Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! I hope the new year is treating you well, or at least better than it is treating me....

Started off the celebration with taking up the Basic Wall Climb course with XLB and CSB at Camp5 One Utama.

After the 10am to 4pm session on Sunday 30th Dec 07, we are officially the house cicak lizards now! Muahahaha ;p

The next day, I made pasta and a batch of carrot with cream cheese cupcakes for my sis's new year eve bash at home.

I still can't get my carrot cake to tasted as good as before. Big silly mistake because I forgot to backup my recipes when I formatted my hard disk. I lost my perfected recipes =( Will post it up with I get the carrot cake to taste yummier.

I almost grated off a chuck of skin from my left thumb when grating the carrots!

I didn't feel like going out again this year. Can't stand the traffic jam. I surprisingly enjoyed many cups of wine (I think I am starting to like wine), and played catch up on my series of animes. While Naruto Shippuuden 040-041 was playing, Mom popped into my PC room and said "Happy New Year! So poor thing ah, celebrating alone in the room?"

She didn't pity me for long, because she saw me with my Choya Umeshu in the room. I'm alone, but all I need is the company of my current favorite drink. I have always taken Choya on the rocks, but this time I have mixed it with sparkling wine. Totally love it. Imbi&Itchy you should try mixing it like this too. Really good.

Anyway, I didn't really do much on the first day of 2008. My back was and still is killing me. My old injury from a year and a half ago came back to haunt me. I have been feeling the pain for four to five months now... but the pain have been getting worst. I spent the day FaceBooking.

Anyway, just read on and you'll get to what I have to say. This is lemang. Lemang is a traditional food originated from the Minangkabau people of Indonesia cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick.

The center of the bamboo is stuffed with water and glutinous rice.

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it! My lemang! (On HumanPets on Facebook hahahaha) A used toilet roll and a hamster stuffed in it. Ain't he cute? ;p~

I keep looking at Lemang at work and I found myself trying to hold back from laughing out loud. Lemang is just so adorable! I wonder if you all get it. I just find this picture so amusing and hilarious. I'm laughing out loud too at the moment. LOL ROTF ...until my back hurtsssss

I finally couldn't stand the pain anymore. Went to see the doctor. I was told that my lower back, the tail bone area, is inflamed. It was indeed my old injury playing up again. I really got to fix my back. My mom says that the cool and rainy weather worsen the condition of my back. Kind of like the old people's problem with bones 'fong sap'.

Got to stop all kind of sporting activities including my gym sessions and rock climbing! Arhghghghgh!

Hope all of you had a better start at 2008. Else.. join the club ;p Back to my Lemang now.... hehehe

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Wishing you speedy recovery Teckiee! Wah rock climbing?? am impressed ; ) Glad to read u had a gd new year nonetheless = ) We had a cosy, quiet one too, think will do this for a few years. Hv a gd rest of the week! Hope your back recovers soon.


Kesian you and your back. I had a lower back injury late last year and it was teruk... wanna bend down pun susah. So take good care of it, okay. Gymming can be revived once you're better.

*shudders when thinks of how he'd feel if he had to miss gym...*

But. You. Had. Lemang. So. Unfair. One.

Precious Pea

Hahahaha..lemang so luscious looking!!!

Happy New Year and pls take care of your back.


get well soon ya..hope your back pain will recovery u can go Camp5 for Advance Course..hehe :)


wah.. hope your back is better soon. don't stop the food journey! =)

Nic (KHKL)

gosh, isn't that a form of abuse? pity little lemang...well, then again, that's how it got the name..hehe...hope your back will recover soon...


poor gurl. take care of your back now ok. rest and lie flat more.

anyway, happy new year to you :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

take care..i kena a back injury and that put me off for months man..

coincidentally i was drinking prosecco as well..damn shiok! but i was slightly better in the company of some old high school frens..


oh dear... rest well and speedy recovery ya ~ ^_^

Big Boys Oven

wah you only drink alone... should have join you! lol!


one of the nurses actually cut her thumb almost to her bone while grating carrots. u're lucky!

hope ur back's good now! wat was the name of the med ur doc gave u? just curious... *hehe*


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!!:D
So sorry to see that injured finger of yours, you will get well soon, no worries...coz it's gonna be a GREAT year for you:D


You called our hamster Lemang!? Hahahaha!
Aiks, injury at the spine is quite a serious matter, do take care ok? Hope that your finger's getting better already!


mush: it was really fun! and surprisingly my back didn't hurt when i climbed

kenny: The doc said at least 2 months... its 2 months of no activities u know... *sign*

p.pea: he is not to be eaten... dont look at him like that.. you'll scare him hahahhahah

ekeng: hahahaha advance ah? aiyorrr maybe ..maybee

daphne: the food is not going anywhere ;p

nic: hahahahah he should be alright la... he better dont put on weight if not he wont be able to get out of that toilet roll.

babe_kl: thankss... and yeah, sleeping like a dead corpse now.

joe: yeah, i'm planning to go to the physiotherapist soon too.

ling239: thanks... hope i recover soon too

BBO: hahaha only enough for me ;p

jun: OUCHHHH!!! Not too sure what the muscle relaxer is... white pill that looks like the old version of panadol. The small orange is one Voren..diclofenac sodium 50mg... hahah only you know what is that.

christy: thanks girl ;)

jason: hahahah looks like lemang ma

ai wei

happy new year gal! cool, u can do rock climbing! geng ler!!! btw, do take care and rest!!!!!

hope u get well soon!


Aiyoh...cut thumb, bad sound like you should be mixing with people of my age! LOL! Anyway, Lemang is so cute!


take good care wonder i didnt see u in the gym! Happy New Year!


i have always wanting to join rock climbing classes but not allowed :( it must be fun..... happy new year to you and your loved ones! =)


Happy New Year to you and family!!..oh!! I love Umeshu plum wine!! save some for me pleaseeeee...


Ai Wei: ehhh not really that hard leh. you have got to try!

WMW: hahaha ehh what u mean people your age... even ppl your age (not like u very old like that) dont have back ache.. but seriously.. i feel like old ah ma like that

Jackson: yeah lo.. need to MIA for 2 months at least.

Mei Yen: how come not allowed?

beachlover: hehehe i'll just get another bottle when you are here

mama bok

Poor thing..!! hope you are feeling better.. ;) i could use a bottle of choya just about now.. :)

Simon Seow

The hamster part looks familiar. SewJin also did that to his hamster.

Simon Seow
This comment has been removed by the author.

mamabok: i could use another bottle myself

simon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA kesian the hamster la when i look at the now.

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