Saturday, April 12, 2008

Centro, Sooka Sentral

There was a time when I prefered to keep things to myself. I loved being alone, I loved being anti social, I love being misunderstood, I love spending all night reading a book which I don't even understand.

But as time passes, one grows older, and change. The experience and environment changes and mutates me. The tadpole grows legs. The caterpillar turns into one ball of white. And Teckiee grows an extra stomach. (OK la, its more like metamorphosis for the frogs and butterflies but you get what I mean la right?) I can't stand not taking about stuff anymore. Keeping all the ARGH #%^&(**& 9767 STRESSSSSSS dissapointments and emotions all in me just takes up way too much energy.

I am just so relieved that I have someone to pour it all out too. Of course, alcohol helps too ;p

Get off work, and make my way to my usual train ride back. But this time I get off at the KL Sentral. Walk out the side entrance, and cross the street. Walk up the stairs, and have a seat.

Alcoholic ice lemon tea (aka long island tea) for me and a tall glass of Illusion. Both RM30.

I needed something sweet. I always need something sweet when I'm stressed up or upset. So I ordered the Sticky Date Cake. RM15.50.

The caramel was really nice and sweet. The date cake was very moist on the inside and went really well with the caramel. I could have eaten more of this.

Of course, when there's a lot of talking, there is always the plate of fries. RM8.50.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for the time. Thanks for jokes. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for letting me be me.

Most of all, thanks for not judging me.

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i din know there's sticky date cake..
issit nice?? hmmm will drop by there to get a bite one day... =P

Xiu Long Bao

There was also a time when I prefered to keep things to myself, loved being alone, loved being anti social, loved being misunderstood and loved spending all night reading stupid books.

Those days were long long gone but now i have to tune back to that kind of life and enjoy my solitude again.

Nic (KHKL)

aiyer, you sound so avril lavigne (ish)...haha!

on a more serious note, yeah, sometimes it's good to loosen up abit after a stressful day. and yes, alcohol does help, sometimes.


feeling a tad better today i hope?


hope u r not sugar high after the Sticky Date Cake until today... :p


Awww.. poor thing.
The food looks good.

Hope you felt better by now.

Big Boys Oven

the dessert looks so tempting lovely!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

aiyah..go there to drown ur sorrows nvr call only a few doors away..

Simon Seow

Apa itu neraka? Drinks more expensive than food.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Hi Teckiee, big hugs babe, hope u r feeling better today! I am sure there r people out there who cherish and adore u and simply thinks u r the best friend that could ever hv = ) Despite all that stress i am sure life is good to you teckiee, try to take a breather every now & then ok. All work no play, very boring lah = )


Michelle: yeah they do.. i think that was the only cake on their dessert menu.

XLB: I'm going down on 23rd next month. U'll be there that weekend? If not will have dinner and drinks on Fri nite

nic: HAHAHAHA quick qucik.. we need to go for K already. Oh..and see my reply to XLB

sc: i'm good. you know la.. kids need to rant ;p~

ling239: ahh i only wish! but bad idea to have something so sweet. my drink didnt taste that nice after that.

Jason: Tell you with I see you for dinner ;p

BBO: Really lovely. But didnt go that well with the ice cream.

joe: ehh you not at Damansara Heights ah?

Simon: hahaha alcohol ma

Mush: Thanks ;p I'm ok.. just sometimes it helps more if I just rant it over with a friend, and in this blog.


don't worried,just be yourself...let yourself go..I used to be wild and crazy when I;m single like you..Love to!talking about I'm going to make myself a glass of Malibu Rum wt OJ..Sea Brezze!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

eh i m in 1 Sentral...which joe u referring to haha..


did u go hyper after that caramel pudding? i love the look of the 2 drinks though.


*puzzling over ..spending all night reading a book which I don't even understand..* Mom, over here! Found someone even odd-er than me.

Which dinner u planning with Jason? Can tag along? I oso wanna k-poh. =P

Neko Hime

Hey- another blogger working around sentral, is it? Thanks for linking me! :) Centro is not a bad place - i finally find a nice hang out place after work.

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