Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring rolls

I think the Pakcik have placed a writing spell on two of this foodie.

Roses are red,
But they can be dyed blue.
My blood is red,
But no, they can't turn blue.

Well... I'll turn blue when I'm dead but I'm sure my blood stays red. HAHAHA.

As you can read, I can't write a poem even if my dessert depends on it. But, all the writings and 'flowery' texts reminded me of something I wrote a few years back....


She sat down. *sigh*. She was tired from work. *looks right* *smiles* She was thinking *oh... Hie*.

He was blur. *looks left* at the person who just sat down. He thought *oh she's looking at me*. Reflex made him *smile*. He thought *now that wasn't so bad*.

The train started moving.

She stared blankly opposite of her. Four ladies sat there, all holding the same type of umbrella. The small mini ones which folds into a giant spring roll. *what a coincidence* she thought. She looked pass the ladies, through the window, to the rainy night. She tilled her a little to her right, looked down and *sighed*. She *can't wait to be home*. *So hungry*. *I need some sleep*.

WMW, this is why I was looking for spring rolls...hehe.

These spring rolls were taken and eaten in Tai Zhi Cafe just out Sedaya University College in Cheras. It was fun meeting up with the Cheras bunch. The night was about politics and French fries. ...and the spring roll? Nice on the out side, but not on the inside. Overkill of pepper.

He looked right. His dreamy eyes scanned the end section of the train. The seats were all *empty*. him. But this didn't register in this mind.

The old man was standing. One hand on the metal bar, the other holding his umbrella like a walking stick. *Why not just sitting down?* he thought. He looked down at his own umbrella. It was dripping rain water all over the floor. There was nothing he could do about that.

His eyes followed the puddle of water that his umbrella made. *...* he thought dreamily. The water seem to be attracted to each other. A few seconds later, the two puddle of water meet, and combined into one. He looked up at the other umbrella that made the puddle of rain water, then slowly moved his glance to the owner.

*hehehe so the water met*. She went blank for a moment. Then, Something ticked at that moment. She looked up instantly.

He was surprised that she looked up. *blush*

Both *smiles*

*bing bing* the sound of train door opening broke the moment. It was time for him to get off. *ah well* As he stood up, the motion made the remaining droplets of water on his umbrella sprinkle all over the floor.

*'s all messy now* disappointed that cute little puddle of water was distorted as he moved. She looked up at him walking pass her, her eyes were locked on him.

As he walks out, his took a glance at the puddle of water. He couldn't see it from where he was. He *shivers* felt like something bad was going to happen. He looked back again to look for the puddle of water *Where's the puddle?*, that is when he saw her looking at him.

He was sure he saw her lips move. *It's gone* it read.


Now, don't you all eat your folded umbrellas when you feel hungry.

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15 pieces of worms:

Ling's Passion

I like your little story or should I say you encounter that leads to food.....


Hmmm....deep! Spring rolls are deep fried too! LOL!

Lyrical Lemongrass

Hehe. You are talented, girl!! This is definitely the year of the foodies turned literary bloggers. :-)


I love how stories and food are entwined with each other. Too bad about the spring rolls!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha politics n french fries..tats how serious we take our food..or how serious we take our politics..which is which?

Nic (KHKL)

the train is always the place to let your mind wander, isn't it? i can visualize the meeting of the droplets...wah, darn jiwang lar! can make into a movie leh! need a director?

theme song: umbrella by rihanna :)


Teckiee, you started literary too? :P


ling: umbrella will not taste.. i mean look the same to me again ;p

wmw: haha have to do a bit of imagination.

ll: hehehe thank you *blush blush* (but facebook brain not growing la)

joe: Either way.. i think our country's politics is like our fries. Takes damn long, and a lot of reminding to finally get what we want. At least the fries were nice.

daphne: ehh dont want spring roll ah? I'll think of something yummier next time.

nic: What's jiwang?

jason: hahaha no la. I was emo the time I wrote this.


Hahaha, but is this the year literary bloggers turn foodies too? Will litbloggers turn into floggers and vice versa? Hehe...


you're witty gal!
hmm.. maybe i'll try to rhyme next time.. haha..second thought, guess not! not as good as your guys la! ;P

Nic (KHKL)

jiwang is feeling full of jiwa (soul)...or at least that's my definition lar..hehe...emm, something like "penuh perasaan" lar..


Pass me some fried popiah pls. Huh? Story no ending? Mayb I dun have enuf jiwang?

Big Boys Oven

walio! girl power!

ai wei

taht day u guys met up in tai zhi?! overall food nice? honestly, i hv not been to taizhi though i am studying around there


kenny: hahahaha i will be waiting for a post on food at your page ;p

christine: hahaha just write for fun.. i dont think anything will turn out nice if u start forcing yourself.

nic: ohhh icic. but cannot fight with those Korean Drama la

tummythoz: i was suppose to continue with the story.. but i dont have inspiration to write liau

BBO: hahaha no power in this.. just some random writing

ai wei: yeah.. we went over after dinner.

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