Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rafting made me hungry

It was about 10am when we reached the inner areas of Slim River. Turned into Ulu Slim and found this hot spring spot. I could tell that this was a really hot hot spring. I could feel the heat even when I was 20 meters away.

Took a 30 minutes 4WD drive up the muddy slopes and we were off!

My first time rafting. A little disappointed. Wasn't nice as I had expected. Too much rocks, too little rapids. My rafting team was quite ok. No one fell off, and no one lost our paddles. I want to try higher level rivers next time.

I forgot to put sun block, so I got sun burnt. Kind of weird because a quater of my arm is fair, the bottom rest are 3 to 4 shades darker. My knee to mid tight almost turn black. HAHAHA... funny. Weird thing though that my shin was still the same color. My skin didn't peel until after two weeks. Even weirder right? ..LOL

My plate of nasi lemak tasted so damn good after the whole rafting action. SLURP!

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ai wei

cool gal, u went for rafting! wow... and there's hot spring in slim river?! i din know bout that. ahhh...paiseh


I didnt even know there were hot springs in Malaysia. Was it east Malaysia?


No pic of the team? I still have mine. Unlike you, we had a slighter wilder ride and the raft overturned! Fun! What's with the weird sunburn??? Hahaha...

Nic (KHKL)

pain is temporary, glory is forever. i guess glory came in a plate of nasi lemak, eh?..hehe...i wanna go rafting too!!!


what happen to the arm ? @_@
hope nothing serious...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wah ur sun burnt is like a nite of scratching..oops..

missed a few times when my frens went..regret abit also lar..


ai wei: hehe I didn't know too. But that was just a really small one.

Hazza: Ohhh there's a lot in Malaysia. Peninsular. This one is just a small one.. I went to a hot spring park before too.

wmw: where you all went? i want to go to KKB la.. Ulu Slim was just too soft.

Nic: hahaha no pain no glory? I might be planning for a Kuala Kubu Baru trip.. can include you if you want

ling239: I think some where along the trip. I didn't notice until the end of the trip.

Joe: hahaha kena sun burn and the scratch.. but i have no idea when/how i got it.


Wah, such a small portion of nasi lemak after so much work rafting... are you sure that's ALL you had??? Lol.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Your plate of nasi lemak looks so delicious and inviting Teckiee! I miss Nasi Lemak, will try and make it next week = ) Wah, u very adventurous women, good lah, very healthy lifestyle, hope your bruise is healed by now. Hugs for a good weekend, spring is finally here in Belgium. Hurrah!!


kenny: hahahaha I couldn't eat much. You know the feeling when you waited too long for your food until the hungers just disappears.. I kind of felt that way.

much: Good to hear that spring is here. A friend in London was just telling that it's still snowing a little in London.

Nic (KHKL)
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Nic (KHKL)

oopss, spelling error..

when ar? unfortunately, i got exam til may..sigh...

Simon Seow

when you used up stamina and get hungry, any food will be delicious.


nic: not so soon leh. Aug maybe.

Simon: yeah you got a point

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