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Day 4 : Perfume Pagoda

This was sold just out front of out guest house. Crowded on Day 2. Crowded on Day 3. I eat on Day 4.

Red rice (2,000 Dong)! That dark seed is from a red fruit that produce to dye for this rice. I have no idea what fruit is used to get the red color. The rice smelt a little different, but different good. Tasted good with the salty chicken floss.

After the quick breakfast, we headed hours out of Hanoi to the jetty that will get us to the Perfume Pagoda. I sat in front of the row boat. It was an hour boat ride to reach the foot hill of the Perfume Pagoda. And that was an hour of FREEZING HELL! The wind was blowing, I was only with a thin jacket.

I needed the warm sweet potato (300g for 5,000 Dong)...

But I saw this and had this Chinese 'ang ku' like sticky cake. It had whole steamed peanuts on the outside and and green bean paste on the inside. I really like this. Way nicer than Chinese 'ang ku'.

It took us almost up to an hour to climb the stairs up to the Perfume Pagoda. The cave Pagoda wasn't impressive. Not worth the 2 hour journey by car and an hour on boat and the hour hike.

We didn't want to spend another hour climbing down the steep stairs so we ended up on a 10 minutes cable car ride from the top to the foot of the hill lunch. Chinese style lunch with egg omelet, cabbage, vegetables and pork strips and spring rolls.

After another hour of site seeing at the foot hill temple we left the area.

I was dreading the boat ride back... but thank god my friend had an extra jacket I could borrow. The ride back wasn't that bad. There was not much wind and we were moving with the current... and it was late afternoon. If only I had the jacket on the way there.

The water was really clear. Seed weed!

We asked the tour guide to drop us off some where hear Highway4 back at the Old Quarter. My friend was determine to eat here even back when we were just planning for the trip.

Peanuts (3,000 Dong) which you pour on to the used and uncleaned plate. *glups*

I was existed when I saw the array of unique alcohol. Son Tinh is traditional Vietnamese liquor made from natural ingredients. There were just too many to choose from. From shots to Vietnamese unique cocktails.

We ended up ordering Health and Beauty (38,000 Dong) which consisted of the below.

Mountain Apple, made from small green apples this is a true favorite amongst Vietnamese. A smooth and incredibly tasty liquor, both sweet and slightly astringent.
This was my favorite among the four. Very peachy and fruity fragrance.

My Tuu, an invigorating herbal liquor with a clean and refreshing taste, smooth on the palate. I never liked herbal soup or medicine and I definitely didn't like this this. The taste was too clean. Better off just drink hard liquor.

Thanh Mai, a full-bodied fruity liquor with a musky and smoky flavor, and a tannic finish. Thanh Mai fruits are similar to apricots. The fruity fragrance wasn't as strong as the Mountain Apple. I didn't quite like the musky and smoky flavor.

Red Sweet Young Sticky Rice, the Vietnamese version of a classic Port, made using the same processes, this liquor is a smooth nectar with a clean, comforting finish. No thanks... tasted way too clean. It didn't have the natural rice sweetness at all.

we ordered steamboat 'lau' (179,000 Dong for 3 to 4 pax) again as it was that night's special. A mistake. Not because the steamboat wasn't nice, but the locals were having BBQ prawns, 'nem' spring rolls, mini soft shell crabs and stuff like that. Looked and smelt really good.

Meat, seafood, tofu and loads of vegetables again. The fish, prawns, shellfish and frogs were REALLY REALLY FRESH!

The noodles came in a paper packet which I believe is their famous local instant noodles. This was also sold in the market. Taste better than any instant noodles we have in Malaysia. Very springy and full of the egg fragrance.

Before continue to the final dish we had. I have to give a warning. You might not like what you see and or read. Stop reading if you know you might get upset...

...because I ate the meat of Men's Best Friend.


Dog meat. Click [+] to expand.

Smoked dog meat (55,000 Dong). This tasted a lot like bacon minus the fragrance of lard. On the first bite, the first thing that hit me was... "Hey, you sure this is dog meat?". Honestly, nothing special. The dog meat came with sour cream and mustard for dipping, but either way I'll pick pork over this anytime.

We actually picked the right day to eat the meat as it was the ending of the Lunar month. I was told by one of my guide that eating dog meat during the end of the month especially the last day bring luck. Did I get lucky? Nar... I just felt warmer.

I was contemplating on this dog meat post actually. Not everyone can accept eating dog meat. I decided to go ahead because of this.

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13 pieces of worms:


teckiee, looking at all ur pictures and blog make me mis hanoi so much...the food and the experience...even though it was quite normal but it was very nice and unique overall...

one advice to all who wished to make a trip to hanoi, make it whie it's still winter or spring...dont ever make the trip during summer...the honks and traffic could kills u....u wouldnt last an hour on the streets..the honks never seems to stop a seconds...luckily for me, the winter managed to keep my me chilled...and the trip of foot back from the new quarter to the new quarter wouldnt be possible on foot if the weather is hot...

and teckiee,u managed to convince me to finally have my tastebud on the ultimate meat...the dog meat!!
luckily both my dog still loves me..

well, the steamboat was very nice and never had the experience of prawn jumping out from a steamboat ALIVE!! i guess the whole stall could hear my scream!!!

it was an unforgetable experience...count me in for the next trip...include india!! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

well nothing wrong..but yeah if u treat it as eating ur pet then tats something wrong..all the dog meat after all are reared the proper way like cows and pigs?


apparently eating dog meat is very common over there...


u brave girl!

happy CNY! =)

Lyrical Lemongrass

You certainly did a fair bit of exploring with your tastebuds!

Happy CNY, Teckiee!!

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥

恭喜发财 Happy Chinese New Year Teckiee!!

Big Boys Oven

Walio you are such a WonderWoman! We here wish you Gong Xi Fat Cai may 2008 bring you lots of fortune!

team bsg

omg ! r u on google earth flying or what hahaha

but wonderful wish we were there too enjoying best frend 2gether ! you can do it !
haapy new year ( rats too ok !)


i am in love with your blog now lol.. i drool when viewing the pictures except the dog meats lol..

more updates please

happy CNY

Rasa Malaysia

You were in Vietnam, so lucky.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.


"Gong Xi Fatt Chai"..teckiee,Mishu and me looking for you at dinner the last time,hope to see u again soon:)


ah hu: India? You sure you can handle?

joe: Yeah all are farmed reared. There's a difference eating your pet and the animal.... tho I know some people (even in the US!!!) and eat their own pet. Scary!

ling239: yup, i was told is common and good for luck. But expensive meat man.

daphne: LOL the taste buds brave only ;p

LL: Thanks woman! (Almost typed your real name out ;p

Alvin: Hey thank! Gong hei fatt choy! Hopefully you more fatt than me cos I'm not winning any $$ this year ;p

BBO: Hey, wishing you both fatt fatt choy and many more delicious creative recipes to come!

BSG: Aiyah you know BKK selling BBQ rats all over the place. The folks there say yummy somemore! I want!

touchmenotish: HAHAHA ;p How do I read your nick? touch-meno-tish?

RM: Aisheh.. I bet Bali nicer ;p

beachlover: aieee I just came back from my parents home town? you all had dinner where?


Wahlau.... really "geng"... i really cannot accept dog meat

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