Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fish Head Noodles

It's time again. A week of secondary. And an annoying week of primary 24 hours, 7 days a week on-call support. The standard life of anyone in the IT support line. My last dinner before jail time was fish head noodles with UnkaLeong. *Lucky lucky* because I will be skipping the noodle makan'ing session coming Sunday (jail time ma).

I have no idea how to get to this place, but it's along Jalan Raja Laut, turn left at the junction opposite of the PAS (yes, the political party) building. Ong Lai is on the left, BSG (back street) style.

When I took a sip of the soup I didn't quit figure the taste. Nice and clean, ... but something else. Then UnkaLeong mentioned the Chinese cooking wine. The usual fish head soup I have is with tomatoes and preserved vegetables. This version didn't have any of those, but it had extra chunks old ginger just enough to kill of the fish smell but not spice'n up the soup.

Potato leaves with belacan. This I really like though I found it a wee bit oily. I also like it because it wasn't too spicy. Some vegetables fried with belacan can turn out like vegetable with sambal!

The bill came up to RM35 in total for the noodles, vegetables, and a pot of tea for two which I found reasonable. I'll definitely come back for more of their fish head dishes. I just love the fact that they use fresh BIG fish heads with a lot of fish fat. *yum yum*

Edited: Ohh I just came across TummyThoz's post on Ong Lai. Makes me want to go back even sooner! I need to escape the jail!

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21 pieces of worms:


OMG!! I forgot about this event until see yr review...looks really good!


The o chien is pretty good too (huge oysters) and they have fried pei kueh.

Lyrical Lemongrass

So this is the makan that unkaleong keeps rubbing my face in.


I never try fish head noodles...hmmmm must try as you that potatoes leave wt belacan too..Must look for that place:))


ah.. potato leaves with first i thought they looked like kangkong.


open for lunch?


Never tried this before. Is it spicy or is it clear broth?


aiyo, another post on this..reminding me to revisit this place again..yeah, the fish head noodles is different here, but yummy nonetheless. yummy or jien and pineapple spareribs too..

Big Boys Oven

oh lovely! sounds delicious, the company too sounds amazing right! lol!

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥

My mummy stall got fried tang hun and fish head noodles with yam!!!

hahahaha... 10% discount for flooger! @_@~ mari mari!!

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥

if go with Alvin, it is free! Alvin belanja hehehehe...

Simon Seow

Jail? What jail?


i used to go there everytime.
Few yrs back, Lydia Sum ate there too.
I loved that place a lot. That place was basically there since my mum's era...i think..
But the food there has just become quite pricey and the the quality is not as great anymore...
but the steam fish head is still very nice...that i must insist!!!

Nic (KHKL)

i think i makan here before when i was a kid...the most memorable part being the rundown setting and ohh...the fascinating drains...dunno whether still there or not...interesting food too.


Aiya, missed this out :(
Busy lah the past week...


If this Sunday tak jadi, think I'll be going on my own again soon.

team bsg

for fish head noodles and that kind of seafood things try that one in Kuchai Entreuneur Park ( Kuchai Lama) for here in the backStreets lie hundreds of standing waiting patrons rushing to get into the shop. Those quarelling guys are good

wenching & esiong

Didn't know why but we hardly go to restaurants for fish head noodles. The potato leaves with belacan looks good though.


Mmm...what non fishy stuff to eat there???


jackson: yeah..taste was good too

boo: hmm the oh chien must be good... everyone is talking about it

ll: LOL! are you all still going next week?

beachlover: drag BBO there too.. then call me too! i wanna see mishu again

daphne: hehehe usually they fry with kangkung but this was nice too

kampungboycitygal: yup...thats what unkaleong told me

hazza: clear. non spicy. it's ikan bilish soup with ginger and evaporated milk. Other shops out in tomatoes and preserved vegetables to make the soup sourish

sc: ahhh the ribs for WMW cos she dont take fish...

bbo: both are nice =)

alvin: where's your mom's place?

simon: hahahaha on-call. have to jail myself at home because everytime the office phone rings.. there's a problem to troubleshoot

vince: eh london easy to find fish head ah? go make ginger fish head la.

nic: the drains still there LOL

jason: wanna go sometime? maybe with tummythoz?

tummythoz: if u going after next week call me too..i wanna go again for the other dishes

BSG: tak tau where is Kuchai la...

wenching & esiong: how about other fishhead dishes?

wmw: The oh chien? Go see TummyThoz's page.. she reviewed a few dishes there


london seafood freaking expensive ok!!! dun dare to touch..the only fish cheap is fish n chips...haha..god knows where the fish came from....
wait till i get my hands on some cheap seafood...

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