Monday, January 14, 2008

Teaser ...Mie Sedap

I'm back!

Morning light and misty sky. Superb view. It felt calm, peace, relaxed when sitting up there with the Buddha statues and stupas. One could really reach a state of trance here.

Afternoon sun with clear sky. Super HOT! You can actually bake crabs by just place them in the stupas!

Instant noodles ranging from IDR900 to IDR3000. I noticed I took this with all the Mie Sedap on top... hehehe lazy to retake the shot with more of the local brands that can't be found in the Malaysian market.

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20 pieces of worms:

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

we hv that mie keriting rasa ayam panggang here in belgium too, its from indomie right!? heheheh small world Teckiee, glad u had fun and that u r back!


Awww...Nice pics..Where is this place? Jakarta? i think we can get Mie Sedap from major supermarket, right?


Yeah, pics look good. Welcome home! Quick, faster blog about your trip (but don't ask me about mine...hahaha).

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wahlau..start of the year and u hav alr gone for hols?? so lucky!


Hi! I love your pics of the stupas with the misty mountains background - so ethereal! Must be a nice holiday you had :-) I enjoy reading your food blogs...i'm new to food-blogging. If you have time, do visit mine at:


Precious Pea

OOo..did you say Buddha?? me pic!!


wow!! nice picture..I guess you been to Indonesia

Imbi & Itchy

this is one of the places i'd loveee to go in my lifetime.

wenching & esiong

I wonder where this place is. Yeah, the view is definitely wonderful! Nice vacation that you had I'm sure! :)

ai wei

nice pics!!! where is this in indonesia??? waiting for ur upcoming posts. hehehe


wahlau...faster review bout it la!!


EHHHHH where is my post?!! I thought I have posted something yesterday?...*sign*

mush: wow they really know how to market their noodles!

ekeng: This place in yogyakarta.

WMW: eh...wait.. you went off some where?

joe: hehehe clearing last year's leave la

PureGlutton: hey!! linked you ;)

precious pea: buddha head all missing one.. stolen

beachlover: yeah... really hot place

imbi&itchy: you should go soon you know. its cheap some more

wenching&esiong, ai wei: its the borobudur temple in yogyakarta

jackson: aiyor..must wait a bit. I dont have time to post yet.


Nice Pics! Pigi pun tak panggil :(


wah... short holiday?

must post more food pics! LOL


din realised Mie Sedap is spelt that way... the mee goreng version is my fav ~ ^_^


Hey teckiee, thanks for linking me. Appreciate your comments too! :-))


You went to Indonesia! What's that place call again?? Borobudur?

Nic (KHKL)

you should have really baked crabs there...then, can makan with the instant mee :) one thing i like about indonesian instant mee is the taste of the rempah in the flavouring...something that u cant get in malaysia.


I thought we here also have mie sedaaaaaapp?? :P

Welcome back!:)


unkaleong: aiyah u banyak ada agenda. u mana ada free ;p

daphne: yeah..lucky me that its a short one. i really miss the food in malaysia

ling239: ahh i just noticed that the mie sepad is not the same mie sedap we get in Malaysia

pureglutton: ;p

jason: Candi Borobudur.

nic: yeah ..the rempah is much stronger.

kok: I checked the label again... the brand is different, but the printing had a mie sedap too

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