Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aheko Hot Soup

What? Aheko Hot Soup.

Where? See above.

What? Loh Hon Kor
Price? RM2.00
Nice? 4/5. Not really sweet with strong Loh Hon Kor fragrance to the drink.

What? Chicken hot soup
Price? RM13.00
Nice? 2.5/5 Hmmm just so so actually. Nothing special. Maybe I was expecting a lot because this was after all their "chiu pai choy" (chef's recommendation)

What? Wine chicken
Price? RM10.00
Nice? 4/5 Good stuff when the pot was still hot. I could really smell the Chinese cooking wine with the chicken. The chicken was a little tough but was still juicy. I think they used Kampung Chicken or something. And that might be one of the reason why the pot turned out as good as it is.

What? Woo Tau Kau Yoke @ Steamed Yam and Pork
Price? RM15
Nice? 5/5 The best Woo Tau Kau Yoke I have tasted at a restaurant. They picked out the sandy yam, and the pork meat and fat was at the right amount. Both the yam and pork was well marinated by the thick black sauce. Not too sweet, or salty.

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11 pieces of worms:


The kaw yoke looks delish. How is this compared to the other place in Seri Kembangan for "lat tong"?

Precious Pea

Wah..5/5 for kaw yoke..must be really good eh? Got pork stomach pepper soup ar?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

picture wise..the kaw yoke looks the best too!

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners

Lima bintang... wah ini macam punya kaw yoke mesti best habis lah... ;)


i like Woo Tau Kau Yoke too!!
do they serve this with buns ?


I'm big fans of yam kau yoke. My mom can cook a nice 1....But need a lot of work to cook that..


The steamed yam and pork looks great!!! Great blog you have, teckiee! Added you to my fellow Malaysian food blogger list!

Big Boys Oven

hahahahha I totally forgotten about this! @#$&&(*#!


The woo tau kau yoke ...aiyo..must have it!


boo: The lat tong at the other place is much better.

P.Pea: really good! but I have no idea how to get back to this place. Got pepper soup, but nothing special to me.

Joe: Yeah...super nice... cos of the fatty part also la ;p

kenny: YUP!

ling239: hmm they don't...but not sure if I could order them separately.

mimid3vils: Totally agree. Have to pan seal the yam and pork first then make the sauce and the whole thing.. the worst part is waiting for a day or two so all the sauce will soak in the yam and pork...

Camemberu: hey you play diablo!?!! ahh NICE!!! Added you as well =)

bbo: hahahah how can you forget good food?!

WMW: ohh yeahhhhh

Simon Seow

Kau Yoke, slurp slurp, I think been a while haven't eat.

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