Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam

It's 9C to 13C along with rain and wind in Hanoi. It's good to be back home but home still feels hot and very humid at the moment. My face is all flushed and I head feels heavy.

I manage to find time to visit Halong Bay. The whole trip wasn't as nice as it could be because it was raining, cloudy, windy and misty. Didn't catch any good view.

But ok lah, did manage to see the "Fighting Cock" (almost) up close.

I also went hiking... but more like climbing stairs all the way up to the Perfume Pagoda. It took me almost an hour to get up there! Another hour to walk down? Nope... took the 10 minutes ride on the cable car instead.

Perfume Pagoda is actually a Chinese temple up in the hills, located in a cave. High in the hills but not as spectacular as our Malaysian Batu Caves though.

I spend the other days sight seeing around Hanoi New and Old Quarter and feasting on their local street food. I wasn't going to let my travelers diarrhea stop me from the delicious local food!

I was just being smart. I'll let the germs from the Hanoi street food and Jogya street food kill each other off. MUAHAHAHA ;p

Anyway, it's back to work for me. Stay tuned for the food reviews. Got to find time to get my pictures organized. So I'll leave you with a short post on the things I did not do in Hanoi.

1# I did not make any angry woman run after me.

I did annoy a few shop keepers though. But it wasn't my fault..... they seem to get annoyed with anyone who was bargaining. How not to bargain? They are charging tourist ridicules prices!

2# I did not steal any Mandarin orange.

I saw this Mandarin orange tree beside the Ho Chi Ming mausoleum. Big delicious fruit hanging off the branches. (The only reason I didn't walk any closer is because the guard was staring and getting suspicious of me ;p)

3# No papaya's for me.

I tried their local Chinese dates, Mandarin oranges and banana. I didn't get to their their local pamelo and papayas. Their fruits seem to lack the juice. Must be the cold weather.

4# I did not eat Micheal Jackson.

....I mean I did not eat the animal and resembles Micheal Jackson. I saw them sold at the local market alive and kicking in a cage.

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13 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

Welcome back!!

If my Hubby is there, am sure he starts using his shoe to throw at the mandarin oranges oledi. He just can't resist fruits on tree!!

I can imagine your drooling look at those poor Shui Yue


So who won? Hanoi germs or Jogya? Winner gets flushed?

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

R u feeling better now?? Germs all gone and hv killed each other ?? Looks like a very adventurous place to visit Teckiee. I would hv gone weak in the knees if i saw the MJ look alike in original form heheheheh. Looking forward to more pictures & stories! Good luck with the rest of the week.


That last picture were of Horseshoe crabs. quite a delicacy and if I am not mistaken, an endangered species. Not sure if it's legal to sell them.


the oranges look too big for the tree... take picture only mar also cannot meh ? :p


Too bad the weather kinda limited your activities.

Xiu Long Bao

Eh,become travel blog d. Take a good rest and give ur poor tummy a break ya.


haha. That's a nice post! Good humour =p looks like u had lots of fun but travelers diarrhea? oh dear... hope it didn't last too long...


Hope your tummy better by now.

Nic (KHKL)

wah, u are not afraid that the germs from both countries will integrate and become more potent ar?? haha....

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wahlau eh..its bearly end of mth and two holidays done already!!..how in the world u get the leave?


haha..was a very short post compare to ur notes u wrote...but nice...

well, the last picture is the talapin if i;m not mistaken or we chinese called "water fish" and it's not the endangered species cuz ppl rear it...

cant wait for ur post and dun forget the live prawn we ate ya..

how's ur tummy? i guess the hanoi germs won rite? do rest more ya my dear...

it was the best trip ever!! never knew backpacking is so fun!!! thanks ya..


p.pea: I didnt buy the Shui Yue lo... but quite kesian... it was actually struggling to get out of the cage.

tummythoz: both lost I won! hahahaha! they killed each other leaving my tummy in peace.

mush: I think I have officially give this animal another name. LOL!

hazza: Some say is legal, some say not. Not too sure actually cos at some places (even in Malaysia) they are rared in rivers. But they are quite expensive to eat.

ling239: thats what I thought also... I was trying to lighten off its burdent. I eat a few.. spit the seed here and there... help it to multipy some more ;p

WMW: I went to the scholars temple too... the pond picture I took looked to different (ugly) compared to the one u took. Everything not that nice during winter.

XLB: HAHAHA I only wish! No more traveling for the year for me liua lo.

daphne, jason: Thanks guys! I'm all better now.

nic: Actually I was worried, but after eating my first meal... didn't give me any effect, do I figured it was ok.. HAHAHA

joe: Work hard play hard lo. I was clearing leave carried forward from lsat year.

ah hu: You have to go for trip without your parents more la. Trips are nice if you get out of the tour groups.

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