Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cupcake Chic

Let's see. This was before XLB went to Singapore. XLB, Pakcik L Nic, WMW and myself went for a Karaoke session at The Curve. We dropped by Cupcake Chic to pick up some cupackes.

Fatal Attraction (Chocolate on the top left), Envy (The green tea at the bottom left), and all time favorite flavor the Rum and Raisins on the top row in the middle. These three were just so so to me. The Rum and Raisins was a disappointment. I hoped for more flavor in it.. too mild for my liking.

But the other three I like!

Forget-Me-Not, the lavender cupcake. I felt relaxed by just smelling it. I drink lavender tea, have a lavender perfume, use the Lavender scented shower gel, and now a cupcake... I need more lavender.

The rose cupcake I like too. I think I prefer those cupcake with the flower fragrance. Something different compared to the normal chocolate and vanilla cupcakes available every where.

This lychee version I like the best! I'm not sure if they still have it because this was a Chinese New Year special or something like that.

There's even a lychee on the inside which I'm giving it a big plus. Good stuff.

There are many many flavors at the Cupcake Chic, but not all are available every day. You will need to refer to this schedule to see what's hot out of the oven. The cupcakes goes for RM4.50 each. I got my half dozen for RM25. A dozen goes for RM48.

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17 pieces of worms:


I've been there with Our Headmistress LimauRumput, but I find the prices a bit steep lah...


wah...rm4.50 for one cupcake...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

so expensive larr...but then again i hav gone cold turkey with the doughnuts d..i need to go cold turkey for all sweets soon..looks like dis is not tempting me..

ai wei

not a cheap one but i still wanna try the rose n lychee cuppies. they look nice and alluring. aiks... the curve again... far far far away from cheras arrr

Nic (KHKL) about timing...just posted mine a few mins ago...saw lemongrass talking abt it too...hehe...i'm more interested in our karaoke session lar...hehe...when again ar??

Lyrical Lemongrass

Talk abt timing. hehe. Yup, I think the lychee one was just for CNY.


They are expensive. Still, the rose and lychee ones are unique.


I like the lavender and butterpecan.

Big Boys Oven

walio! must be nice! I love cupcake chic?

wenching & esiong

The rose cupcake sounds special, with flower fragrance? Can't imgaine how it taste like. Is it very sweet? Can't wait to try it out!


kennymah: hahahah i like the direct translation. hmmm 1..2 kali boleh la. jangan hari hari makan

Cinderella-xmas: hmm yeahh but try one ok... but you like.. then you can always go back for more =)

joe: just have one... one... then two.. then three.. hahah

ai wei: the lychee no more liau. it was just for cny.

nic: aiyah ...i dont think i can make it for that friday. i'll be on call for work.

ll: haha yeah! great minds think alike.. but according to facebook "bigger brain" score is depressing hahaha

daphne: can buy a plate of rice... but i think its ok to have onces in a blue moon.

wmw: i think i'll go grab the butterpecan. haven try that yet.

BBO: hmm i still haven try sunny's cupcakes

wenching&esiong: The rose smell is really there. The icing is sweet.


Never drop by The Curve after CNY... haha... so cannot taste the other flavours :(

Xiu Long Bao

huhhhhh!!! u not coming for the fri date ah?


I want a cupcake...drool!


aiya, i shouldve tried the lycheetini! it was label-less, and left only one single solitary pitiful looking lycheetini, i din know it was it. Hmm... end up simply picked 6 other tastes ... forgot wat they r la... but the carrot one not bad...

tag me? :)


jason: ehhh next time we go for karaoke with xlb and pakcik too?!

xlb: cannot ler.. i just notice i am oncall for 2weeks starting this fri.. still on call that fri.

ilovepearly: lick the screen? hehe

J2Kfm: tagged!

Big Boys Oven

ya oh! when ler? lol!

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