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Day 5 : Last minute shopping

We have everything all planned out for the last day. Eat everything we have been eyeing for, eat everything that we like, and do our last minute shopping.

We head to the market again hoping for that particular packed noodles stall to be open and with less people. We were in luck to find three empty seats for us to squat. I had the rounded noodles with minced pork balls and bambo shoots soup. (10,000 Dong) The soup was just so so but I like the bambos shoots itself. Some might not like the bamboo shoot smell as it might smell too pungent. I'm used to it because I love them in my Hokkien Loh Mee) I totally loved the bamboo shoots. The minced pork balls tasted superb! Even better than the minced pork balls that we had in Nha Hang Mien Luon on Day 2.

After breakfast we went back to the corner coffee shop at Ngo Trung Yen to have their coffee again.

While walking towards the shop, I finally bought this fried bread on a stick (5,000 Dong for 2 sticks). Every since the first day at Hanoi, I have always been eyeing of the ladies selling this. The ladies selling these will change after us and offer them for 2,000 Dong a stick. I'm not sure what I didn't buy them then. Anyway, not worth the buy. The bread was dry and hard and very cold.

We had the 'nem' (spring rools) (3,000 Dong) bought from the market with our coffee too. Again, it was very cold. I bet they would taste better if they were just fresh from the wok. The weather in Hanoi just freezes up everything.

I actually wanted to buy some home. I could re-fry them back at home and serve it warm... but then ... never mind la. It's such a hassle.

After coffee, we head to #22 Gua Ngur, just outside the market lane to buy Gio Cha Uoc Le. 'Gio Cha' is a place where the place of the most delicious 'Uoc Le' is originated.

I bought Gio Cha Uoc Le (150,000 Dong per kg), a Vietnamese ham is pre pack neatly with banana leaves. Easy to transport, and most importantly, delicious! The lady who owned the shop was really friendly. I didn't know how to ask mu questions so we ended up communicating through drawings. Thank god for me and my note book. I was told that the Uoc Le can be kept in the freezer for 10 months before it begins to spoil.

I also bought 200g of seasoned, fried, and bottled minced meat that will go well with clear soup noodles from her.

The next item on our list was Vietnamese coffee. We walked over to Cafe Hue Coffee shop at #26 Hang Giay street. I didn't buy any because I already have so much of coffee at home. No one in the family is a coffee drinker except my mom. My friends bought some though. (120,000 Dong per kg) The Weasel smelt like coffee with chocolate, and the Chon smelt like coffee and cocoa powder.

After purchasing coffee, it was time for Bia Hoi at the cross junction of Ta Hien Street. I didn't take the Bia Hoi this time. I was burping and having hiccups after I had my glass on the first day. I am just not a beer person. Just took a sip from my friends glass, tasted smooth and light. Better than the first day. (No wonder locals say you have to drink it earlier in the day, taste better.)

While my friend enjoyed his beer, I was trying out the meat we saw bought at the market just as we walked out to buy coffee.


Not pork. Click [+] to expand.

This is not a BBQed piglet. Look at the legs and you will know this is not a pig.

100,000 per kg for the meat. Not the dog head.

We bought just a little to try, the intestines as well. In the end I just found out that this is just Vietnamese sausages. Something similar to the 'lap cheong' that the Chinese makes but this is using the dog's intestines lining. I'm not too sure what is stuffed in it, but tasted like minced (don't know what) meat and some beans ...or something that tasted like beans.

After all the food, last thing to buy on our list was the backpacks and haversacks. I knew I will be coming back for them ever since I say them on the first day. "Grade AAA" stuff (if you get what I mean) which was quite good quality. I bought a Deuter haversack and a NorthFace day pack. Both for only USD30! w00t! More backpacking trips for me!!!

We headed back to our guest house to off load the shopping goods and pack. The only thing left to do is to have lunch. After walking around, being so picky with all the restaurants, one of my friend finally said "Let's us just head to Bobby Chinn's if not Teckiee will surely leave Hanoi with regret.

So, here we were.

Very dim and romantic settings in the restaurant. White roses and all.

Red drapes all over the place with strings of white roses just as SC describes it.

I was actually quite turned off when I saw the menu. Lunch menu, dinner menu, wine list... I asked for their other menus expecting to get a little longer list of food but, ah... dessert menu. I had only about 10 choices to choose from the lunch menu.

We did ordered and then came the tempura chicken complimentary of the chef. While trying to take a good picture of it... the man himself pop by, looked at that was being served and went to the kitchen.

