Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reptile, as pet or food?

I went to the reptile exhibition in One Utama recently after hearing about it over the radio and then watching some really sleak snakes on the 8TV quickie. I was camera ready and didn't waste any chance taking pictures.

When I posted this on my FaceBook album, Paprika thought this was durian! LOL! If I'm going to get an albino Burmese python next time, I'll name it Durian.

Did you know that a baby Ball Python is only about RM300 with the license? The license can be renewed every year until you decide that the little fellow is not that little anymore and you decided to skin it to make a nice looking belt. You can then make snake soup from it and drink the blood as it is good for the skin.

I'm joking about the eating part ;p I would never eat my own pet.

Anyway, you will only need to feed your little fellow twice a week, three mouse each time. The bigger it gets, the fatter and bigger mouse you fed, until they can take in live chickens.

This fat rich fellow *image it in a suit and a cigar in its mouth* is an American bull frog, which can also be made into delicious clay pot dish. I wonder if this guy gets out a lot. Can it even jump?

This Michael Jackson looking creature... really doesn't it look like MJ? This is what I call the waterfish aka 'sui yui'. And yes, anything you see on this blog is edible. But something that looks like this actually taste nice. Yum Yum. I don't think I will dare eat the head though ....

Anyway, I will be missing in action for a while. Don't miss me, miss the food ;)

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22 pieces of worms:


hahaha...that waterfish really look Michael Jackson scary :)


aiyo....banyak geli la...I hate and afraid of slimy and geli whereever you go,have a good time..and becareful:)

Nic (KHKL)

ohh..that froggy looks tasty! i am thinking of braising in claypot, with dried chili and dark soya! btw, i love animals too (just in case there are some animal activists out there waiting to slaughter me for wanting to eat the frog...hehe)


ekeng: "that waterfish really look Michael Jackson"

Lol. O gosh... I was kinda creeped out by them reptiles till I read his comment... Well, I can't disagree... :P

Big Boys Oven

oh aren't they all look cute!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Only at a glance did the last creature look like MJ after awhile it looks just pure mean and scary just like the rest of the creatures. I wouldnt hv dared to go to such a show Teckiee, u very brave girl!


the fat! ;P

Imbi & Itchy

hehehe, i had to double checked if i was in the right blog lol


the Michael Jackson look-a-like... LOL XD


Ahhhhhhhh... not another yeh mei fiesta...

lol. ;-P



You reminded me of a quote I read in the papers 'I'll eat anything with 4 legs except the table.'
Btw, where r u missing to?

ai wei

iuukkks, this is scary and ugly but snake tastes good especially the fried type!!!


One of my friend had a python pet at his house too. :)

Yerr, Teckiee don't call that waterfish MJ la...cause I loved MJ's songs..LOL

That frogie can be such a nice dish in claypot or steaming style. :P

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

dear teckiee, just came by to see for any updates but clearly there hasnt been one yet, wanted to share some funny/dramatic quibs of Nora. i open your blog page and since she was on my lap, the minute your blog opens, she saw that yellow snake, she started hitting the pc monitor and screaming, nee nee nee (means NO NO NO) hahaahhaha i had to hurry up and change the site heheheh Now she is napping so i came back to leave this comment, hugs for a gd weekend = )

wenching & esiong

Wow, all these photos really scared me off. Haha! Dare not even take a second look at them!!


You're so daring to take the picture of that snake so near! I wouldn't even stand so near, say 2 metres from it. :s


that sent shivers down my spine!

especially the MJ one!

The Cooking Ninja

That yellow python is really beautiful.

It is nice and wonderful to own exotic pets from overseas but the real problem your country will face is the drastic change of its eco system once these owners got tired of their exotic pets and releases them into the wilds. Lots of countries in the West have been faced with this constant problem of erraticating off these foreign creatures from their ponds, rivers, and woods. The new foreign species is a threat to the local species and some faces extinction.

With globalization, some foreign insects even managed to sneak into a new country via containers and caused havoc to the host country's eco system.


when the exibihtion end or until what date..hope to go...but quiute scared the snake leh!

monsieur ck
[New Year, New Life, New Journey for Food!]
[go and visit my food journey blog]


The Michael Jackson fish... lol.
It looks like Smeagol/Gollum.
That is a strange looking thing, referring to Michael Jackson. :-)
I think I'm going to have nightmares for a couple days. lol


ekeng: hahah the nose rite? sis said looks like 'pin tai sek mo' also LOL

beachlover: just think if it as claypost meat. wont feel geli already after that =)

nic: hahah sama kamching

kenny: I think you just got to pet one of them.... you will think of them differently after that

BBO: hahahah cute? more of ugly minus the adorable.. esp the waterfish!

mush: hehehe different fears don't make me a brave person ;p

christine: hahahah you know... it's stuck in a small square cage, i wonder if the owner take it out to jump

imbi&itchy: HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH ...edible ma ;p

ling239: hahaha MJ fans better not see this

Nat: No la, not cooked also ;p

Tummtthoz: i'll eat a table made of chocolate!

ai wei: fried ah? eh i haven try fried snake before. Where you had them?

cookies_cream: oops... MJ fan here already. But really look like MJ lo

mush: goshhh...sorry I made little Nora do that... I hope she didn't get any bad dreams from that snake pic ..and just added you on facebook!

wmw ah, trust you to jump at the chance to see such things! Another vote for the MJ look alike creature!

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