? Interesting, wonder how it tastes like.

team bsg

authentic street indon cuisine a bit rough right ? so next time we shall rough you up a bit before you go , dun forgit ah

ai wei

wanna try tat nasi pattaya with cheddar cheese! hmmm, maybe i can try making the omelete topped with cheese next time. hehe

jadepearl many types of food. Aiyoh, poor thing! Sending over lots of quick healing vibes!!!


Must travel with the usual stuff...Eno, po chai yuen, charcoal pills, imodium....But the food from this trip would mess my tummy up too I think.

White On Rice Couple

I totally empathize with your first travelers diarrhea. I first trip back to Viet Nam in '95 put me down for 4 days of misery, pain, fever and hallucinations. I now hear that there is a special pill that you pop in after you get the "feelings" and it'll clear you out without any further pain. I'm looking for this special pill.


Cooking Ninja: Yeah. I only liked the rice and the yellow queh

BBO: ...I'm figuring out the ***** part? must be something ekeng did? LOL

Thummythoz: The place still ok. But the food, try the cleaner restaurants or stick with fast food. I think they should be cleaner...but not yummier.

Mush: Ohh yes yes! The nasi pataya is one of the nicest nasi pataya I have tasted.

ChenBoon: Ohhh they have a branch there too ah. Thanks for putting up the post!

Violette: HAHAHA I totally agree with you!

Rex: Not too bad... but dirtyyy

Nic: Poh chai pills cannot stop the pain and cramps =(

MeiYen: Felling much beter now =) How have you been ah.. haven seen you in a long time la

Imbi & Itchy: hehehe wait for my Hanoi trip post ;p

ling239: ah lemongrass cake ah? No la.. is it famous in Indo? I didnt get to try =(

Kenny Mah: Thats street food for us... =(

wenching & esiong: Nice ;p The cheese was a little saltier compared to the cheese we have here

BSG: aiyor I don't want wind up sick even before a trip... but want to eat food punya orang..ini macam lah.

ai wei: you making for me too right? hehe

jadepearl: hhaha tq tq it works ;p

wmw: funny thing is that everything came after the trip... goog thing not during the trip.

White On Rice Couple: Hm really? I will need that pill too.

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