Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cagayan's, revisited +

When Jimmy told me that there are new additions to their menu, I knew I had to return! It's been quite some time since I have step foot in Cagayan's. And I really needed the dose of pok!

Cheezy Mussels (*New) (RM10.50) caught my nose before it caught my sight. The aroma of the mussels smelt so good. Usually baked mussels alone smell really pungent, but this have got the cheese on top blended. Both aroma fused together to give a very unique smell. I love the aroma, but I feel that this bake is only suitable for those who take seafood and love the pungent fishy and cheese smell.

The first time I ate at Cagayan's, I remembered I ordered something Japanese. I didn't like it. I decided to give the Pancit Udon (RM9) a try since it was time for me give the Japanese cuisine there a second try. The fried udon noodles turned out to be quite alright. Tasted light with the stir fry vegetables and meat bits.

Chop Chop Chop... is really what they call this mixed meat platter. My dining partner ordered this so I have not gotten a chance to try this yet. Maybe the next time when I am there.

I heart the Nyonya Pork Satay's (RM9) sauce!!! The marinated BBQed pork on the stick was good. But the sauce that came with it made the pork satay superb! Caramelized on the outside, but still moist and tender on the inside. The satay sauce was smooth, but with small chunks chopped peanuts in it.

I later was told by Jimmy that the satay and its sauce are not made in the kitchen. But was actually delivered from Malacca. He mentioned that a old lady/aunty made the satays. I can just imagine how the fresh ones will taste like.

We were initially contemplating on this pasta. Should we order the Bacon Carbonara (*New)(RM13.50) or not? After finishing our dinner, we ended up ordering this so satisfy our gluttony. I wasn't sure what expect of the Carbonara. This was a restaurant that serves more Filipino dishes after all. You know what, this was actually one of the better Carbonara I have tasted. Very nicely done. The cream was thicker and stuck to the pasta which made eating much easier to those with watered down runny cream sauce.

I only manage to try two from their new items in the menu. I will definetly go back for the Italaian pasta, some lamb chop, and maybe the new steam fish.

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17 pieces of worms:


ooh, r u in philippines now?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

finally revealing your face d?


Now we all can see your beautiful face here:))


Lol. Love the cake face. kekeke...

Hmmm I love Cagayan's. And the Satay definitely caught my eye. ;-)


Big Boys Oven

lol why so garang one! lol!

Sugar Bean

Read so many good reviews about this restaurant but we still haven't visit it yet. The pork satay looks good! Would try that out if we visit this place.


I like the look of that mussels!


visited them a few years ago...


pork satay... must go try d

btw the chop chop chop means?
pork chop, pork chop and more pork chop ? :P


jun: hahaha no la. cagayans in Center Point

joe: yeah. but ...that pic dont look like the normal me ;p

beachlover: ahahah look at BO's reply.. garang la.

Sean: hmm you are the one whole told me that the pork satay is good rite?

BBO: HAHAHAHAHAH play play ma

sugar bean: eh give me a ring when u go. I haven seen you for ages. and i wanna meet ling239 too!

daphne: taste as good as it looks

mimi: hmm by the looks of your reply, you dont really like the place?

ling239: LOL! I like your version of chop chop chop.


Issit? I can't remember liao... *Paiseh*

Old man liao. >.<

Must go an refresh my memory with some pork satay there liao. =P



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Simon Seow

You really do like pok. Slurp slurp.


sean: hehehe... u old? yalah.. ;p

anna: LOL...this blog is nothing but fat and calories. but liked you =)

simon: hehehe ;p

jim cagayan's

you're one hell of a photographer!
the food really looks good from the photos you took!
Glad that you enjoyed your dinner.


haha,no lah, I'll revisit for their porky dish :P


jim: hahahaha pics looks good, but the food taste better!

mimi: the satay :) ...but Jap stuff not my taste.

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