Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gio Cha Uck Le sandwich

I finally took out that 1kg Gio Cha Uoc Le I bought from Hanoi from the freezer.

Only ham with bread for Sunday breakfast? Nope, to plain.

I pan sheared slices of fresh big head mushrooms.

Fried a mix of finely diced Swiss mushrooms, garlic, black pepper, celery and added these small little shellfish thing. Looks so much like baby abalone.

But then I thought, must be a real dry sandwich because I didn't have any more sauce with me.

I ended up using some left over pasta sauce from the night before. Slap and pile it all in a delicious Tesco French bread.


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20 pieces of worms:


I love the step-by-step process to sandwichy goodness! Yum yum yummy!

Simon Seow


Big Boys Oven

hmmmm it must be good? was it?


hmmm...look yummy!!you got tagged!!


Looks delicious! Wah....salivating!


wow!! I like sandwich with aloooot of ingredient!!!


kenny: lol.. stuff everything u have. should come out yummy too.

simon: soh soh

bbo: not bad no bad =)

beachlover: ohh will have a look at that tag

jadepearl: ;p

mimi: i had a hard time eating it actually... have to grow a bigger mouth


i want some..btw ur such a big eater..kowtow

Nic (KHKL)

an interesting twist to the usual baguette...with a pasta sauce...bravo!


I loved the ham from Vietnam...I bought some too from my previous trip. When stock is gone, I get my fix, ordering slice ham noodles from Vietnam Kitchen.

wenching & esiong

Wow, that's a lot of filling for a sandwich! It looks so tempting! Would want to make myself a sandwich soon!


so creative ah.... ^_^
put left over pasta sauce into good use ~

Precious Pea

Yum yum i know what to buy when I visit Hanoi.

Ling's Passion

Wow...this looks delicious.


kampungboycitygal: hahaha i dont et that much la.. i did feel really full after that

nic: when you are left with nothing.. terpaksa recycle the things in the fridge

wmw:i wanted t buy more... but 1 kg is heavy enough. so leceh to lug another kg back

wenching & esiong: i didnt have cheese.. it not that goes in there too!

ling239: recycle ;p

precious pea: they have minsed meat which is very nice too

ling: thanks =)

team bsg

you are the bread princess , so now get some fresh fruits , its on the house kwikly before stocks run out ! Go now !


Oh my! that burger looks delightful. Like the use of the pasta sauce as well. No waste!


Looks good!
Definitely a twist to the normal sandwich, be it homemade or purchase. Creative!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Looks like a hearty sunday's sandwich Teckiee. We usually hv pancakes or a full english breakfast on sunday! Hugs for a gd weekend.


bsg: hahahaha got my fruit. the fruit i wanted.

daphne: One bowl of leftover that went down the tummy fast

jojo: heheh anything goes when one is hungry =)

mush: *hugs* Hugs little nora for me!

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