Tuesday, February 12, 2008


...I know it's late, but better late than never ;p

This year is my second time not going back to my Dad's hometown for the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner. Things have been busy at home, this, that, so we had a small and simple dinner with the whole family. Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, me ... and a family friend.

Everyone was still working or studying on the CNY eve, so we all had little time to prepare for dinner. I told my mom about the Pun Choy dinner that I missed, so this year for CNY eve dinner, she prepared her version of Pun Choy.

'Pun' means a large container, or shallow bucket. 'Choy' means the food that goes into the 'Pun'. Making Pun Choy is easy. You just have got to dump all the ingredients and stuff into one large plate/bucket to serve =)

My mom's version of Pun Choy consisted of condensed chicken soup, sliced abalone, sea cucumber, oysters, vegetarian shark's fin, pork, octopus and broccoli. Tasted nice, but I would want to try the many Pun Choy's out there in the restaurants.

My mom did not buy any waxed duck or pork meat this year, so we all just had a very simple waxed Chinese sausages rice to go with the Pun Choy.

There are many ways to cut the Chinese sausages. All the cuts gives out a lightly different fragrance and feel to it. My mom opted for the 'log' cut, as the chunks gives out more taste when bitten. If you have other wax meat with the rice, it will be a better idea to slice the Chinese sausages.

The last dish we had was a 'Kam Chong' fish which translate to the 'Gold' Chong fish. I didn't like the whole sambal action going on top. I felt it was such a waste to have the fresh fish with sambal. Covered all the natural sweetness that the fish gave out.

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15 pieces of worms:


Thats a load of red stuff ontop of the fish, what is it?

Precious Pea

Your Pun Choy looks like mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall to me. Hehehe! Wahh....i agree with you...a waste to steam the fish with sambal.


Happy Chinese New Year...
wonderful meal...


At first, I thought the fish is Red Velvet! LOL

Happy CNY to you and your family!


Sambal steam fish on CNY reunion dinner? weird... or should I said special? Haha :)


yalor totally agree with u...
why so much sambal on the fish leh... =.="


happy CNY! =) what got my attention is the lup chong rice....


Happy Chinese New Year...I love that simple bowl of rice with the lap cheong!

team bsg

we can feel your most sweet homely Chinese dinner this year

bet she will run away if we show up with the dog hehhehe
( look alike lah )

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family Teckiee! Wishing u all the best in this year of the rat! May it be filled with great opportunities, prosperity and good health! also great travels ; )
Hugs, Mush Brecht & Nora


Maybe the sambal would go better if the fish was fried. Still looked good regardless. Gong xi fa cai!


nice and warm reunion dinner...Happy Chinese New Year and happy Valentine's Day to u my friend...

Big Boys Oven

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a good and wonderful day and shower with lots of love!

The Cooking Ninja

Happy New Year !


ilovepearly: sambal chili.. really hot stuff.

P.Pea: i must bring my mom to the sg buloh place alreadyyy

chenboon: Thanks!

jason: hahaha I'll tell my mom that

mimi: hmm weird ;p

ling239: yeah lor.. wasted the fish.

daphne, wmw: hahaha actually i like the lap cheong.. no need to have the rice also can.

BSGs: hahhhaha dog is ok.. just not the meat

Mush Brecht & Nora: Thanks =)!

hazza: yeah sambal goes way better on fried fish.

ah hu: Same to you

BBO: hais.. it's happy wednesday for me ;p

cooking ninja: Tq Tq!

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