Wednesday, March 12, 2008


No time... no time. Have got to leave you with cute little Mishu. Will blog about the night I met little Mishu (and of course her mommy dearest) soon.

Huggie Wuggie!

Mishu is so cute!!!!! (That's a KopiKo on her tongue ;p)

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9 pieces of worms:


who upset her in the first pic ? :p

Big Boys Oven

not fair not fair why is this "jeh jeh" got not face one eh?


Hahah...Pixelised Teckiee!

Nic (KHKL)

haha...i oso havent blogged about the potluck many posts, so little time...sigh!


hehee.. u look weird with the pixels teckiee!
I'm looking forward to be in KL end of May. I wonder if the floggers in KL can arrange a meeting then? It will be fun!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Hi teckiee, sorry havent been dropping by, as u know we hv been in & out of the hospital with Nora, she is finally home today and is well again, thank God! Thats indeed a cute cuddly picture of Mishu (what an adorable name also!!) Though blurred out thought u looked good too ; ) Good luck with the rest of your week and hope u'll hv a productive weekend.
Hugs for now, Mush


i can still see you...... :p


aiyooo....why blur your beautiful face la...


ling239: not me! im innocent!

Big Boys Oven: heheh got face laaa..edit only ma

wmw: hahah dont i look geeky :p

Nic: yeah lo..for me.. sometimes if i have time.. no umph to blog

daphne: bila balik bila balik? i can arrange something. email me yah

mush: hope little nora wont be wearing her turban for long

wen: ...when can see u... u tak balik ker?

beachlover: i dont put my face up one ma

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