Monday, April 28, 2008

Famous Seremban Favorites

I woke up yesterday to find WMW's SMS. "Meeting up with Jason and friend for Famous Seremban Char Siew". My sis was away for a conference, my parent went over to the new house, I didn't have anything planned or to eat. And it's POK! Of course I went.

I had to meet up with WMW at Kayu because I was still a 'virgin' to Famous Seremban Favorites. Tak tau jalan ma. The road got a little confusing because of the one way street.

Anyway, the friend that WMW mentioned was actually j2kfm aka Motormouth from Ipoh! Nice to have met you =)

When I saw this... *drools* my mouth watered. I started taking pictures and then out of no where, Sunny and Sid from Big Boys Oven pop up!

I got really excited because when food bloggers come to the same place, that can only mean the food is good.

This small plate of char siew (BBQ lean pork) was absolutely worth the RM5. (Medium RM10, Big RM15) The pork was fully caramelized on the outside, a little crispy. On the inside, tender and juicy. And the fatty part, absolutely delicious.

We all ordered the extra black and the edge of the char siew. Kind of bad for health to ask for the black and burnt part, but we are already eating the fatty part which was unhealthy, Eat First Think Later.

I didn't manage to finish my small plate of Wan Tan Mee (S RM3.80, M RM4.30, B RM4.80) because I was too busy enjoying my char siew. There wasn't anything bad about the noodles, or anything exceptionally good. I just wanted to save stomach space for the pok ;p

Jason's and j2kfm's Hakka Mee (S RM3.30, M RM3.80 RM4.20) looked good too. Wanted to order this initially, but didn't know what this is called. I am sure I will be back for more char siew, and next time, I'll have this.

WMW come here so often that the owner, Bill, reconises her. We had two plates of this Fried Sui Kau (S RM4, B RM8) on the house. Good stuff. This fried Sui Kau can actually compete in terms of taste with my favorite fried Sui Kau Yong Tau Foo in Restaurant O&S. Crispy and dry on the outside, not drenched in oil. And the stuffing tasted really nice.

A bowl Wan Tan (S RM4, B RM8) and a plate of Pork Belly Char Siew was also generously put on our table for our taste buds and stomach. The Wan Tan tasted normal.

This stuff, is the real stuff. BBQ Caramelized 'Pun Fei Sau' Pork Belly. 'Pun Fei Sau' = One part lean, one part fat. The meat portion was tender, the fat portion just melts in the mouth, the caramelized outer layer leaves the sweet porky taste in the tongue and palate.

So sorry Simon that you missed this pok session. You missed out a lot! ;p~

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18 pieces of worms:


haha, let me 1st throw u a worm (or two). AMAZING char siew, if you will. Just back, no energy to blog yet. But your photo so nice, should've curi yours. ;) nice knowing you too ...


ah, the last minute makan that i missed..wmw, why la sms so last minute? hehe..oh well, since it's so near my place..dont forget to call me the next time you guys go! ;)


Great looking char siu! I take it that it's not really in Seremban, right?


Glad you like it...sorry folks, Jason only told me about the plan on Sunday 1 a.m. lah.....

Precious Pea

I want pok pok pok!!!

mama bok

I wanna go too..!! i want some char siew.. please..!!

Simon Seow

Damn, I want my char siew and hakka mee. I see that you starting to drop anonymous already. Anymore camwhore pic of you?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

boo hooo...thank god for that map..looks like i can go alone nxt time!

Big Boys Oven

ho ho ho it was so soincident that the foodbloggers lunch at the same place, yes it was really good! syiok betul!


oh my! that CHAR siew looks amazingly sexy.

hey, like the new changes to your blog.


Yes, I agree with you that this is the best Char Siew in town. The shop owner learn this from HK. MUST TRY!!


j2kfm: hahaha delicous worms slurp slurp. curi la.. i dont mind.

sc: im sure we have next round for this.

hazza: exceptional said from HK? I dont really know.

wmw: next time i think no need to chop la.. i can bit into the whole thing liua

precious pea: hehehe after your duck...when r u going to make char siew? oh wait.. u make already ah?

mama bok: i think baby bok will like too!

simon: aiyah... quite a number of you see me in person liua.. so post only lo.

joe: eh want go alone. call me, sc and wmw la. we all staying around the area. ahhh this simon too.

bbo: good food brings floggers together ;p

daphne: hahaha i find chicken wings sexy... u find char siew sexy?

exceptional: ohh from HK? didnt know that.

jim cagayan's

The pork looks sooooo good!!!


Not enough la, I'm still dreaming of it :P


jim: eh dudeee you going for tiesto or not. i'll be there on friday

jason: hahahhaah i'm going to tapau this for my family!!! i bet it will still stay yummy even after the tapau


feel kinda bad cz 'forced' poor jason to make last minute arrangement. sorry guys/gals, dun blame jason la, he innocent one. me hungry soul coming all the way from Ipoh ma, and insisted/persuaded him to come up with something. =P


j2kfm: hahahaha next time let us know when u are coming down la...can arrange stuff earlier


how is this compare to Tengkat Tong Shin? anyway, will head there to try since i like char siu so much :-). thanks!

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