Thursday, April 24, 2008

Starbucks breakfast promo

Starbucks breakfast promo! 8am to 2pm. Only RM4.50 with a free cup of coffee until end of the month.

I went to the Starbucks in KL convention center at 8am sharp to get them. Guess what? All sold out! I was told that they only had 10 breakfast buns and all of them were sold to the first customer.

But ...but... I was the first! 8am sharp!

Well, apprently not la. They offcially opened at 8am but someone was there at about 7.45am. I tried getting them on the next day but still gone. I was told to come back in 45 minutes when the next batch of buns arrive. I didn't.

So today, the third attempt to get them. My colleagues walked out at 11.30am and finally!

My cup of coffee and a egg, chicken and cheese sandwich.

Heh.. all that hype for this. Ok lah. The bun was thick and filling. The egg was egg. The sausage was chicken and the cheese was cheddar.

Still like the McD's breakfast.

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Big Boys Oven

hmmmm . . . . still looks like a good offer with the coffee!


I'm jealous... In the USA, Starbucks took their breakfast sandwiches off the menu.

Yes... thank goodness we still have Mickey D's.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

for 4.50 u get starbucks coffee..i think its a ok deal la..

but the muffin looks crap compared to McDs though..


maybe you should phone in to order first...hahaha. kiasu.


wow!! I never hear of sandwich breakfast in US!.Lucky U!!.Yes 4.50 is really cheap.Just a regular cofee in NY cost USD 2.00 plus tax!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

I MISS starbucks, we dont hv any here! argh!!!! only mcDonalds, no KFC, no Burger King, no the usual hang out places u see in malaysia or spore! fed up already, but the belgians do make up for it all with alot of great 'small' cafe selling delicious homemade sandwiches, burgers and cakes to die for = ) But i still miss satrbucks esp their cheese cakes = (


BBO: yup it is a good offer

eat4fun: LOL, Mickey D's rocks!

joe: Try already ok la. Maybe will try the other fillings. But still like McD's

wen: i would if they allowed it ;p

beachlover: This is only till end of the month. Promo. It will be RM4.50 for the bread itself later on.

mush: heyy i'll have your Belgians small cafe's breakfast anytime


CHEAP! I like! too bad I'm really not a fan of starbucks coffee!

team bsg

so funny only that day in bangsar telawi Starbucks the nice Indian girl in black and green asked us want or not so cheap the set and we said already eaten lah the sarawak laksa and the ckt nam chun !

must remember next round

Precious Pea

Plaza Mont' Kiara outlet was very well-stocked. Whole fridge also full of the sandwiches. My colleague told me the mushroom and tomato the best. I tried the sausage and egg big deal la.


McD weekday bfast only RM4.20 ^_^
starts from 4am right ? :p


daphne: heheheh if you convert is cheap ahhh ;p~ Eh hows our wedding plan coming?

precious pea: you know what ah.. i wanted to go try the mushroom after reading your reply.. but no more yet again. I think its that branch la.. too small liua

ling239: but the McD's in KLCC dont open till 10am =(

Simon Seow

Tomorrow is the last day I could try this.

Btw, how to change comments to pieces of worms?

ai wei

sounds like McD's Mcmuffin is much better wor... then i wont purposely go for it in the morning lar


simon: you can change the blogger setting.

ai wei: hmm if u pass by ok lo.. but not that nice until need to go early. the promo ends at 2pm tomorrow

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