Saturday, February 16, 2008

Manhattan Fishmarket

The only thing to look forward to before any project implementation on a week night is dinner. I always like make sure that I have a good one before stressing out with work. The problem is... sometimes I just don't know what to eat anymore. I can't drive out for dinner because the jam will just kill me and kill way too much time. In the end I always find myself back in Suria KLCC, walking back and forth, calculating the money in my pocket, then deciding what I can eat that is still within my budget.

Since me and my colleague had way too much of Peri-peri chicken, we decided to go for something from the sea. Hence, we ended in Manhattan Fish Market.

Fried Calamari (RM9.90), classical crispy golden fried squids rings. I like the seasoning that MFM uses for this fried calamari. Reminds me a little of the Kentucky flour sold in the supermarkets except this have a little something else to it. Good stuff, very suitable for munching.

Since both of us are small eaters, we ordered the Flaming Platter For One (RM25.90) to share. The platter consist of one large grilled catch of the day with their award winning flaming prawns. If you are wondering, the award winning part is their thousand island like sauce that is dressed on the prawns, then flamed in front of the customers before serving. One large fillet of fish, some fries, prawns and rice. Delicious and fills the stomach.

My 'main' stomach filled, now to fill up my dessert stomach. HAHA. Yes yes me being the sweet stuff lover never say no to deserts. I always have another compartment to fill when it comes to desert. The MFM dessert of the month was the Chocolate Mud Cake (RM10.90). The whole chuck came really hard. I think if you throw at robbers, they will just drop dead. Full of chocolate bits. Felt kind of like eating Oreos with the cream replaced with a chocolate bar. Very sweet, very chocolaty, but not my kind of dessert. Since dessert was going for only RM5, we decided to ditch the mud and have another dessert.

We went for MFM's most popular dessert the Tuscan Tiramisu (RM8.90). Prepared by their pastry chef using the best coffee and cream cheese, this is definitely something we should have ordered in the first place. Really good stuff, and very filling. A dessert spoonful, let the cream cheese melt in your mouth... Fooyoh!

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18 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

looks so delicious yummy!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

The dessert looks to die for Teckiee! Too bad your chochunk was too hard it looks so heavenly sinful! Did u know it took me 2 years to finally find a store that sells the THOUSAND ISLAND SAUCE here, i think its american product thus very hard to find it here! Of course in the meantime i learnt the exsitence of other nice sauces to go along with my salads ; ) I cant wait to go to KLCC and savour these delicious recommended desserts and dishes! Thx again for sharing teckiee, hugs for a gd weekend;)


I love the look of the squid. Does not look very "Manhattan" though :).

mama bok

Looks like huge serving.. :) you were right about sharing.. because like you .. i donch eat alot.. ;) i just eat alot of meals.. :)

Simon Seow

Wah, didn't know they serve Tiramisu there. In Singapore, I only see Fish & Co. almost in every mall I went.


seafood platter always come to my first choice when i visit MFM or Fish & Co...


have yet to try out their dessert. had my eyes on the Tuscan Tiramisu already!


the crumbed squid looks great. The fish and prawns look good value for $ too!


BBO: yeah indeed... and filling too!

mush: What?! two years?! ...must be like some sort of delicacy sauce there? LOL

Hazza: hahahah not sure about that... got to fly over to check their squid out

mama bok: heheh plus if we share we get to try more stuff :)

simon: Fish & Co not that 'hot' in Malaysia. More of MFM here.

ekeng: me 2

christine: ohh the tiramisu is sluwp!

daphne: The squid is nice =)


The calamari looks good wor...You know me, never step into a place like this as I don't really like fish.

Nic (KHKL)

portions are huge at the butter rice but can get a bit jelak if consume too much...haven't tried their desserts, though...


some how i prefer fish & co leh.... :p


I like their creamy sauce mussel...


Haven't step into MFM or Fish Co. yet... The squid looks good.


their new orleans mussels are really nice...lap the sauce up with the complimentary bread...*drool*


wmw: yeah.. fish and u like negative and positive charges on the magnet

nic: ohh i like their garlic rice.. is that the same as the butter rice? kind of like one biji one biji one rite?

ling239: hmm i think i have to try fish & co soon.. one utama got rite?

mimi: ohhh got to try that

jason: Dont go for the baked herb fish.. sucks in MFM

sbd18: hhahahaha hmm there's bread?!

wenching & esiong

I haven't been there for a long time. Perhaps it's time to visit this place again, since you mentioned that the tiramisu is good, we really shouldn't miss this out.


wenching & esiong: If you have no mood for the food, can always go in for the tiramisu

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