Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cream Cheese Brownies

I found my 2kg block of cream cheese in the freezer one day. Big mistake. One should not freeze cheese! Who moved my cheese?!

When I defrost the cheese, the cheese wasn't creamy anymore. It was clumpy =( At that moment I knew I had to make something with that cheese because I can't keep it for long.

So I headed to Joy of Baking. I started off with their carrot cake recipe. Since then, I have always went back for more recipes. Simple recipes. Easy methods. Detailed explanation. And the outcome product is always delicious!

This time, I tried their Cream Cheese Brownies. My first batch came out too sweet for my liking... and I didn't manage to get a nice pattern on top. But my second batch (the pic above) was nice.

Very simple brownies to make. I like the way it looks when I cut it to squares. Love the layers.

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16 pieces of worms:


Wow! INteresting~never thought of pairing brownie with cream cheese before. I think i should try it when im free =)


cheese and chocolate! oh my weakness!!!

Imbi & Itchy

that's a hugeee serving for even one batch lol. aren't you going to share ? *hint hint* or sudah habis liao ...


The layering looks mundo cool... and I bet it tastes even better. ;)

The joy of baking indeed. I'd say the joy of eating... *sniggers*

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i admit..its damn good!


You're indeed a good baker!!.Yes,cream cheese can bake different kind of cookies and bake.I like to use Cream cheese for cookies too..

Big Boys Oven

Forst we had molded blue cheese and now we have frozen cream chesse. You are really a cool babe! lol! but we like the cream cheese brownies! please check your stocks! lol!


I know it's delicious. But you didn't send it over to taste! haha!

team bsg

v have decideded all the mously the next time we meet we must eat your home made cakes

Ling's Passion

I like the pattern on the brownies and looks delicious too.


2kg cheese wtf??!!! SOMEONE loves their cheese! :O


er... can I try ;P hehe

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

i went to Joy of Baking, and made their Shortbread cookies, very simple,and idioti friendly website Teckiee, thx for the recommendation! Happy easter.


jojo: its really good...not free also need to try ;p

rokh: LOL... same same

kenny: I always thought the bakes with layers are so canggih and hard to make.. but heheheh... now i know better

joe: glad u liked it.

beachlover: got the cream cheese cookies recipe?

BBO: hahaha i check already.. no more cheese except for a few slices for cheddar

kok: u fly yourself down better.. can i cook more? haha

bsg: can no problem

ling: my sis mention some parts looks like hibiscus.. i cant figure it out tho.

jun: hahaha cream cheese is not think la... but i wont mind 2kg for parmesan! hahahaha

christine: ahyah that day you didnt come... i bought the brownies for yam char actually.

mush: glad you found the recipe help fully. I tried their chocolate cookies recipe before.. its good too.


Thanks for letting me taste some of it...well, I've tried baking it and it was easy. Love the way it turned out!


WMW: Yeah! Easy hor the recipe. I love all the recipes there.

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