Sunday, February 24, 2008

American Chili's

I dedicate this post to the fussy vain uncle that wants to have desert but "I don't want to eat dessert only" and got to be some where nearer to PJ and also with "a nice comfortable place to eat ice cream and air cond". ...then some thing about cream brulee.. yada yada yada.. Sorry la dude, I really don't like Cream Brulee so no comment on that.

Not my fault that you are sick of the Chocolate Lava from Chilies. Siapa panggil lu sentiasa makan ini? HAHAHA ;p

Anyway, I hope you didn't end up at Chilies trying this. Some new desert with ice cream and cheese I thing. Tasted horrible. Not even worth remembering.

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13 pieces of worms:


Eyer... the second item looks horrible. :s

wenching & esiong

Haha, is the ice-cream cheesecake that horrible? Ok, we'll avoid this.


It's looks OK wor.... haha

ai wei

definately i will go for the 1st dessert!~


i'd usually have mains there..skip the desserts coz it's just average..

Big Boys Oven

GOsh! man! such a huge dessert! so lovely yet I want to run run run so much calories!


oh man, how can they go wrong with desserts....

Lyrical Lemongrass

well i hope at least the company was good?


Ice cream cheese cake suppose to be delicious...why ler...

Nic (KHKL)

the ice cream cheese cake looked as though it was crying, lamenting its bitter life as a yucky dessert...sad indeed...

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

i honestly think it looks scary Teckiee but perhaps its just my tummy upset. i am down & out with gastric problems or even a possible food poisoning, so am resting and on medication... so nothing looks good to me = ( Nonetheless, hv a great week ahead...


I dunno, how can anyone go wrong with CHOCOLATE? It's a sin to screw up this sinful food... *smiles dreamily*


jason: tasted like the way it looks.

wenching & esiong: honestly it was bad.. bad

mimi: but like nic said.. the cake is crying woor

ai wei: you going to spend me that too right? hehehe

SC: hmm I haven try all of them yet, but some are ok.

BBO: hahaha yeahhhh really huge one. I can have dessert there and get filled.

daphne: the chocolate lava was good stuff... at least they got the chocolate right

ll: yeah.. thank god for that.

celine: But this one is not lor ... or maybe it was me?

nic: even the cake knew how yucky it was.

nora: hey dont want to see the doc kays. The last thing you want is to feed on anti-biotics and be in bed.

kennymah: the chocolate was good, that cheese ice cream thing was not... hard as rock tho the top was melting.

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