Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiramisu, baking class with Sunny Yaw

When Sid asked me if I wanted to join Sunny's baking class on Sunday, I said YES of course! Jennifer whom I have met before will be attending the class too. The funny thing about the baking class was, Sunny was going to teaching us how to make Tiramisu.... which requires no baking.

Nice =) because my oven kind of suck right now. Yes yes, I still have not gone around buying my new oven yet. I have no time to scout around or do my 'gadget' research. Any recommendations? What brand? What functions?

Anyway, back to the class. It's a small focused class of four which I found just right. Any larger, people will stray off focus and chat.

I learn that I need to buy this Jamaika Rum. I just love rum in my raisins and chocolate... actually in everything. This concentrated rum paste contains no alcohol, an imitation of the real rum, but better! *dreaming of baking a butter vanilla rum and raisins cake*

When I saw mascarpone cheese in the recipe list, I remembered Jason's question. Dude, you are right. This Pick Me Up cake does uses mascarpone cheese. When Kim, one of Sunny's student, finished with the cheese, I took the tub and smell it. I just love the pungent smell of this cheese.

Another thing about a focused class is that I really get to get close enough, and have time to ask all sorts of basic questions. One question I ask was "How will I know the cream gets enough whipping?" (like SM what, it's fun till a certain extend haha) Sunny thought me how to look for the signs that the whipping cream is ready. "Whip it any longer and the structure will break". And once it does, there's nothing one can do to save it.

Ahh and wonderful gelatin. I didn't know I can double boil gelatin as long as I like and still be able to use it as per the recipe. I shall just leave my bowl in the double boiler next time and continue with my other ingredients next time.

I got too close to the mixing bowl when Sunny was mixing all the mixture in. See that dark spot in the picture? That's my camera having a lick at the cream.

When the mixture was done, Sid though us an ingenious way to put together the tiramisu. The bottom is filled with coffee and top of with sponge cake. The sponge cake will soak up the coffee, but will not let the layer of cream and cheese mix in the coffee. How do I eat it then? Using a straw to finish the coffee, then take the top.

While waiting for the tiramisu cakes to set in the fridge, Sunny pampered his students with one of this latest dessert.

The raspberry cream cheese tart. This is really good stuff! The crust is thick and fragrant, but yet it crumbles well in the mouth. The cheese was not sweeten (I think) so the raspberry jam on top and at the bottom of the cheese gave the whole tart the perfect balance of sweetness. I really would like to have more of these.

So much preparation for one class. This was one of them. The coffee tiramisu was prepared by Sunny before the class so we could taste them as the ones we made in class won't be ready so quickly.

Yoke Ze, another one of Sunny's student loved this green tea version of the tiramisu. Not to sweet is the key.

After filling up our stomach with coffee, green tea and coffee tiramisu, and not forgetting the scrumptious raspberry cream cheese tart, Sunny moved on to chocolate decorations for the cakes.

Now I know! These chocolate stripes are actually not that difficult to make. I just need the right tool to get this done.

We made the chocolate stripes in to large rings. Made the coffee tiramisu looked so much more attractive. Sunny did these though, but we did make the rings for his other cakes.

I also learn how to make chocolate dots into beautiful splatter chocolate decorations. This is the before.

And the after. I have a personal name for this design... the WOW chocolate button ;p

Sunny also introduced us to this gold printed coloring on paper. We were thought to melt the chocolate on the paper and let it chill. When peeled off, the gold will stick to the chocolate. Reminded me of the fake temporary tattoo I used to played with when I was a child.

Overall, I thought the class was good. I really like the step by step demonstration and the way Sunny thought. Good step by step class for beginners like me.

Thanks Sid for the invitation, and thanks even more to Sunny for being a patient teacher. I don't think I asked too many questions, but I did a whole lot of picture taking.

For more information about Sunny's class. Go here.

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Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

Great class! Wish I were there to learn and master the art of whipping, cream that is. :) I tend to over-whip or under-whip.


haha, I'd be glad to just go finish up anything you guys baked and couldn't. but i doubt there's any though ... :)
this was right after the char siu pork-out session that day?


Oh.. so I was right after all. I think the cheese helped to perk up the flavour of the cake. :)


all the desserts are so lovely looking... ^_^


wow.. everything looked pretty. So did you try baking it at home? hehe..


lee ping: ahh but you are such a better baker than most of us.

j2kfm: yup heheh reached on time. i thought i was going to be late some more

jason: yup yup i like the cheese a lot! i think when i make i'll put tons of those

ling239: tasted good too =)

christine: hehe not yet. have to get the cheese and cream first.

Kenny Mah

Wow... you've certainly managed to make a baking class look like a gourmet food photography session... Pwetty pikchers... :D


oh everything looks so beautiful, hope it all tasted as good as it looks!

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