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Jaya Palace Restaurant

I no longer have to travel down to Imbi for Imbi Palace because they have (not so) recently open a new branch in Asia Jaya area! Wee!

It was Chinese New Year, and also my Dad's birthday when I brought them here for dinner. Dad always says that he is up for anything, but I know he prefers Chinese compared to other cuisines.

Started off with the appetizer, ikan bilis (anchovies), long beans, and sweet potatoes, all together. Sweet and spicy.

Pan fried vegetables with scallops. I like the way they have prepared the vegetables, the celery, Enoki mushrooms and Macadamia nuts were fried until brown. Very nice. Taste wise was quite nice. Tasted light, little oil is used, very healthy.

Old cucumber soup (RM18). Looks very pretty when served but I didn't like the sup even a wee bit. The soup was too flavorful with the natural sweetness of meat and other seafood. All this overpowered the smell and the taste of the old cucumber. Really sucked for a old cucumber soup.

Mom said they have to put all those ingredients because they have to live up to the restaurant business. But honestly, old cucumber is old cucumber. One should not over power the soup with expensive ingredients just because it will be served in a nice restaurant. I guess the fact of retaining the natural sweetness of the old cucumber was forgotten.

Steamed fish fillets. Nothing really special. Very simple dish of steamed de-boned fish with garlic, ginger and chilies, a little bit of sweet soya sauce and sesame oil.

I remembered the first time I had their Char Siew (RM12) in Imbi Palace, I fell in love with it at first bite. One of my managers from Houston who was dining with me loved it too (And every time I talk to him, he never fails to bring up the Char Siew at Imbi Palace topic). Too bad this char siew wasn't as nice compared to the Imbi Palace branch. I wish they could burn and crisp it up more. But still good stuff.

The roasted duck (RM12) was really good. This roasted duck was worth every penny. I don't usually like duck, but this one I take exception. The skin is golden brown and crispy, with tender and moist meat. The duck was marinated well, and the sauce that complement the duck was perfect. I wouldn't mind coming here to have char siew and duck rice.

The Sang Chow Loh Mai Lap Mei Fan (RM24) (wok fried glutinous rice) was my favorite dish for the night. The rice was cooked to perfection. Each rice was by itself and not sticky. The lard, sesame oil and waxed meat filled the whole dish with the heavenly aroma. (Imagine pigs flying) The slice egg omelet added a plus to it. *still dreaming of the rice*

Since there were so much food, and too little space on the table, we were served the sea cucumber stuffed with minced meat (RM14 a piece) individually. Overall this was just ok. I like the idea of a stuffed sea cucumber, but this didn't meet my expectations. I enjoyed the sea cucumber, thick and firm gelatin, but the pork filling can be improved to complement the sea cucumber more.

Last, and maybe my least favorite dish of the night is the fresh oysters (Half a dozen for RM60). I don't know how to judge fresh oysters because I have never liked fresh oysters. The dried ones was always much sweeter and savor. Gobbled it down. Was ok I guess.

Overall, a very good dinner and a really full stomach.

As I type this post, I kept wondering... How did four of us manage to finish all of the above. It's a lot of off for four!

Jaya Palace Restaurant.
Ground Flour Wisma LYL, (A few blocks away from Menara Axis)
No 12 Jalan 51A/223, Petaling Jaya.
Call 03-79682000 for reservations.

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27 pieces of worms:

Kenny Mah

RM12 for really good roast duck is very cheap leh... I guess I'll be hoping over to Jaya Palace soon too! ;)


the char siew and the roast duck look reli succulent! the latter reminds me of the one i had in hk o_O

Big Boys Oven

looks a bit expensive but it was during the CNY time, still expensive to me!lol!


"Really sucked for an old cucumber soup"...hahaha....I'm sorry, I find this line really funny! LOL!

mama bok

I would love to try it though..:) seems like a decent price.. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahah i think you 4 must have been non-humans!

maybe they werent serving old cucumber soup but just using the old cucumber instead as a decor?


I tot old cucumber soup supposingly "sweeter the better"?
Fresh oysters with the rest of mains, u guys really can eat wor~


they hv another branch in mutiara dsara side called Damansara Palace. i ate the set which was good and value for money


kenny: Yup yup. Those duck sold along the roadside also that price. Only diff is that the duck in Jaya Palace is fresh and nice.

jun: Haven been to HK, but this one nice.

BBO: For the quality and yumminess, still ok. I like this place more than Overseas

wmw: har? what are you thinking?

mama bok: If you like seafood, the seafood there is good too.

joe: No lor. We ordered old cucumber soup. It wasnt just the decor.

jojo: Personal preference gua? I cant taste the old cucumber at all. The rest of the ingredients flooding the old cucumber natural fragrance.

Babe_kl: Yeah I saw that place too. But I'm not sure if it's related... The Jaya palace business card only states the one in Imbi and Klang.


the charsiu looks YUMMY.

wenching & esiong

Of all the food, the one that caught my attention is the Pan fried vegetables with scallops. The fresh oyster look good too, we like it a lot!


hmm... like that hor still need to travel all the way to Imbi lor ~ :p


You sure there were only four of you eating all these? Wahlao! How to finish oh?!?! haha!


i never knew the existence of this restaurant..thanks for sharing! will try it one day. do they serve dim sums in the morning/ brunch?


that oyster looks... not too fresh... hmm..

Nic (KHKL)

4 orang??? 4 orang??? judging from the pics, the portions were quite small also, it's alright...hehe...the duck looks moist, with crispy skin...yumZ!


Memang keluarga yang sihat-sihat belaka!

team bsg

thats quite a lot of food for 4 !
btw fresh oysters can only be truly enjoyed with your special BF , or alternatively team bsg...satisfaction guaranteed or MB. ( the trick is the other taste )

Ling's Passion

The food looks good but how unusual for a Chinese restaurant to serve fresh oyster.


i agree with Ling, it is kind of weird...

but for us.. PenangTuaPui ( fatty club)... weird is not important... for us the taste override everything...

i like the old cucumber soup... but slight expensive...


Now you mention... ya wor, how the 4 of you finish all that!?


roast duck look yummy...

Precious Pea

Aiyooo..fren!!! Drooling oledi. The loh mai fan is such a killer la. We do dinner there one day, hou ng hou?


ffb: muahahah i waiting the one from your oven ;p

ling239: hahaha eh u know ah..i went back to imbi palace to eat the duck.. like not so nice lo.

wenching & esiong: good eye! that dish was good.

kok: really finish leh.. chun rite? hahahah but scary man.. once in a while ok la. everyday eat like that sure fat

sc: not really sure about their dim sum, but i suppose its the same as Imbi.

nic: hmm the per piece stuff only 1 for each person... but over all, i think the dinner is fit for 6pax

daphne: hmm how to tell fresh from not fresh ah?

tummythoz: hahahaha tq tq ;p

bsg: lets not bring up my love life... kind of depressing at the moment.

ling and the tua pui's from penang: actually i kind of agree there. the captain recommended so we just ordered it.

jason: hahaha i have no idea. i only remember i couldnt sleep because i was too full.

squall: ahh i went to imbi palace yesterday. had the duck there... somehow the duck there not that nice.

Precious Pea: hehehe when oso can. wait till WMW come back from Egypt?


today 29 oct 2008 1230pm lunch i will go to try...

from sofia (penang)


sofia: let me know about your lunch =) i hear the chef move around from their branches a lot... hope he's there when you are there


Had our reunion dinner there yesterday night:
5 star price
Rude waiters and waitresses who are stubbornly inflexible
so so food
plus a Cockroach in our shark fin's soup!!! What else to say...

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