Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiramisu, baking class with Sunny Yaw

When Sid asked me if I wanted to join Sunny's baking class on Sunday, I said YES of course! Jennifer whom I have met before will be attending the class too. The funny thing about the baking class was, Sunny was going to teaching us how to make Tiramisu.... which requires no baking.

Nice =) because my oven kind of suck right now. Yes yes, I still have not gone around buying my new oven yet. I have no time to scout around or do my 'gadget' research. Any recommendations? What brand? What functions?

Anyway, back to the class. It's a small focused class of four which I found just right. Any larger, people will stray off focus and chat.

I learn that I need to buy this Jamaika Rum. I just love rum in my raisins and chocolate... actually in everything. This concentrated rum paste contains no alcohol, an imitation of the real rum, but better! *dreaming of baking a butter vanilla rum and raisins cake*

When I saw mascarpone cheese in the recipe list, I remembered Jason's question. Dude, you are right. This Pick Me Up cake does uses mascarpone cheese. When Kim, one of Sunny's student, finished with the cheese, I took the tub and smell it. I just love the pungent smell of this cheese.

Another thing about a focused class is that I really get to get close enough, and have time to ask all sorts of basic questions. One question I ask was "How will I know the cream gets enough whipping?" (like SM what, it's fun till a certain extend haha) Sunny thought me how to look for the signs that the whipping cream is ready. "Whip it any longer and the structure will break". And once it does, there's nothing one can do to save it.

Ahh and wonderful gelatin. I didn't know I can double boil gelatin as long as I like and still be able to use it as per the recipe. I shall just leave my bowl in the double boiler next time and continue with my other ingredients next time.

I got too close to the mixing bowl when Sunny was mixing all the mixture in. See that dark spot in the picture? That's my camera having a lick at the cream.

When the mixture was done, Sid though us an ingenious way to put together the tiramisu. The bottom is filled with coffee and top of with sponge cake. The sponge cake will soak up the coffee, but will not let the layer of cream and cheese mix in the coffee. How do I eat it then? Using a straw to finish the coffee, then take the top.

While waiting for the tiramisu cakes to set in the fridge, Sunny pampered his students with one of this latest dessert.

The raspberry cream cheese tart. This is really good stuff! The crust is thick and fragrant, but yet it crumbles well in the mouth. The cheese was not sweeten (I think) so the raspberry jam on top and at the bottom of the cheese gave the whole tart the perfect balance of sweetness. I really would like to have more of these.

So much preparation for one class. This was one of them. The coffee tiramisu was prepared by Sunny before the class so we could taste them as the ones we made in class won't be ready so quickly.

Yoke Ze, another one of Sunny's student loved this green tea version of the tiramisu. Not to sweet is the key.

After filling up our stomach with coffee, green tea and coffee tiramisu, and not forgetting the scrumptious raspberry cream cheese tart, Sunny moved on to chocolate decorations for the cakes.

Now I know! These chocolate stripes are actually not that difficult to make. I just need the right tool to get this done.

We made the chocolate stripes in to large rings. Made the coffee tiramisu looked so much more attractive. Sunny did these though, but we did make the rings for his other cakes.

I also learn how to make chocolate dots into beautiful splatter chocolate decorations. This is the before.

And the after. I have a personal name for this design... the WOW chocolate button ;p

Sunny also introduced us to this gold printed coloring on paper. We were thought to melt the chocolate on the paper and let it chill. When peeled off, the gold will stick to the chocolate. Reminded me of the fake temporary tattoo I used to played with when I was a child.

Overall, I thought the class was good. I really like the step by step demonstration and the way Sunny thought. Good step by step class for beginners like me.

Thanks Sid for the invitation, and thanks even more to Sunny for being a patient teacher. I don't think I asked too many questions, but I did a whole lot of picture taking.

For more information about Sunny's class. Go here.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Famous Seremban Favorites

I woke up yesterday to find WMW's SMS. "Meeting up with Jason and friend for Famous Seremban Char Siew". My sis was away for a conference, my parent went over to the new house, I didn't have anything planned or to eat. And it's POK! Of course I went.

I had to meet up with WMW at Kayu because I was still a 'virgin' to Famous Seremban Favorites. Tak tau jalan ma. The road got a little confusing because of the one way street.

Anyway, the friend that WMW mentioned was actually j2kfm aka Motormouth from Ipoh! Nice to have met you =)

When I saw this... *drools* my mouth watered. I started taking pictures and then out of no where, Sunny and Sid from Big Boys Oven pop up!

