Thursday, April 24, 2008

Canton-i Chinese pastry

Very very short post...yet again.

Egg tart (RM1.50) YUM! Enough of the egg yoke fragrance. The pastry is not drenched in oil and very flakey.

Pineapple Paste (RM1.50). The outer layer is like the yam pastry "wow kok".

I could tell that the pineapple jam inside is made in house. Sweet and a little sourish. I still like pineapple jam tarts.

Crispy BBQ Pork bun (RM2). The top looked weird. Kind of had a butter sugar top that didnt't quite work out.

The 'char siew' in the wasn't great either. Not something I would want to eat again.

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7 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i think its wu kok..not wow kok..its like "amused at a kok"

but watever kok, with a filling like that..i m gonna buy it if i pass by


i guess just stick to egg tart wont go wrong.... ^_^


darn, i forgot to try their egg tart when i was in 1U last week. instead got john king's tart which i think was only so-so :(


joe: ahahah shoot. wu kok...

ling239: yeah.... havent try the rest of their pastry tho

babe_kl: you like the flaky pastry one is it? same here.

Big Boys Oven

I had them with me before,
I cuddle them,
I stared at them,
I took photo of them,
I talked to them,
at the end, they all gone!


bbo: Oh noo Nic infected you as well


I have a bad experience there and I wouldn't think I will be there again.

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