Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Really blue blue cheese

If blue cheese a moldy cheese, how will one know if it's really moldy until it is not edible?

Well, this... is blue cheese you don't want to eat.

I think I exposed my blue cheese to some water before I kept it. I didn't eat it for a week or so. When I wanted to have it with my ceaser salad, I notice the cheese had something funny on top. White and furry. The same fungus that grew here.

That's when I knew I had to throw the cheese away.

Being me, I continued to keep the cheese covered in the fridge to see how the mould grows.

The whole top layer was bluey greenish. The moldy part inside of the cheese grew a darker green color and was a little dried and hard.

The taste... well... good!

...hahaha I was just joking :p I think I'll end up in the hospital if I tasted it.

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21 pieces of worms:


OMG!! I almost pengsan when i saw ur so called "blue cheese".....


I wanna vomit my lunch out looking at this mouldy cheese! Looks so gross! Is this another food review? hahaha!


U mean there's difference between old moldy blue cheese & fresh moldy blue cheese?


mimi: hahahaha blue rite?

kok: informative what hehehe i hope you didnt reallt vomit

"Joe" who is constantly craving

good community service..nxt time i know when i shud not eat my cheese!



Big Boys Oven

I think can still leh! lol!


It was only yesterday when I took out a bag of lychees from my fridge completely covered with exactly the same substance!


Sigh...you ah! Come on, I know you taste a bit of it...cos that's so you! LOL!


don't try it once you see the fungus!!.it's bad to your tummy!!..Anyway,pls drop by and claim your award:))

Nic (KHKL)

very informative post...have you thrown the cheese away? perhaps i can use some to feed the darn crows near my house...hehehe...


walao eh... u growing fungus in the fridge ah ? :p
hahahaaa... din know it can become that way ~


muahaha...Cant help but to laugh at ur "blue cheese".
It should be called "mao mao" cheese instead meaning lots of fur...Haah!

ai wei


i once had an experiece on fungus growing with the shredded cheese.
sakit hati lar... cannot eat after that. cheese is not cheap!


Lol, conducting a science experiment? Happened to my cheddar cheese block but I just scrap off the mould and taste it.. turns out ok and I use it in my pasta ;P


haha.. i can't believe u kept it and see how it grows! Gross!


tummythoz: hahahahahah i have no idea. but this one i grew.. was exposed to moisture.

joe: hahaha glad to help out the foodie community LOL

BBO: harr still can meh.. looks like that already... late kena food poisoning leh.

Hazza: aiyorrr wasted the lychees

wmw: HAHAHAHA i didn't this time. I had one too many tummy aches already.

beachlover: no la.. look at it ..so geli.. i dont even dare to sniff it too much

Nic: hahahaha thats evil!

ling239: I think i need my own fridge to carry out experiments ;p I had to make sure I closed the lid tight and double wrap it.. was afraid the mold "spora-spora" will spread to the other food.

jojo: hahaahahahahaha wait.. im sure anything that mold because of moisture will have that fur fur thing.. i'll name my next one mao mao.

ai wei: hey, durianberry just said crape the part and you can still have the block of cheese!

durianberry: hmmm i didnt dare eat mine.. really molding badly.

daphne: :P hehehe curiosity kills the cheese


luckily i didnt c worm crawling :(

Simon Seow

Maybe you can try cutting off the moldy part. Kekeke. Food poisoning cheh mah, sai mutt gang ah.


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wah ...yummy mouldy cheese... haha
wonder how they control the 'rotting' process and determine til what level only inedible.

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