Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Meal, revisit

I feel like a zillion dollars today! Feeling really happy, cheerful and light for no apparent reason! I can't remember the last time I felt this way.

Must be my little pet Lemang ;p

Anyway, there's no better time than now to post about Happy Meal. When I saw Honey Star's message on boolicious's blog, I knew I had to try the durian swiss roll she mentioned.

It was a hot day with I bought them so I was kind of worried the cream will just melt all over. I quickly took a picture... and ate the Durian Swiss Roll. (Actually it's just an excuse, I can't help it, just needed to bite into the roll hehe)

It was really messy eating the swiss roll. The durian cream melted all over the plastic and all over my fingers. I didn't enjoy the eating process much. The should really pack the roll another way. Taste wise, the durian cream tasted the same as the Durian puff. The roll was soft and spongy, very nice.

Since I was there, I decided to get a few more of their pastry. I also like their Pineapple Tart (RM1.20).

A huge piece will little flour and stuffed with pineapple jam. This is surely a must for those who like pineapple jam tarts with lots of pineapple. The pastry itself was also good, crumbles well in the mouth.

I not a fan of Coconut Tarts (RM1.50) but I decided to give this a try. I

usually hate coconut tarts, but this was quite alright. Not over burnt on top, and still moist on the inside.

I bought their Cheese Tart (RM2.30) instead of the Almond tart (which is my personal favorite Happy Meal tart) to try.

Some yellow and black raisins on the inside.. but I didn't quite like this. It was just so so with a slight cheese taste to it.

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12 pieces of worms:


"I feel like a zillion dollars today! Feeling really happy, cheerful and light for no apparent reason! "

Sometimes the best things in life need no reasons at all. I'm happy you're happy. See what I mean? Hehehe...

wenching & esiong

Happy New Year to you!!!

Happy that you're feeling happy! :)

Nice pineapple tart? Gonna check it out then!


1..2.3..4 what a big food tank you have.


kenny: if you're happy and you know it clap you hands.. *do I hear you clapping you hand?*

wenching & esiong: if you like big amount of pineapple jam, thats the tart for you.

tummythoz: hahaha shared with my sis also ;p

mama bok

I vote for Asian pastries anytime..!! tim hortons donut.. and desserts just donch measure. :(


Hey! I want my happy fix too! how come you come to this place so often. Your office that near ah?

Imbi & Itchy

My first though when I saw the happy meal words were that you were gonna review McDonalds! Hehehehe ... where exactly is this place? The durian roll looks good lahhhhhh


mamabok: ohhhhh interesting donuts ... heheh i'll mail u happy meal can u can mail me the donuts?...can i have the timbits too? hehe

WMW, imbi&itchy: It's near Petaling Street. Look for the lane selling all the flowers. The shop is along that lane, a corner shop. I usually get down at the Pasar Seni LRT station and walk over to buy on the way home from work.


I lurvee pineapple tarts. Hehe... can drop by this place when I'm nearby to catch a bus next time :P


durian swiss roll...
must find time go KL again ~ ^_^


where is the durian puff? hehe :)


jason: lol... the hunt for pineapple tarts?

ling239: get the puffs.. the roll quite hard to eat.. gets messy

ekeng: Hahahahha in my tummy SLURP*

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