Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monopoly tarts

While making my Chinese New Year pineapple tarts this year, I decided to make a mini batch of green tea tart just to play around. It gets really boring when I made the same ol' same ol' every single year. I made some really horrible homemade red bean paste to go with it.

My mom joined in the fun when she saw the greenish dough. We ended up with our own green tea tart Monopoly!

My mom made this leaf...

...but my leaf is nicer ;p Hotdog turned out weird, and the rat ...HAHAHA I'm just bad at this.

Since most of the shape have the red bean covered, I wanted something which will expose the red bean. Got to try and test the different types of wrapping. From a globe to just simple shapes. The paste dried up making it kind of cookie texture. Not too bad actually.

The one on the left is a dice, but can anyone guess what is it on the left? My mom was so proud of it... looks really messy to me.

A large bow for the race winner! This was an extra large tart because the remaining flour wasn't enough. My mom combined it to make something bigger.

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14 pieces of worms:


green tea tart...i tot it's :)

wmw gave the answer away yourself. Your mom made a "log". So, what do I win??? :o)


haha.. if it is not a log, is it a pillow or spring roll?
at least u have fun! puts playdoh skills as a kid in good use!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i thought it was a swiss roll..ahah got answer meh? u censored it!..

so how did it taste?

Nic (KHKL)

the dice will come in handy on the mahjong table...and when hungry pangs hit..which ever comes first..hehe


i was scrolling up and down looking for the jail hahahaaaa..... :p

the one next to the dice... notes in a roll ?


ekeng: ahahhha i wont want to eat it if it as wasabi man.. hot sial!

wmw: hehhhh where? hmm wait.. I know where liau.. I named the picture dice log or something...

daphne: it is a log... but looks weird la.

joe: no la.. i didnt give out also... as i re read... the dice is on the right.. not left! LOL! Tasted so so only.. my paste not nice.

nic: haha..i wanted to make majong tiles actually... but I dont know those chinese chars

ling239: HAHAHAHAH This monopoly came very nice one... no jail. Only good stuff.


the dice look so ugly...haha

Lee Ping (mrshbt)

What a fun title! The best part of this cooking was cooking with Mom, wasn't it?

wenching & esiong

Haha, they look really funny and cute, I wanna try this out next time too! Yeah, like what ekeng said, we thought it was wasabi too!

Imbi & Itchy

you're really adventorous in the kitchen aren't you, and the best part .. you mum is the same too! like mother like daughter? or was it the other way round? Hehe .. love you cute rat, if you don't want it .. i'll have it! for "ong" this year :-)


mimi: hahahah the dots looks like mole rite? ...I made it ;p

lee ping: hehehe actually my mom was intrigued with the green dough, if not for that, I dont think she would have shaped it with me.

wenching & esiong: hehehe you can make with esion! ... quite fun to do together.

imbi&itchy: hahahah i can draw a cuter rat on paper.. but shape it.. LOL.. sis said dont know look like what new animal.

Big Boys Oven

I thought they were wasabi! so creative man!


bbo: LOL! actually not creative... green tea and red bean so common liua

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