Thursday, February 21, 2008

Black Canyon

I wanted to have some pork ribs a few weeks back. First thing that came to my mind was Cagayan's. But too bad, they were not open =(

I ended up at Black Canyon instead. It was already late and I was really hungry. Black Canyon is located at the old block of Center Point, One Utama.

I usually go for the Lime Frost (RM6.50) which is really refreshing, but I decided to go with the BlueBerry Delight (RM7.95) that day. Frozen blueberry yogurt with fresh blue berries, tasted just so so. The other friend of mine got the Green Tea without Milk (RM4)..which didn't look too good.

Deep Fried Chicken Lemon grass (RM9.90...I think) which was nice according to my friends. I personally thought other wise. Just so so. Moist chicken with crispy skin. Lack the fragrance of the lemon grass.

I took a spoon of the Combination of Stir-fried Prawn, Chicken and Chili and rice (RM8.90), tasted good. The sweet and sour sauce really opened up my appetite for my pasta. The already hungry me, got even hungrier.

But *jeng jeng jeng jeng*, the Spicy Stir-fried Fusilli with Seafood and Hot Basil (RM8.90) I ordered was a disaster! The seafood was soooo not fresh. The fish smelt weird. The fusilli was way way over cooked until it split into 2 pieces of noodles and wasn't a fusilli anymore. And the sauce? Not a hit of the basil smell or taste though I saw a few piece on the plate.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Spicy Chicken Tom Yam Soup (RM9.90) came. I would rather pay for a bowl of Maggie's Asam Laksa noodle than this.

I think that was my worst meal in Black Canyon. I was not having a bad day... it was the food.

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19 pieces of worms:


Franchise eateries.... sigh.


I guess Black Canyon went down the Black Hole? :P


That combo stir fry looks good. Like the way it was presented.

jim Cagayan's

Gosh i didnt know Black Canyon was that bad. We were closed on the 24th & 25th of December,but February?I think u came after 10pm.hahaha...too bad.By the way,we're printing our new menu and hopefully it will be ready soon and ready to serve before March.Will let you know when its ready! Cheers!

jim Cagayan's

oh ya! If you wanna check out the photos of some of the new items in our menu(but some of the items are old menu),visit he's our photographer.

team bsg

we share your Xtreme gastronomic sorrow sob sob *%H#1


hmm..Fusion food places can be dogy at times.

Nic (KHKL)

maggi's assam laksa used to be my secret the taste! until i found my favourite nong shim kimchi instant noodles...aiyo, off the canyon topic already...hehe


the tom yam... looks diluted leh ;P


Really that bad meh...?


my visits there were ok ler... but mostly, i go there for the coffee only.


jason: *double sigh*

kennymah: errr almost ;p

hazza: hehehe because of the rice?

jim: ..feel so hungry now... i haven't try the fried noodles yet come to think of it. Will come over one of these days.

BSGs: LOL!...u should only share the good stuff.. i dont want to spoil your appetite

daphne: fusion and franchise even worst!

nic: hahaha same!!! some more bigger portion compared to the maggie

christine: memang pun

mimi: my pasta was not nice. the rice dish ok.. tom yan big NO NO

jasmine: hmm dont know about the coffee, but the food ..well.. cant say its all good.

mama bok

What a bummer..! hate disappointing food..!


I was attracted by the shape of the "cupped" rice! hahaha!:P

Ling's Passion

Hi Teckiee, am glad that I met you and have a chance to taste your honey meat with spagetti pancake. The two blend well.


I come here often for the coffee, I like the coffee here.


mama bok: yeah.. esp when we are hungry.. bummer

ling: hey! I love your bread! Will be waiting for the recipe.

wmw: i haven had their coffee before... maybe i'll stick to coffee.

Julian Si

Thanks for having me on your visited blogs :-)

Black Canyon, even whilst I lived in Thailand, is TERRIBLE :-(


are u sure that those tomyam is the worst meal? That delicious alright...

kinda sad here huhuh... T-T


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