Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kayu Nasi Kandar

Another long forgotten post saved as draft until now. This is going to be a really short one because I got to pack for my day trip tomorrow. I'm going river rafting some where off Tanjung Malim! Weee!

If I remember correctly, it was after some meet up or something? and my Tai Kar Che went for supper at Kayu Nasi Kandar at where is this place already ah? Damansara something?

Anyway, I had a nice ice kacang. I remember nice and yummy food. Food worth remembering. LOL!

WMW had a mee mamak goreng, sampai kering which was not bad too. Dry just like how I like fried noodles.

(I love Kayu's roti tissue too!)

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22 pieces of worms:


Is this the one at Aman Suria? Methinks so...

And roti tisu... nothing better, says I, except maybe roti bom! *slurps*


Kayu Nasi Kandar?.I saw this store in Ipoh when I was there.Izzit a franchise store,rite?.Kayaking?that really fun!enjoy your trip!!have fun!

wenching & esiong

I'm craving for mee mamak goreng after looking at the photo!

Have a nice trip!


One of my enduring memories of recent visits to Malaysia is eating the lovely food in Kayu branches. Is this the one near Tesco?


Yup, this is at Aman Suria, after our visit for Perut Ikan with Team BSG :o).

"Joe" who is constantly craving

that roti huge!

well after all that holiday now rite? enjoy..


the branch new my place..i like the roti tisu and ais kacang too :). but the cleanliness of the food- questionable. was at the clinic near kayu and the doc said many got food poisoning from this branch that she lost count.


Wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!:)


I want the ice-kacang!!!

Big Boys Oven

I always find the food on the higher side! expensive!

Nic (KHKL)

i enjoyed their nasi kandar more than pelita's. it's less spicy but still got the umphhh...


These guys open a HUGE outlet near my place in Kota Damansara ... THREE HUGE STOREY's high .. I mean .. what the heck???

Anyway, did you have fun at Tg Malim? I was there a few months back but I guess the river must be fierce huh, with the rain and all.

Simon Seow

I only know there's one in Chou Yong, SS2. Not sure about other outlets.


Kayaking in such downpour season?? Easily a level 5 raging river adventure! Can't wait to hear about it!


It is at SS2 Chow Yang lar...Don't think it is at Kota Damansara...


Ling's Passion

I love Nasi Kayu, too. The one I frequent is in USJ 11, Subang.


the ABC make me craving for it now...


must be dry!
otherwise can be very yucky... >.<"

Jim Cagayan's

water rafting?wow! must be fun!
i like my fried noodles very very dry also.hehe.By the way....our new menu is ready!
Have a pleasant trip!


kennymah: Ah yes yes, I think its called Aman Suria.

beachlover: I think their franchise are every where!

wenching & esiong: hehe the ice kacang good too =)

Hazza: Hmm no Tesco near by... but I think I know which Mamak you went to. Right beside Tesco rite? That's beside The Curve.

wmw: Ahh the perut ikan. Good stuff.

Joe: Actually looks huge, but like eating tissue paper la ...i can eat 3 of those!

sc: which branch is that?

Kok: The trip was superb!!

JOjo: *calls out* ...BOSS ABC SATU!

BBO: hmm I think its a little expensive, but the food is way better. You want expensive ah.. go to Taman Megah Williams mamak la. That one ridculas man.

Nic: hmm i have never tried their nasi there before

Tim: hahahahaha mamak business. Ok ma.. maybe one floor dedicated for footie.

Simon Seow: This one I went to was at Aman Suria. I think the standard is there. All the roti tissue is good! But then.. I can only speak for the roti tissue =)

Tummythoz: No leh. Rafting only. And I think it was a depressing Level 2 only la. Not syok at all. Not enough rapids.

Edmond: Kota Damansara might have one. And the one in this post is at Aman Suria. But I frequent Chow Yang's the most. Near my place =)

Ling: ah another location to the list.

mimi: Quick, the ice is melting.. list the screen!

ling239: yeah! I really hate it when the goreng noodles comes out like saucy noodles.

Jim: Thanks for the up date.. got to find time for yum yum ribs soon.


hate this place!over priced!and the restaurant is dirty. have you ever went to the wash room?it was dirty. i've been to the kitchen once and the condition shocked was not a kitchen but better off as a wet market in selayang. maybe worst than that.
they gives poor service as variation is limited and not that tasty!you can find same menu with same taste in other mamaks with cheaper price. i've told my friends and relatives not to dine again in kayu nasi kandar!


Yep!..I anti Kayu eversince I found they're NOT value for money meal. Stingy portions and extra charge for poppadams and extra 2 tablespoons of plain rice. Previously they added on gahmen tax..WTF?. There's better Nasi Kandar to be found in Klang Valley.
Silly people who don't care for value and too much cash will patronize this joint!.

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