Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Egg Tart and Siew Pau

*tee teed* *tee teed* I heard my message coming through when I was on the train on the way to work. The message read,

'Eh small pig, bought you egg tart and siew pau. Fresh from the oven.'

When I came to the office I found this on my table :D Weee!

My colleague who previously bought me a Conag Tiramisu bought me this while he was having breakfast at Weng Hing along Jalan Imbi. I remember seeing the small cute little egg tarts when I was eating there.

The egg tarts and siew pau made my day =)

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20 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

y the egg tart looks like egg yolk 1??


so good got ppl bought u breakfast...
Yalo, y the egg tart so special looking ge?


eeeeeee so jealous !!
i want freshly baked egg tarts for bfast..... >.<"


Lucky u gal!!there you goes...


yalor.. y ur egg tart so diff one...

normal one the middle one is doing down... but urs one going upward one.. why?

Precious Pea

Small pig...wahhh...not bad to have such nice colleague wor. Envy envy!!


Weng Hing mini egg tart! Me haven't got the time to go there ler :(


Hehe, what to do, pretty girl ma... I oso buy treats for my colleagues sometimes ma... it's the sweet thing to do... sweetens the working relationship, hehe.

Jokes, aside... what a cool colleague you have. Lucky you! :)


joe, mimi: I dont know man. It came like that.... dont know how they bake this thing also.

ling239: you can always be the one to buy your colleague a fresh something =)

beachlover: i wish i have fresh brakfast everyday! ...haha

penangtuapui: Honestly.. I have no idea! i tahu makan saje.

precious pea: he's kind of my metal pig ;p

jason: fresh from oven is nice.. but if cold already.. i think it will just taste so so

kenny: haha sometimes when I bake.. my colleague is the first one to get a piece. system batter.


ooo.. so nice of your colleague! hey, that will make my day as well.


The egg tart look a bit like UFO~ Haha, definitely make your day. UFO is rare nowadays~


is it only me or is everyone else thinking of the same thing as me but not saying it explicitly? he-he ;) do you teckiee?? :P

Simon Seow

Maybe it's more than colleague ^_^

Sugar Bean

So nice of your colleague! Haha, I agree with Joe, how'd the egg tart came out looking like an egg yolk, so cute!


eh, the filling doesnt cave in, but instead spills out? like ballooning from centre... funny looking, but i'm sure delicious nonetheless ... hmmm


why the filling of the egg tart looks so farny wan?? @_@


daphne, rokh, simon: no la. he is like my big brother. Sweet kenny also buy stuff for his colleagues what.. it's a small nice gesture =)

jojo, sugarbean, j2kfm, jun: Hm.. you know what...i think i'll head there one day to buy them. I'll see if I can catch the owner and ask him/her why is it like that. I honestly also dont know.


looks nice. the best egg tart i have eaten in KL is from the uncle on the motorbike who used to stop outside BB plaza in the mornings. i think the bakery is at Jalan Brunei Utara. very sad that i no longer take the bus so dont walk past there. the egg tarts are soooo good!


Anonymous: aike.. uncle on bike ah? but u know what... the best egg tart i have tasted is all the way at a sidewalk in Ipoh


erm... hi~ its me again..hehe.. i noe 1 of de shop at cheras tmn muda(if im nop mistake la) there... haha.. de egg tart is similar like urs 1... hehe... very *yummy* ^^;

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