I got really excited because when food bloggers come to the same place, that can only mean the food is good.

This small plate of char siew (BBQ lean pork) was absolutely worth the RM5. (Medium RM10, Big RM15) The pork was fully caramelized on the outside, a little crispy. On the inside, tender and juicy. And the fatty part, absolutely delicious.

We all ordered the extra black and the edge of the char siew. Kind of bad for health to ask for the black and burnt part, but we are already eating the fatty part which was unhealthy, Eat First Think Later.

I didn't manage to finish my small plate of Wan Tan Mee (S RM3.80, M RM4.30, B RM4.80) because I was too busy enjoying my char siew. There wasn't anything bad about the noodles, or anything exceptionally good. I just wanted to save stomach space for the pok ;p

Jason's and j2kfm's Hakka Mee (S RM3.30, M RM3.80 RM4.20) looked good too. Wanted to order this initially, but didn't know what this is called. I am sure I will be back for more char siew, and next time, I'll have this.

WMW come here so often that the owner, Bill, reconises her. We had two plates of this Fried Sui Kau (S RM4, B RM8) on the house. Good stuff. This fried Sui Kau can actually compete in terms of taste with my favorite fried Sui Kau Yong Tau Foo in Restaurant O&S. Crispy and dry on the outside, not drenched in oil. And the stuffing tasted really nice.

A bowl Wan Tan (S RM4, B RM8) and a plate of Pork Belly Char Siew was also generously put on our table for our taste buds and stomach. The Wan Tan tasted normal.

This stuff, is the real stuff. BBQ Caramelized 'Pun Fei Sau' Pork Belly. 'Pun Fei Sau' = One part lean, one part fat. The meat portion was tender, the fat portion just melts in the mouth, the caramelized outer layer leaves the sweet porky taste in the tongue and palate.

So sorry Simon that you missed this pok session. You missed out a lot! ;p~

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cagayan's, revisited +

When Jimmy told me that there are new additions to their menu, I knew I had to return! It's been quite some time since I have step foot in Cagayan's. And I really needed the dose of pok!

Cheezy Mussels (*New) (RM10.50) caught my nose before it caught my sight. The aroma of the mussels smelt so good. Usually baked mussels alone smell really pungent, but this have got the cheese on top blended. Both aroma fused together to give a very unique smell. I love the aroma, but I feel that this bake is only suitable for those who take seafood and love the pungent fishy and cheese smell.

The first time I ate at Cagayan's, I remembered I ordered something Japanese. I didn't like it. I decided to give the Pancit Udon (RM9) a try since it was time for me give the Japanese cuisine there a second try. The fried udon noodles turned out to be quite alright. Tasted light with the stir fry vegetables and meat bits.

Chop Chop Chop... is really what they call this mixed meat platter. My dining partner ordered this so I have not gotten a chance to try this yet. Maybe the next time when I am there.

I heart the Nyonya Pork Satay's (RM9) sauce!!! The marinated BBQed pork on the stick was good. But the sauce that came with it made the pork satay superb! Caramelized on the outside, but still moist and tender on the inside. The satay sauce was smooth, but with small chunks chopped peanuts in it.

I later was told by Jimmy that the satay and its sauce are not made in the kitchen. But was actually delivered from Malacca. He mentioned that a old lady/aunty made the satays. I can just imagine how the fresh ones will taste like.

We were initially contemplating on this pasta. Should we order the Bacon Carbonara (*New)(RM13.50) or not? After finishing our dinner, we ended up ordering this so satisfy our gluttony. I wasn't sure what expect of the Carbonara. This was a restaurant that serves more Filipino dishes after all. You know what, this was actually one of the better Carbonara I have tasted. Very nicely done. The cream was thicker and stuck to the pasta which made eating much easier to those with watered down runny cream sauce.

I only manage to try two from their new items in the menu. I will definetly go back for the Italaian pasta, some lamb chop, and maybe the new steam fish.

Also see my first and second post on Cagayan's.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Starbucks breakfast promo

Starbucks breakfast promo! 8am to 2pm. Only RM4.50 with a free cup of coffee until end of the month.

I went to the Starbucks in KL convention center at 8am sharp to get them. Guess what? All sold out! I was told that they only had 10 breakfast buns and all of them were sold to the first customer.

But ...but... I was the first! 8am sharp!

