Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dain Ti Hill

It was a Saturday afternoon we my cousin and I ended up in Pavilion KL for lunch. My cousin mentioned something about a famous Taiwanese restaurant, and I on the other hand wanted to eat at a restaurant that I have passed by way too many times. Coincidently, we were referring to the same place.

Dain Ti Hill on the 6th floor, right beside Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Oat Milk Tea (RM10). Tasted like normal 'teh si ping'. I can't really taste any oat in that milk. The oat grain on top was soft and soaked in milk after a few sip of the milk. Nothing really special about this drink.

The Rose Vinegar (RM12) on the other hand was good. The rose fragrance in the vinegar was really obvious. The drink tasted refreshing as the vinegar sourness tingles my taste buds and the pulp of teeth.

We had baked escargots (RM18) for starters. I had to order this when I saw this. The escargots came in a porcelain plate with six mini sunken holes. They looked so cute.

The escargots were really tiny =( and the cheddar over powered the sea snails. I think this dish will work better with portobello mushrooms or even calamari in the holes.

On the menu, the crab meat rice (RM18) looked way too good not to be ordered. But I was really disappointed that the crab meat was replaced with processed crab sticks. Overall the dish was just so so. Maybe a wee bit salty.

The ice cream with fresh mixed fruits and glutinous rice balls
Peppermint chocolate chip (RM12) is Dain Ti Hill's specialty. However, I didn't find it that very special.

I think I may have set a high expectation before I set foot in here. I found the food just moderate, but the settings and environment and service are nice. I will definitely give this place a second try, and maybe try to catch their other specialty that was not available that day.

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19 pieces of worms:


oo..that looked very cheesy. Too bad it wasnt up to standards.

mama bok

Eeewwwk..!! paid so much for crab sticks..??!!!??? that is a bummer..!!


Looks more fusion than asian food to me. I am sure cheese is not a common chinese ingredient. Like the idea of glutinous rice balls though.


i think the drinks are overpriced.

Big Boys Oven

I dont really know but I like the deco of this placer, I will definitely sunk me if I am in there!


not cheap too..thx for the review i wont set my foot in


Jackson came here before right?
Shall refrain myself from coming here ;)

Precious Pea

Baked escargots a Taiwanese dish?


The environment not bad izzit?


I think if u goin into Pavilion for food , make sure at least rm50 per person.. in order to have a nice meal huh..


two glutinous rice balls, one scope of ice cream and a few square of fruits is called specialty at RM12.... o.O

Ling's Passion

The decor is fabulous and the food, looks yummy.


Poor thing... it happens sometimes when the reality performs below our expectations... Next round, better luck? :)

Sugar Bean

We almost wanted to step into this restaurant but we somehow went to somewhere else. Seems like the food wasn't that good as you describe. But we'll still check it out anyway coz Japanese and Taiwanese fusion food sounds interesting! :)


daphne: cheese was there...maybe too much cheese

mama bok: yeahhhh tell me about it man. i was soooo dissapointed.

hazza: kind of mix and match of everything. there's kiwi in the same plate with the glutinous rice balls ...Kiwi is not an Asian fruit rite?

wen: hmm but the vinegar is worth that rm12

BBO: yeah the decor is nice. i want to go back to try their taiwanese food... hope its better

kampungboysitygal: the vinegar nice.. other than that... not worth it

jason: hmm Jackson ah..not sure leh.. but I think LL came here for the vinegar

precious pea: in Dain Ti Hill it is ;p

mimi: yeah the environment is nice

catsndog: hehh i disagree. rm50 yes, but rm50 dont guarantee the good food.

ling239: three glutinous rice balls actually. something u can DYI at home lo.

ling: looks is one thing. taste wise so so only

kenny: yeah... lucky me that the company was good.

sugar bean: Hmm the settings are nice.. but the food part, over priced.

Simon Seow

I think maybe certain food it the spot. Haven't been here though. Heard from a Singapore blogger that this place is own by a Singaporean.


simon: hmm no offense to Singaporeans... but all the Singaporean owned restaurants in Pavilion seemed to serving just so so dishes


Was tempted to try this place, cz the wax display of food at the glass cabinet outside were tempting enough. Especially the RM15/bowl of mango ice shavings. But Jason warned me not to, which led to our char siew union that day at Famous Seremban's. :)


tried Dain Ti Hill in Shanghai before it opened in Pavilion, but same feeling as you, disappointed :D. menu display extremely delicious but actual serving is just... sigh.

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