Friday, March 28, 2008

Lotus seed

April is in a few days. May is creeping up. That means raking session is up. I wish I had a bunch of these with me right now so I release stress. Peeling these and popping them in the mouth is just as relaxing as taking a smoke. (Not that I smoke la, but people always say.... "Stress mai smoke lor")

These are Nelumbo Nucifera or in plain English, Lotus Seeds. I can't really find these in the city. I usually get them along the way in Bidor when I am traveling to my grand parents place. Ipoh and the small villages around Ipoh sells tons of lotus seeds fresh from the pond.

It is best to eat them fresh. Sweet and juicy. The seed tend to turn dry and bitter the longer you keep them. Usually isn't nice anymore after 3 to 4 days.

My dad usually pops the whole seed in his mouth, but I prefer to remove the center. The green center is usually really bitter. Makes the sweet seed taste all eeek!

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11 pieces of worms:


I remember seeing being sold on the way to Penang. Also saw them in a lake in Taiping, but that was many years ago. My thoughts then were, the pods are used to make shower heads!

Big Boys Oven

walio! looks so divine and peace!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

This is indeed very educational Teckiee, thx for sharing! hv a great weekend!Will look for it next time i am home, very curious now.


Oh my, i never seen a fresh lotus seed before~ So interesting!!! Read a lot about it from books and from the chinese herb shop


I never see lotus seed raw.It's the one same like "pak kok" in Leng Chi kang?


recall back my childhood memory, used to eat this every time I saw the lotus seed seller :)


I don't like it (weird me). But they said the bitter centre part is good wor.


hazza: HAHAHAHHAHA memang pun looks like shower head.

bbo: hahaha eat already become kuan yin?

mush: heheh i bet your little one will love it as well. looks kind of cute.

jojo: the lotus flower can be eaten too actually.

beachlover: Hm pak kor is gingo. But the old and mature lotus seed is used for lin chi kang too...i think.

mimi: are you like me? i love to peel the seed off the 'shower head'

jason: eeeeee the bitter part nice meh

Simon Seow

Wah, haven't try eating it raw before. I can feel the bitter taste already.


simon: no leh... not bitter one


hmmm.. never try this... my fren "Tham Ciak" told me this before...

say very nice.. but me.. never try...

look so fresh.. yum yum... can't stop think of makan.. and makan....

KL is another place for food hunting

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