Well, apprently not la. They offcially opened at 8am but someone was there at about 7.45am. I tried getting them on the next day but still gone. I was told to come back in 45 minutes when the next batch of buns arrive. I didn't.

So today, the third attempt to get them. My colleagues walked out at 11.30am and finally!

My cup of coffee and a egg, chicken and cheese sandwich.

Heh.. all that hype for this. Ok lah. The bun was thick and filling. The egg was egg. The sausage was chicken and the cheese was cheddar.

Still like the McD's breakfast.

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Canton-i Chinese pastry

Very very short post...yet again.

Egg tart (RM1.50) YUM! Enough of the egg yoke fragrance. The pastry is not drenched in oil and very flakey.

Pineapple Paste (RM1.50). The outer layer is like the yam pastry "wow kok".

I could tell that the pineapple jam inside is made in house. Sweet and a little sourish. I still like pineapple jam tarts.

Crispy BBQ Pork bun (RM2). The top looked weird. Kind of had a butter sugar top that didnt't quite work out.

The 'char siew' in the wasn't great either. Not something I would want to eat again.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dain Ti Hill

It was a Saturday afternoon we my cousin and I ended up in Pavilion KL for lunch. My cousin mentioned something about a famous Taiwanese restaurant, and I on the other hand wanted to eat at a restaurant that I have passed by way too many times. Coincidently, we were referring to the same place.

Dain Ti Hill on the 6th floor, right beside Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Oat Milk Tea (RM10). Tasted like normal 'teh si ping'. I can't really taste any oat in that milk. The oat grain on top was soft and soaked in milk after a few sip of the milk. Nothing really special about this drink.

The Rose Vinegar (RM12) on the other hand was good. The rose fragrance in the vinegar was really obvious. The drink tasted refreshing as the vinegar sourness tingles my taste buds and the pulp of teeth.

We had baked escargots (RM18) for starters. I had to order this when I saw this. The escargots came in a porcelain plate with six mini sunken holes. They looked so cute.

The escargots were really tiny =( and the cheddar over powered the sea snails. I think this dish will work better with portobello mushrooms or even calamari in the holes.

On the menu, the crab meat rice (RM18) looked way too good not to be ordered. But I was really disappointed that the crab meat was replaced with processed crab sticks. Overall the dish was just so so. Maybe a wee bit salty.

The ice cream with fresh mixed fruits and glutinous rice balls
Peppermint chocolate chip (RM12) is Dain Ti Hill's specialty. However, I didn't find it that very special.

I think I may have set a high expectation before I set foot in here. I found the food just moderate, but the settings and environment and service are nice. I will definitely give this place a second try, and maybe try to catch their other specialty that was not available that day.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Egg Tart and Siew Pau

*tee teed* *tee teed* I heard my message coming through when I was on the train on the way to work. The message read,

'Eh small pig, bought you egg tart and siew pau. Fresh from the oven.'

When I came to the office I found this on my table :D Weee!

My colleague who previously bought me a Conag Tiramisu bought me this while he was having breakfast at Weng Hing along Jalan Imbi. I remember seeing the small cute little egg tarts when I was eating there.

The egg tarts and siew pau made my day =)

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Centro, Sooka Sentral

There was a time when I prefered to keep things to myself. I loved being alone, I loved being anti social, I love being misunderstood, I love spending all night reading a book which I don't even understand.

But as time passes, one grows older, and change. The experience and environment changes and mutates me. The tadpole grows legs. The caterpillar turns into one ball of white. And Teckiee grows an extra stomach. (OK la, its more like metamorphosis for the frogs and butterflies but you get what I mean la right?) I can't stand not taking about stuff anymore. Keeping all the ARGH #%^&(**& 9767 STRESSSSSSS dissapointments and emotions all in me just takes up way too much energy.

I am just so relieved that I have someone to pour it all out too. Of course, alcohol helps too ;p

Get off work, and make my way to my usual train ride back. But this time I get off at the KL Sentral. Walk out the side entrance, and cross the street. Walk up the stairs, and have a seat.

Alcoholic ice lemon tea (aka long island tea) for me and a tall glass of Illusion. Both RM30.

I needed something sweet. I always need something sweet when I'm stressed up or upset. So I ordered the Sticky Date Cake. RM15.50.

The caramel was really nice and sweet. The date cake was very moist on the inside and went really well with the caramel. I could have eaten more of this.

Of course, when there's a lot of talking, there is always the plate of fries. RM8.50.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for the time. Thanks for jokes. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for letting me be me.

Most of all, thanks for not judging me.

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