Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Xin Pork shop

There's a new pork shop near where I live. (Ok, maybe not really that new... this post is one of my backlog) An Xin Pork Shop took over the corner shop where the old Taman Megah's Secret Recipe used to be. If you know where is Bake with Yen or Chang Thung, you will surely come across this shop as they are all at the same row.

At last. A shop only for POK!

They sell pork leg, pork hand, the lean meat, the fatty three layer meat, the skin, the ears, ....the internals. But, this caught my eye.

A little disappointed because the skin wasn't as crispy as I have expected it to be. Taste wise, I still prefer Ipoh's 'Siew Yoke'.

Sampled a little of their honey lemon char siew as well. I didn't like it but my did liked it. Tasted like honey lemon chicken, except this was lean pork meat.

Whole package for RM12. Heh... not worth.

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25 pieces of worms:


Healthy and tasty are two contradictory terms! Your siu yook and char siu looks quite lean, but thats not a problem with siu yook .. maybe lost its crispiness because you tarpau it.


I dont like siu yok with "soft soft" skin :( * I hope u understand my description HaHa!!


The siew yoke looks quite plain leh. Got taste or not ah? hehe.

Simon Seow

Why all the pork near your house one? Famous Seremban and now this. Will like to try the pork leg to see if it's better than the siew yoke.


i love siew yoke..must visit this shop for pork..


mama bok

i'm very much into char siew.. and not anything else.

Nic (KHKL)

i think an xin means "eat without worries" which means the piggy is safe to eat...unless it's wagyu beef, i guess animals running in the wild always taste better hor?

like kampung chicken? hehe...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

eh pork so nearby ur place wor..but the char siew too skinny d..need to use some fatty meat lar..


so have to go back to Mr Ho's for the siew yok ah... :p

Kenny Mah

Aiyoyo... how can be siew yoke if it is so lean... You've given me a craving for it now though... I'm too easily inspired, hahaha...


siew yoke! i like!
i just had lots and lots of pork the other day! ;P


ooo.. hey, that siew yoke still looks good to me though. haha.. maybe i'm deprived...

will be back late may.. will tell u more details then!


ewww such lean meat..looks dry to me

Big Boys Oven

tested the rosated pork, the skin not crispy! :(


Healthy meat shops? I wonder how healthy it is....


your pix look fine to me but I prefer crispy cracking pork skin too!!..I know it's not healthy but taste good!!


hazza: hmm BBO tried as well. The skin wasnt crispy too.

mimi: yeah.. sad that thats the skin I got

Kok: the outher part got lo. honey lemon. but not nice.

Simon: every where also got pork ma... see nice or not only

ekeng: tai kor, no la. this shop not nice

mama bok: what do u look for in char siew? ... this one.. dont know la.. just dont like it

Nic: cobe beef = pampered cow = not in the wild. I wonder what will happen if they do that to the pigs.

Joe: yeah agreed. pork cant be too skinny.. the fat is the one that gives out the fragrance.

ling239: yeah lo. this one really suck.


RM12... i think slightly expensive right ??
buthave u try the char siu n chicken rice at sek17 , near My Elephant. The char siu is nice


catsndogs: hmm if its nice i think rm12 is resonable.. the things is the meat wasnt nice =(


been meaning to try this place everytime i go Bake with yen... the charsiu looks so dry...

Precious Pea

I saw this place when i went to CHang Tung but no time to check it out cos i double parked! Hehehe!


fbb, p.pea: dont bother. ...unless is buying "save" fresh pork meat.. then again... i dont even know if its fresh


The best roast pork that I ever eaten is from Taiping, Perak. Highly recomemded to friends and they agree with me. The stall is located at Aulong Taman Pertama Food Court(on the way to Giant Hypermarket) The lady start selling from 3:30pm first come first serve. On holiday seasons it finish selling like 4:00pm.


Exceptional: ahh too bad taiping is too far from KL. But we really have some good stuff in KL too. going to blog about Famous Seremban soon.


Exceptional: ahh too bad taiping is too far from KL. But we really have some good stuff in KL too. going to blog about Famous Seremban soon.

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