Peach tea (USD2.50). I was like "Ehhhhh isn't that Bobby Chinn!?!"

Bread and butter. Yes he is. He looks so much better in real life. Such a charming and handsome man. (Too bad the picture I took with him didn't look like him =( haiss) I can see why his team of staff adores him.

Sloppy Joe (USD6.50). (Now you see understand why I was disappointed with the menu? Sloopy Joe at a nice restaurant?) Sloopy indeed. Taste wise it was just so so in the beginning. But the more I bite into the bread and minced meat with sauce, the more I begin to taste the flavor of the sauce. Quite nice. The onions are BBQed first before serving. (the other half of the bun is under the onions) And the fries, ...left out too long. It was soggy.

The Steak Sandwich (USD6.50) was something I liked better than the Sloopy Joe. Love the thin cooked buy moist layer of black pepper steak. Good stuff.

The Mac and Cheese (USD6) tasted the best among the this three. Tons of mozzarella and I love the strong fragrance and taste of the parmesan. But I think tasting that is enough for me, I would not be able to finish that clay pot full of Penne and cheese as I was really really rich.

I wanted to call for the bill after the food. We need to head to the airport already. But then I remembered, my dessert!

When my chocolate pudding (USD5) came, I was told that the desserts were complementary from Bobby. Not really a pudding, but a chocolate lava with ice cream on the side. Superb stuff! A must try!

Chocolate moose. (USD 4) Good stuff too. Smooth, and not too sweet.

Lemon Creme Brulee. (USD 4) This I did not like. I have never liked Creme Brulee of any type or flavor. I have tried many many creme brulee but I have never liked them. I just don't like the dessert.

We rushed back to the guest house just a little late. Our taxi driver was already waiting for us but it was all worth it.

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19 pieces of worms:


Oh my God, poor dog :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving cheap!! but fine dining fast food..indeed a first..maybe lunch is meant to b like tat?


ah! so this was the steak sandwich u were talking abt!! LOL No wonder u craved for it man... looks so good.


teckiee, wishing you and your family, kung hei fatt choy!!!


I am so pleased to see the review of Bobby Chinn's place. I have in the last few months been watching his series Cafe Asia on satelite tv and always wondered what his restaurant was really like. Surprised to find that it is a western restaurant, when in the series, he cooked a lot of asian food.

mama bok

Too bad.. no picture of Bobby Chinn.. :(
Gong Hei Fatt Choy.. to you and yours..!


nice display of the desserts..

No Pork No Pork..
One more time, i will call the police..hahaha :)


i really don't know how they can give a bite on the dog meat..yukkkss...

Oh yeah, is the rat BBQ party on??? hehehe :)

ai wei

Bobby Chinn Restaurant?!?!?! really ar?! i like him a lot from the tv show!


me no like bamboo shoot too....


wooooo.... i think i wanna make a trip there this year. will get more info from u if i do plan my trip. kekekeke...
the spring roll.. love the most :P

Xiu Long Bao

i definitely regretted clicking on ur no pork link...sad sad...


Dear Teckiee,
You have had quite an adventure! Thanks for sharing with us.

Nic (KHKL)

you are really one of those rare adventurous food bloggers i came to know go, girl! what's next in line? hehehe...

happy chinese new year, Teckiee!


chics: er... (i hope you dont have a dog)

joe: yeah it was really worth the money.

hazza: Actually there's hardly anything Asian served there... lots of wine wine wine

mamabok: errr... i wanted to post it up.. but got me inside... lazy to edit the pic ;p

ekeng: I think should be on... wanna go catch rat with me? hehe (and yes boss.. my last post on Hanoi.. no more no pork hahaha)

ai wei: yeah he the man... he has a restaurant in HCM too.

ling239: but its so nice! ...ok maybe not the smell la.. but the texture is nice.

chics: .. hmm (not anyone's pet...)

catsndogs: hehehe no problem. just email me.

XLB: ...sorry ;p

anonymous: =) glad to do it

nic: BBQed rats in BKK! Seems like thats the in thing now over there.


teckiee, if u dun mind, i have his(bobby chin) photo...but my fat face inside lo...lolz


is there a difference bet. the lunch & dinner menu? coz i went at night and most of the stuff were definitely priced higher.


Yikes!!!!!!! faints


ah hu: hahah lz to edit the post

jasmine: hmmm i cant remember... but i guess there is

wmw: ;p

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